Givenchy Le Prisme Mono

My first introduction to Givenchy was with my Givenchy Barbie.  She was gorgeous.  I loved her.  LovED – until a little person got her out of the box.  Now I admire her, but she’s lost her necklace and her gloves.  I mourn, really.  I also digress.

I was lucky enough to stumble across some reviews for Givenchy reading a couple of European blogs I love.  I sat down to figure out where to get my own hands on some and was surprised to see that I could order it from Sephora.  WOW.  Since my new favorite thing is ordering via eBates ( it was a good excuse.  I debated about posting that link, because if you sign up and then shop through my link I do get credit for it, but then I thought, what the heck, you’ll thank me for it later and then I can afford more stuff for another giveaway.

Back to what I was saying.

One of the things I was most curious about where these little eyeshadow.  Called ‘Mono’, it’s one shade in four different finishes.  It’s available in 15 different shades from Sephora and is 29$, quite  a hefty sum for one shadow, even though it is four finishes.  It’s .12 ounces, so it is a nice size, the shadows inside are little cropped pyramids, which is how a lot of the Givenchy quads are.  The compact is a solid black thing that flips open and is held closed with a magnet.  Inside is a nice mirror and a little pointless sponge tipped applicator.  It’s pretty dang classy.

I chose a nice boring brown.  Moddish Brown, to be exact, which is an almost copper looking shade on the Sephora site.

I love this little palette.  The formula is very buttery and smooth and applies like a dream, as I would honestly expect from such a ‘designer’ company.  The colors are pigmented and blend wonderfully.  Most important, though, is that they last and wear very well.

From left to right : Light Pearl, Intense Pearl, Matte, and Sequined

I was sucked into the gimmick of this shadow, but in the end I ended up REALLY loving it and I find myself pulling it out often.  I love that I can ‘garage door’, that is use one color on my whole eye.  In this case, though, the different finishes not only pull the look together but it makes it look unique.

I do not regret getting this, as I was sure I would eventually run across a few luxury products that didn’t live up.  I’ll even go so far and to admit the other two Givenchy products I tried (Le Prisme Sun Mat in Sun Mango and Blush Gelee in Candid Pink) were both wonderful, and I will be reviewing them soon.


Would I purchase a Givenchy Le Prime Mono quad again?  I might.

  • They are fairly expensive.
  • I do like that you get four different finishes of the same shade.
  • They wear very well!

What is your opinion on expensive things like this?  Would you rather spend nearly 30$ on one great product or 30$ on a couple of mediocre ones? Which do you think you really get your money’s worth?


19 Responses to “Givenchy Le Prisme Mono”

  1. The pigmentation looks good, I usually stay away from high-end e/s palettes, but well it’s Givenchy after all. We have ONE counter in Germany, which happens to be in my city and not that far away, I love swatching their lip glosses, they’re so unique.. somehow. Givenchy doesn’t seem to be a BIG brand even though prices definitely are. Good choice on the brown palette.

    • I actually think it was your blog I was reading where I saw the Gelee blush. So I’m blaming you for this.

      • And guess what, I recently ordered the Gelée blush from Sephora’s F&F sale, I hope it arrives soon 🙂

  2. Really love the swatches. Mary Tyler Moore brown, but with such warmth to it!

    I’d much rather spend $30 for something small but great. It makes it precious as all get out. As of late I’ve been buying some cheap makeup, and it really isn’t the same as saving my pennies for what I was aiming to purchase — the real thing.

  3. Hm, to me it depends. I find foundation important, so I’m willing to spend that much on a good foundation. I’m also addicted to blushes, so if it’s a great blush formula, I might be inclined to try…
    Eyeshadow, on the other hand, I might have too many already and I know many companies I already love, so I’m not sure I would….

    Those e/s are gorgeous! 🙂 Really cool idea, this one, of having 1 color in many different finishes. Must create interesting looks…

    I plan my orders by month within a limited I decided for myself, so when I’m ordering something expansive, it takes a lot of research… I’ll be buying in June an expansive foundation and some stuff by Pixi! ^^ I guess, sometimes, it’s worth it!

  4. Frankly, I’m fairly low-income, so I can’t justify spending $30 on a *single* eyeshadow. Or even 4 eyeshadows, if you consider the finishes different shadows. For $30 I could get over a dozen Fyrinnae mini shadows, which are excellent quality, gorgeous colors, and the mini size still lasts me forever. So for me, I don’t feel that “$30 for one great” and “$30 for a couple mediocre” are the only two options.

    And really, I have yet to find anything in the department-store brands that I couldn’t find an equivalent for in indie brands, cheaper, just as good quality-wise, and where I know I’m giving my money to a *person* instead of a corporation.

  5. Ahhh, now I totally want one. I had eyed them before but the Grey seal of approval makes it even more tempting 🙂 I am totally a $30 on one nice thing girl, I used to shop low end & ended up with lots of stuff that didn’t flatter & I didn’t use, I have had much more success buying quality vs. Quanity

  6. It depends. I wouldn’t spend $30US on an eyeshadow but would on a good foundation or a great lipstick.

  7. I don’t mind spending more money provided the product is good. EL Doublewear or NARS Sheer Glow are both fantastic, even though they’re more expensive, in my eyes.

  8. If something works really really well, then I don’t mind spending money on it. I hate to spend big dollars on something that is lackluster or that doesn’t work really well. I have been moving away from my loose eyeshadows and have been loving my pressed shades because I have far less mess and far less particles to bother my asthmatic husband. I would have to really love the color and know it was a go to or a staple to spend $30 on one color like this. Or, it would have to be super special, like a special occasion shade. I don’t like drugstore makeup (except mascara) as I feel it usually isn’t as buttery smooth to apply as high end makeup.

  9. If i can afford the splurge why not? But now a days it is a litte hard to spend that much on a quad, but of course, it’ll have to be well worth it!

  10. Is your link for ebates bad? That link actually linked me back to a wordpress page

  11. I like to spend money on quality products but I’m a poor student so I usually go for the best quality for price I can get 😀

  12. If I truly love and want the product, I don’t mind spending more for it, especially if the quality was great.

    Too bad about your Barbie. :/ That’s sad.

  13. “Would you rather spend nearly 30$ on one great product or 30$ on a couple of mediocre ones?”

    The thing is – I believe I can get a great product under 30$, not just a mediocre one 😉 .