NYX 12 Hour Non-Sale

Riding the coat tails of Sleek, NYX decided to throw a 12 hour sale yesterday.  Almost everything on their site was $1.20.

It seems almost impossible for me to understand how any company could not expect a HUGE influx of order when they are literally slashing prices as much as 80%, more in many cases.  Instead, the NYX server was basically nonexistent over the weekend.  NYX, apparently seeing their short sightedness yesterday, extended the sale till noon PST today.

But then they didn’t do a THING to improve the site or the servers.

When I called this morning, instead of the person I reached saying hello, they basically shouted, “IF YOU’RE CALLING ABOUT THE SALE YOU NEED SOME PATIENCE.”  They then double talked themselves and hung up.  I then tried to call back and was hung up on a total of three more times before I reached a voice mail message and left my number.  Honestly, I don’t expect to get a call back.

I spent a total of about four hours on the NYX site filling my cart for my order as well as the things several overseas readers had asked me to CP for them.  At 11:30 I went to check out and then everything stopped.  Sure, it was painfully slow, but the moment I tried to check out it went completely unresponsive.

This was the same thing hundred of fans on the Facebook page reported experiencing, and yet, NYX did NOTHING to address these issues.  They are active on Facebook, they in fact changed their profile pic, so they are there.

Instead, now they are offering a paltry 50% off and free shipping code.  Yet, the site is still down.

In total it’s been estimated that they got ‘several hundreds’ of orders.  Way to brag…

Even after the noon cut off for the sale, people reported they could suddenly place orders while others, who like me had been working for hours, could still not manage to check out.

I urge you all to contact the FTC or the California Attorney General to report what I can only describe as false advertising and a ‘bait and switch’ approach to their ‘sale’.


The company has been deleting some negative comments on their Facebook page since the sale ended.

Here is a very succinct explanation from another unhappy NYX customer.

Wow, so the sale was a contest that they are congratulating those you managed to place orders?


26 Responses to “NYX 12 Hour Non-Sale”

  1. Somehow my order got through, but with quantity glitches. I called CS and they were really helpful, but I can’t believe some of the rudeness I’ve seen- both from Nyx and customers. What a strange insight into human error.

  2. I didn’t have anything better to do so from the beginning of the sale (3pm for me) until 5am this morning I was trying to get an order through. Once I got stuff in my cart, it was all doubled, then when I managed to delete the stuff I didn’t really want, I COULD NOT get through with the checkout. No matter how many times I tried or when I tried it, for about 12 hours the checkout button would not work. I even managed to fiddle a little more with my cart in between and just nothing.

    Though, considering some of the shady things people are saying happened with their credit cards, maybe that was for the best.

  3. The same thing happen to me. I was on at 4PM ready to order. I couldn’t fill my cart until 12 & the checkout just refused to load at all. :/

  4. I heard about the sale yesterday. Then forgot about it. Then happened to get online just in time for the second attempt to “start” the sale, just before 5pm PST. Since it was the weekend and I wasn’t doing much else, I tried to get on their site and shop. It didn’t work. Instead I amused myself reading all the RAAAAAAAAAGE comments on the NYX Facebook fan page. People were freaking out like it was the end of the world or something; many laughs were had. Bedtime came, and I still was unable to get anything placed in my cart, so I logged out and went to sleep.

    Fast forward to this morning, I got online around 6am PST as I had my morning coffee ad whatnot to try and get in on these deals, since NYX had generously offered to extend the sale until 12 noon today. I figured by this time, their site would be up and running, I mean, they’d had HOURS to fix all the broken things. I was so wrong. The site was laggy, and my poor F5 button was horribly abused this morning, but I did eventually get a cart full of product. It took a very long time to do that though, and reading the facebook comments I wasn’t holding out much hope- it seemed that EVERYONE was able to shop, but NOBODY was able to check out. When I was ready to complete my sale, I clicked the check out button- nothing. I tried repeatedly for hours, refreshing that tab,opening the site again and trying that way, basically trying anything I could think of to get through the final checkout process. I was SO CLOSE. I didn’t sit in front of the computer and obsess, but I did spend probably a bit too much time on this, considering the outcome.

    Here it is, 3pm PST and I can’t even access the site. I never got to buy the items I’d selected; I don’t expect them to be in my cart next time I can get on the NYX site, either. Luckily I saved a snapshot of my cart page, so I know what I was going to order, but I don’t think it’s going to matter. A 50% off coupon code is an INSULT at this point. I was willing to give NYX the benefit of the doubt, and I’m still hoping they’ll fix things and make it right, but that’s all quickly fading. I get the feeling that if NYX isn’t forced to honor this sale by the CA AG, or the FTC, or the public shaming of the blogosphere or mainstream media, they’ll just try to sweep this under the rug and pretend that it never happened. This is so disappointing. It’s like Sleek all over again, only this time I actually was going to place an order :/

    On the plus side, I really shouldn’t be buying stuff right now. So this whole thing may just be for the best, at least, for me. I’ll take some time to think about whether or not I *really* want to spend the money and accumulate more stuff that has to be packed up and moved. But whether or not I decide I should indulge, if NYX doesn’t make good on their promise of a $1.20 sale, they can kiss me goodbye as a customer; I don’t tolerate this level of f*ckery from anyone.

  5. 3 times…. Wow.. Such a well know and well used company pulling this crap.. its ashame but a lot of people I know aren’t going to be using them for awhile. Instead of gaining a greater clientele, they in fact lost some.. SMH, so sad and frustrating..

  6. I’m overly forgiving by nature so I probably would have used the 50% off code they offered to appease the customers who couldn’t buy anything. But then NYX announced they would only give the code to people who emailed them and I was done.

    I’ve never bought anything from NYX before (for no particular reason) and I now know that I won’t in the future.

  7. Thank you, Grey, and right on. I agree with every word, especially the suggestion to file complaints with the California Attorney General and the FTC (I filed complaints with both).

  8. You’re very generous to offer “pick ups” to people. Too bad things didn’t work out at all like they were supposed to. The inept customer service is bad enough, but the erasing negative comments and concerns from their FB is the last straw.

    Nyx is available here in drugstores and markets. I’ve been curious about their products but will not be trying them out of principle until they make amends for this incident. If this is how they treat their customers, I’m not spending my money with them.

  9. hundreds of orders? Considering they have 56,000 facebook fans, that’s pretty disgusting. I was on the sale LITERALLY the entire time & was never able to check out.

    To hear about how this is being handled genuinely makes me wonder if this was their intent all along…

    • In all honestly, I live with an IT. I asked him about the ‘server being down’ and he said that knowing the sale was coming up, their techs should be fired. It was a MASSIVE cock-up if that truely was the case. And no, if you own a business like that that runs a shop on the internet, you don’t let that happen and YES, you can rent emergency servers and space in less then, on average, three hours ANY tech would know that.

      • My first thought upon seeing that they were having a sale was “Oh, good, they’re a bigger company than Sleek and we all have the Sleek… experience behind us, so they’ll know what to avoid and they’ll be tech-ready. Yay, this will be a joyous occasion ^_^ ! It’ll be contrasted with the Sleek debacle.”

        Hm, NO.

        It’s not contrasted with Sleek, it paralleled with it O_o .

    • I thought the same thing! 56,000 fans, and only a few hundred got through?! I wouldn’t brag about that if I was them, I’d be embarrassed.

      • Maybe those few hundred orders were just the ones that people could actually get through. =X

        I read on another blog, can’t remember which one, that basically after the appointed extra saletime had ended, people tried again, and some still got the sale prices?

  10. Did anyone notice that they changed their terms & conditions so they can’t really be held liable for what they did?

  11. I can’t understand why they just don’t EXTEND the sale!?

    • Seriously. I think that’s the only way they can redeem themselves now. But they probably won’t, considering how they’ve been acting. Ugh.

  12. I, too, tried to get on the site during the sale and sadly…as soon as the page wouldn’t load I smelled another Sleek debacle and got out of there:-(

  13. I will be boycotting them. If I hadn’t spent so much money in Vegas at Inglot, I definitely would have taken advantage of the $1.20 sale to try out their products. I think what they have done is extremely shady.

  14. This is the same cock up that sleek make up did during their 50% off sale at the end of last year…carts being emptied, codes not working, site crashing etc…they have over 21,000 facebook fans and yet only managed to process 2000 orders globally. Ridiculous. And their staff are so rude in facebook and Twitter.


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