It’s Friday, I’m in Love

Wow, WordPress changed since the last time I opened a new post.  Anyway…


I’ve resurrected my Tumblr, after way too many months without.  If you follow me be warned, I’m not the best at it.  I don’t post the most unique or obscure stuff, just things that are ‘me’.  If you run across something you think I’d like, PLEASE let me know, though.

So Unimpressed

I realize I owe you both a Temptu and a Joppa Minerals review.  I was just so wildly unimpressed with both of these companies I find myself less then motivated to write the reviews.

Both of the foundation pods I’ve received for the Temptu have been faulty.  BOTH of them, and they are way to pricey for me to just run out and buy a new one.  I’m waiting for the company to send the replacements so I can actually use the product, but so far?  Not all that crazy.

As far as Joppa is concerned, I just found them very lackluster in comparison to some of the MM companies I’m used to using and shopping with.  Nothing stood out, not the CS, not the packaging, not the product.


Somehow I managed to sweet talk Erin into figuring out a new header for me.  I really love it, it suits the site just perfectly.  I’ve been tweaking the layout and bits a little by little.  But as you may have noticed, somehow I LOST the links to my Indie and Etsy reviews in the sidebar ➜.  The reviews are all still there, so please don’t think I’ve abandoned them!


I ordered two new pair of earrings this week.  One from an old favorite (Fable and Fury) and one from a new (Licia Beads).  I completely love them both and they are both so different.  I’ve been collecting more and more the last few weeks, so many that I’m starting to try to figure out how to organize them and enough that I’m going to start reviewing them in batches, since I do prefer Indie!

I have a thing for ravens.  My new arm piece (it’s  a 1/2 sleeve) is a dia de las muertes style pin up girl with a goth twist.  She has a raven’s wing instead of an ear.  There is then a murder of feathers falling from her hair down my arm.  On the other hand, I’m a ridiculous girly-girl.  These two pair of earrings are such a dichotomy but perfectly me.

Guest Posts

I’m always accepting guest posts.  Right now I’m interested in Hair How-Tos or Nail of the Days.  You can send submissions to contact [dot] gothique [at] gmail [dot] com.

TV Shows

As you all know, I have a curse.  Every TV show I watch and I love gets canceled either right off the bat or after sucking us all in for a meager two seasons.  Right now I’m STRUGGLING not to love the sextastic combination of Alex Laughlin and Scott Caan on Hawaii 5-0.  But I’m failing and starting to watch my backlog of iTunes episodes.  So please, if the show gets canceled, know I tried my hardest not to enjoy it.

I would like to state, though, that you cannot blame me for Pushing Daisies.  I just started watching that and falling all over myself for Lee Pace and it’s been gone a while.

Summer Lovin’

When I was in high school I was in an amazing production of Grease.  Had me a blast.

Anyway, I’m going to be hosting a mega-batch of summer giveaways including Epically Epic’s Epic Goddess and a Sheer Summer Face Collection from Evil Shades.

Don’t forget if you win a giveaway, I cannot send you your prizes if you don’t contact me! I still have a little pile of things I’m waiting on addresses for.  Remember, after 24 hours if I haven’t heard from you, I pick another winner.

The Links

Vote for Phyrra

Monster pops!

Junk, debunked.

Has anyone tried this?  What’s it like?

I wish I made more stuff like this.

An explosion of yumminess.

I ordered one of these.

Your Turn

  1. Have you been keeping up with the NYX mess?  What was your opinion on everything?
  2. What is your favorite blush?  Have I asked this before?  I’m obsessed, really.
  3. How do you feel about coral?  Is it just a trend or a color you can get behind wearing?


40 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love”

  1. 1. Nyx made an effin’ mess and gave their customers a big FU with their 50% off coupon. Not happy. Not doing business with them directly again. May not purchase them again from other sources, either.

    2. Oh god, this one changes! MAC Full Fuchsia (iridescent fuchsia goodness), MAC Fleur Power (pinky coral), Sobe Botanicals Icing on the Cake (nude), Tokidoki Inferno Bronzer in Royal Pride (works as a great bush on me).

    3. I love coral. I love pinky-coral and red-coral. I like it for eye shadow, lipstick, lipgloss and blush 🙂

    Thank you for asking people to vote for me! I appreciate it!

    • P.s. I tried the solid perfume from Pacifica in Brazilian Mango Grapefruit. Lovely scent but only I can smell it, it has no throw, and it doesn’t wear very long 😦

      • I really want it, but I was afraid it wasn’t going to be strong enough. I’m SO SPOILED using the Indie stuff. Blargh.

        I miss your blond already 😛

  2. Sleek blushes are really my favourites now :3 I owe you three to try out, drop me a note and tell me which you already got! My second favourite blushes are Majolica Majorca’s Puff de Cheek.

    • I actually don’t have any Sleek blush! It’s a complete shame. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get the red one and the amazing coral one they just came out with. You’re so lucky to be able to get the MM stuff. My Asian market doesn’t carry the brand anymore 😦

      I also have something else to send you, I should PM you my shipping address and we can trade 🙂

      • Yeay perfect, the red shade from my blog post? Ah nice choice 😉 Get ready for some Sleek, yeay!

        Hm what about ordering online? You can get MM literally everywhere meanwhile, I can give you some links so that you can compare prices and decide on the cheapest and such!

  3. I am actually pretty certain that NYX pulled a bait&switch. It’s just not realistic that the servers MYSTERIOUSLY stopped overloading a minute after the sale ended.

    I don’t use blush, because I’m not good at it, however, the other day I spilled some Fyrinnae Meloncholy on my cheek (I was in a hurry, don’t judge!) so I smudged it out and it actually looked nice, so I dabbed some on the other cheek as well. Gave me a healthy glow or whatever people say. So now I’m looking for an innocent American friend to CP Orgasm for me. I want the creme version (There is one, right, I haven’t read wrong?!) the most, because I prefer blending foundation and such out with my fingers…

    I have no feelings about coral other than that I like it on the paler folks, especially matte coral lipsticks. Yes.. >_>

    • You know, I don’t know as if it’s an actual cream blush, but there is an Orgasm stick thing. It’s basically the same thing, just bit shimmery. I think it’s called a Multiple and you can use it on your lips, too. Lemme look into it and I’ll pick you up one.

  4. 1. The Nyx issue was a debacle, even the appearance of impropriety should cause a company to change their actions. Nyx has never truly knocked my socks off so I can easily commit to a boycott (ps does anyone else find some of their lip shades to have a faint eau de kitty litter scent?)
    2. I love Nars exhibit A, used properly its ah may zing! Also I am using & loving Illamasqua a lot, Create (powder) is a fab contour for me & Betrayal (cream) is lovely for a low key look.
    3. I love Coral <3, I am happy its enjoying a moment. I have (yet again) Illamasqua blush in Lover which is a pretty peachy coral & some coral leaning lippies but haven't yet found the right shade for me (I find it sooo much harder to pick a good lip color for me than any other product including foundation). Coral eyeshadows are gorgeous too! And of course lovely on nails….
    Pps Is all the rapture talk making anyone else really want to play Bioshock, like right now?
    Ppps Your earrings are beautiful, both set 🙂
    Thanks- Jen

  5. Coral is one of the few colors I struggle with. I don’t want to say that I’d never wear it, just that I’ve rarely seen a hue or coral that I like.

  6. 2. I’m totally not loyal to any blush, but right now I’m loving the ever-popular NARS Orgasm.

    3. I hate coral. I try to love it, but it just doesn’t work with my Asian skin tone. It always ends up looking orange and my skin tone ends up looking green. Jealous of those that can wear it though.

    p.s. After the season finale of H50 there’s no way that they could cancel the show! And I must have the same curse as you – all the shows I watch get cancelled as well and I’m left dying of curiosity. But I will start a riot if they take away my weekly dose of Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan. (I’ve already vowed a mini riot if any of the 4 main team members don’t return)

  7. 1- I’m not in the US, so I can’t boycott NYX even if I wanted to. I’ll probably still keep an eye out for some of their lip products if I can pick ’em up cheaply somewhere (rather than with the added UK markup) and I do have and like the jumbo eye pencil, but only in Milk.

    2- Favourite blush; I now have about a dozen assorted blushes, and I do use them, but I’ve never really learnt how to do it properly! With my round face and rosacea flare ups I think blush may be one of those things I’ll never really get right.

    3- Really love coral. I’ve been jumping on coral eyeshadows and lipsticks every time I come across one. Living Dead Grrl “Woooman” is a particular favourite (

  8. Loving the new blog look! And those raven earrings, too!

    I can understand the huffing and puffing over the NYX fail. I’m holding out on being t-totally pissed, though. If they plan another epic-sale to truly make up for this failed attempt (50% off is nice in the meantime, but not a true fix, guys), I’ll be fine with them.

    As for corals, LOVE ‘EM for lips!

  9. I think what happened with Nyx is horrible. What I think happened is that some marketing person or manager somewhere who didn’t understand the financial ramifications came out with the promo. The sale started. Once the accountants or somebody else in the financial know crunched numbers, they said OMG! We are going to lose our asses on this. And, as damage control, they modified web settings to not allow ordering. Then, they followed up with a 50% off. They thought nobody would notice, which is why some people had orders get through in the beginning. That’s my thought anyway.

    I really like La Prairie Honey Glow a lot. It is a cream blush. I also like Bobbi Brown Pale Pink for a cooler look.

    Corals — I don’t love corals because colors that lean cool look better on me. Super warm just doesn’t really look great on me. Now, I do like those types of coral colors with pink in it to cool it up for my skin.

  10. 1. From the things I have heard, I’m glad I went with my first instinct when the site wouldn’t load and just got out of there. I think that after what happened with Sleek, any cosmetics company should have learned a thing or two. NYX has 57,000+ fans just on their Facebook page alone…what the heck did they expect? I won’t be buying anything from them anymore.

    2. I don’t wear blush, so…yeah. Hehe

    3. I like coral on lots of people, but I don’t really wear it myself. I think that the industry has made it the “it” color for now, but it’s really flattering on lots of people so I don’t think it will just fade away all of a sudden like some colors do.

  11. Tumblr is lovely and I’m enjoying your posts there. I hope my reblogging a lot is alright.

    Unfortunate about Temptu. Their Beyonce inspired collection looked so good; I didn’t it as it wasn’t available in Canada other than through site ordering.

    The earrings are beautiful… and so are crows.

    I miss Pushing Daisies. Quite a few shows I like have gotten the axe.

    1. Nyx: it gets messier and messier. I’m in disbelief upon hearing about the dead coupon codes. They should make it up to their customers somehow. It’s really made me not want to buy from them.

    2. I don’t use much blush unless it’s for special occasions. I do like how it looks when I do use it.

    3. Coral: I like the colour but can’t wear it. I’ve tried a few times. It stands out far too much against my pale skin and makes me look washed out.

  12. 1- I think NYX pulled a fast one and they have lost my business. I refuse to give my hard earned money to any company that treats it’s customers like this.

    2- My favorite blush is Love Bites right now but who knows what next weeks love will be.

    3- Coral is a color I have to be very careful with since a lot tend to be warm or too orange, I end up looking like a spray tan victim! lol

    P.S. I like your title for my post way better than mine! :o)

  13. The NYX debacle happened a few days after I placed my order with Cherry Culture — too late for me to cancel, which I would have done. I could return it, but then there’d be extra s&h costs, blahblahblah. So I’ll use what I ordered and never buy again.

    I think the 50% coupon is ridiculous. They should have fixed the servers and extended the sale.

  14. thecandiedmango May 20, 2011 at 3:46 pm

    I haven’t paid much attention to the NYX business, but it sounds like they’re being dickheads about everything.

    I only own two full-sized blushes (some Physician’s Formula peach thing and Hard Candy Living Doll) so I guess those are automatically my favorites. I have a couple of indie sample sizes but I never use them because my brushes are way too big.

    I love coral colored makeup! Any way, any time, I will lust after it.

  15. Have you been keeping up with the NYX mess? What was your opinion on everything?

    I was reading your tweets when they were hanging up on you. I’m in Canada, so I couldn’t participate in the sale anyway, but the amount of eff-ups, followed by the IDGAF attitude… NYX really needs a clue-tip. A lot of that mess could have been easily avoided, and instead of owning up to their mistake, closing up shop and postponing the sale until a time when their servers (and staff!) could be up to handling it, they decided a better approach would be to give everyone the finger. Toni Ko, I’m disappointed in you. Also, I lost one of my NYX eyeliners and now I don’t care if I find it!

    What is your favorite blush? Have I asked this before? I’m obsessed, really.

    I always use MAC Dollymix, but I bought it ages ago and probably wouldn’t purchase it again (like you, I made a decision a while back to stop purchasing MAC products). I bought it only because I had a gift card. Shadewise, I love how it looks on me since I like to have “dolly pink” cheeks. When I run out, I might hit up Silk Naturals for a dupe.

    How do you feel about coral? Is it just a trend or a color you can get behind wearing?

    I love Coral! Always have. When I was 11 or 12, one of my sisters gave me a lipstick that was some mystery Filipino brand. The color was “Coral Beige” and it was just the right amount of orangey-pink on me. Warmed up my face and made me realize for the first time just how full lipstick makes my lips look. However, not long after my sister gave it to me, I lost it on a trip to the beach and MAN was I a sad panda. She had no idea what brand the lipstick was, the store she got it from stopped carrying it and I’ve been searching for a color dupe ever since. I can *kinda* get a close match by mixing together one of my pale pink lip glosses with Flamepoint and Buttercupcake, but the texture isn’t something I like having on my lips for long.

  16. First of all, OMG I LOVE CORAL! It’s the only shade close to pink that I actually can wear and feel quite comfortable with. It’s girly, but not full of cute barbie pictures lurking inside my head….

    Coral lipsticks get me instantly interested, for one thing. Still, I’m more into coral pinks and coral reds, but not much into very orangy corals…

    About NYX…. I did not join the sale, but I was shocked it went so wrong. I am not sure they did it on purpose or anything, but it’s really bad CS and bad planning.

    My favorite blush… oh gosh! Hm…….. I don’t have that many but I love blushes. It could be Silk Naturals Poppy and SoBe Botanicals Cherry Blossom cheek&lip color. 🙂
    I’m soon getting many blushes, so perhaps this will change! Who knows?

    Also, Pushing Dasies is cute! 🙂 I still have to watch all the episodes!

  17. 1. I find the NYX debacle confusing and kind of hilarious. Confusing, because I don’t really understand the tech stuff involved with servers but it does seem peculiar that the site was working properly immediately after the sale. And I don’t think we’ll ever know whether NYX intended it to crash, or willfully allowed it… you’d think that if this was some type of evil plot it would be hard for the company to keep everyone’s mouth shut.
    I think what really pissed people off was the PR. The dissonance between the upbeat tone of the FB/twitter posts and the raaaaaaging customers was almost surreal. I LOLed a few times. I would be tempted to call the PR rep disingenuous, but like, how can you knowingly sabotage your company like that!? My conclusion is that the PR person probably has very low EQ/cannot take social cues.

    2. Blush techniques also confuse me! Only on the apples? (like the pixiwoo ladies do it, usually after contouring) OR fully along the cheekbone (to hair/temple)? How do I not look like a fool? sighhh..

    3. I really like wearing corals. Also, I find coral looks awesome(st?) on deeper skin tones. My South Asian friend rocks it really well, especially with gold. Its just so pretty on her!

  18. 1. I’m disappointed in the NYX thing. The night of the sale, when they made announcements that they were extending it, I thought, okay, good job…and then the next day I heard about the CS, the facebook page, the bait and switch…. I literally just bought my first thing from them a couple weeks ago; after checking the ingredients list and seeing that it didn’t have petroleum, I got a Black Bean jumbo pencil from Ulta. It will probably be the only thing I buy, because I’m not going to support a company that pulled even worse crap than Sleek.

    2. Since I’m just starting to wear blush, I’ve figured out that I have to limit myself to warm, coraly-melonish shades or it doesn’t work on me. I’m waiting on a few samples from Meow right now.

    3. It depends. Coral lipstick? I’ll probably cringe. Coral nailpolish? I can pull it off.

  19. I have a Pacifica solid perfume, but that sucker fades fast. Not worth it methinks. I bought it b/c it came with a candle.

    I started a Tumblr because I got tired of people ripping off my flickr pics so I decided I was going to be the one to tumble the pic first lol There’s not much there but if you wanna look it’s

    1. Didn’t have much of a NYX opinion b/c I was already kind miffed intl peeps got left out of it anyways.
    2. Right now my favourite is Meow’s Cleopatra from the Egyptian Treasures line. I love shimmery glowy blushes and this one is lurvely.
    Fyrinnae’s Charm is a close second. Pretty dolly cheeks 🙂
    3. I went through a coral eyeshadow phase but I can’t quite get it right. I think I need to be lighter, or I just look sick. Love coraly blush though

  20. 1) I haven’t been following the Nyx debacle. I heard about the sale, and tried several times to get on the site and check it out, and I couldn’t even get on to try! I suppose after hearing the mess, it’s better I didn’t

    2) My favorite blush is a tie between Aromaleigh’s Rococco and Hi-Fi’s Amore Gel blush. They are similar colors (a coraly peach. Rococco is great for every day, and Amore is great for when I know I’ll be sweating a lot, or won’t have time to touch up my makeup (great for the stage and sweat proof!!). Plus it makes you glooooww

    3) Well as you can see from my blush choice above, I do truely love corals. They are complimentary to my coloring (olive skinned) and I can use them on my eyes , lips cheeks, Universally flattering

  21. I’m going to keep using my NYX stuff, but I’ll only buy more if it’s in a blogsale or on evilBay, not from NYX. Inexcusable, really. Their attitude about the whole thing – ! Shocking!

    Fyrinnae Charm is the blush I wear almost every day! Hot pink is surprisingly flattering on neon white skin ^.^

    I am loving the coral trend, actually. As I write this, I have coral on my fingernails, coral lipgloss on and a brand-new bottle of Revlon Craving Coral next to me. I think there are so many different shades of coral, from a softer watermelon to the brighter fire shades, that it can look good on anyone.

    And I love Pacifica’s perfumes, the sprays last pretty well and the solids are very easy to carry around in case you feel a need to layer more! My faves are Tahitian Gardenia, Hawaiian Ruby Guava and Lotus Garden.

  22. I love the raven earrings.
    I’m sorry you didn’t like Joppa Minerals. I always found the brand uninteresting which is why I never ordered from them until I read a few reviews of their foundation. I love love love the foundation but was disappointed in other products. Their customer service isn’t good, either.

    1. I remember the problems some other websites had with good sales and wasn’t surprised. They must have known that their website can’t handle it. It was very stupid of them and bad CS though I won’t boycott them.

    2. I really couldn’t choose just one. I only have 7 full-sized blushes but I love most of my 55 samples and some lipsticks. Adorned With Grace Minerals Beautiful blush is great for pale skin and I’m looking forward to wearing Darling Girl Pink Outrage and Silk Naturals Cosmic in summer. I also love ELF Fuchsia Fusion studio blush and Avon Really Rosey Mega Impact lipstick (it’s a great, awesomely pigmented lipstick, but it broke so I’m using it a as a cream blush, I rarely have time to apply my lipstick with a brush).

    • Being in the tech support industry, it’s possible to buy emergency server space (and lots of it!) to fulfill contractual obligations, and have it ready within a few hours. It happens alllll the time with websites. The beautiful thing is, done right, you’d never know there was an outage to begin with. For me, it’s not an excuse.

  23. 1. I have indeed been watching the horror unfold. It doesn’t affect me directly, being in the UK I couldn’t have ordered anyway, but I feel so angry for people who could have! While I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that they weren’t trying to pull a bait and switch (though it’s incredibly suspicious that the servers magically worked fine after the sale ended) but the way they’ve tried to remedy the situation is just ridiculous. There’s no excuse for deleting the negative comments and being rude on twitter or hanging up on people like you experienced. And the way they keep talking about the sale as if it was a big party is insulting for the people who tried really hard to order and couldn’t. Also the reasons for the 50% off code is stupid, the only reason they’ve given that they can’t offer the $1.20 price is that giving it out would crash the servers. Firstly what is with these brands not realising that a huge sale is going to bring a huge amount of customers? Secondly they could easily do like Sleek did and send out the codes in batches to stop everyone logging on at once. And finally even if that’s the problem it’s not the customers fault, they were promised a $1.20 sale so that’s what they should get!

    2. I generally wear a different blush everyday. Some of my current favourites are Mac Wonder Woman Mighty Aphrodite, Evil Shades Gossamer, Sleek Flamingo and Illamasqua Nymph. I like pressed powder blushes best and genereally in cool pinks. Illamasqua powder blushes are my favourite formula I think.

    3. I didn’t even know coral was a trend at the moment 😛 I really like coral, because I like pink, red and orange and it’s sort of a mixture of all those! Coral lips and nails are my favourite.

    Also I really really don’t understand Tumblr 😛

  24. Those fable and fury earrings have been on my wishlist for so long. So pretty. I am Corvid obsessed.

  25. 1. I’ve never ordered a NYX product. 🙂

    2. I have the biggest fat girl cheeks… so me + blush = clown face. Jk.. I only blush by request ha.

    3. I LOVE CORAL! Deep pigmented shimmery corals work best. The best one I’ve found so far is by Manly. 😀

  26. Your earrings are beautiful!

    I haven’t been following the NYX drama too closely but I don’t think I’ll buy from them again.

    Absolutely love Red Earth’s Cheek Flirt in Cherry Blossom. It’s amazing on my skin tone!

    I’m not down with coral. At all.

  27. 1. My opinion on the NYX stuff is that I wasn’t really paying attention as I didn’t think I could buy from the sale – being overseas. Obviously it’s rubbish, but I’ll still buy the jumbo pencil in milk. Sorry.

    My favourite blush is my newest NARS – Oasis. It’s like Darkly My Dear from MAC Venomous Villains (which I also love) but slightly rosier on my cheeks, with little shimmers in it.

    I like coral, but mostly for a blush colour. I don’t really wear lipstick. I’d quite like a coral nail polish. I used to have a coral necklace but my brother snapped it 😦 sad times.

  28. – Have you been keeping up with the NYX mess? What was your opinion on everything?

    It’s a shame that they messed up so royally on this because for the first time, I found a lip pencil that actually stays RED on me, instead of turning pink. x.x Although, their lip pencils are the only thing I’d ever buy- the glitter palette, while pretty, didn’t impress me, and I get my eyeshadows from ShiroCosmetics because I’ve FINALLY found some that don’t make my eyes burn and water constantly.

    – What is your favorite blush? Have I asked this before? I’m obsessed, really.

    You may have asked this before, but currently, I have no favourite blush. My face is usually pretty red, so it’s hard to hide the colour even under foundation. x.x

    – How do you feel about coral? Is it just a trend or a color you can get behind wearing?

    Not on my skintone! On other girls, sure. I have a weird blend of yellowy-tan some places and really red-pink on my face. Coral makes the yellow come out of the tan, and emphasizes the red to a new hellish degree. On someone else? ❤

  29. I like corals, as long as they’re the right color. I’m pale and warm-toned, and while a lot of pinks (especially pale pinks/bubblegum/neon pinks) look wrong on me, corals make me look feminine and vibrant.


  30. My favorite blush right now is MAC’s Mineralize blush in Gentle.

  31. 1. What the hell is up with NYX? Was it truly a Bait-and-Switch tactic, or is their server truly that sucky in addition to the staff being cheap and Luddite-ish?

    2. My favorite blush is from e.l.f, and it is called “Mellow Mauve.”

    3. I’m a very yellow-based skinned Korean. I cannot do oranges, including corals. I wear jewel tones, very particular greens, and sometimes can pull off a very, very light and bright soft yellow. But I need to be pretty tan to do the latter, in my opinion.