What is Heartsy?

Heartsy is an amazing new website that makes Etsy a little more fabulous.  Basically what it is is a place to buy a voucher for a featured Etsy shop.  The voucher will be good for as much as three months and will be worth as much as 60% more then what you paid for.

For example, Friday Concrete Minerals was featured.  The vouchers cost 9$, but when you redeem it on Etsy in the CM shop, it’s worth 21$ of product.  Once you purchase your voucher (using a credit card for Paypal) you’ll get an email similar to this:

Here’s how you use your voucher:
1. Browse Concrete Minerals, and add any items that you’d like to your cart.
2. Continue to checkout.
3. Choose “Other” for How You’ll Pay.
4. In the Message To Seller please enter your voucher number (XXX), as well as the certificate amount ($31).
IMPORTANT: Do not use the Shop Coupon Code box!
5. The seller (Emily) will send you a message to confirm your order as well as arrange additional payment if necessary.
You can always visit your receipt on Heartsy for a recap of these instructions.

You can also sign up to be a Heartsy VIP.

The Heartsy VIP program gives you amazing perks on top of daily deals that are already 50% or more off. Here are some of things you get:
Early access: Deals can sell out very quickly, but you’ll be able to see and buy all deals one day early.
Exclusive deals: We’ll periodically run fantastic deals with exclusive inventory & savings that only VIPs have access to.
Better prices: VIPs save $5 or $10 more than everyone else on select deals that are already at least 50% off. With savings like that our VIP membership pays for itself in just one purchase.

Not all shops qualify to be featured on Heartsy.  It uses a modified jury system.  Shops submit to be approved and then Heartsy members ‘vote’ as to if they’d be interested in shopping that shop.  Once enough votes have been received, either yay or nay, Heartsy evaluates the shop to be featured.

This is my personal Heartsy referal link.  If you sign up through me, yes, I will get a 5$ credit, but so will you.

What do you think about Heartsy?


21 Responses to “What is Heartsy?”

  1. I love Heartsy!! I have gotten some great deals through!! So excited about CM with the VIP voucher I def stocked up!!!

  2. I’ve signed up because it sounds awesome! Enjoy your $5 🙂

  3. Heartsy makes me the biggest hypocrite in the world 😦

    As a buyer, it’s FANTASTIC. 50% off or more on stuff? Awesome handmade goodies? Reward incentives for getting friends to sign up? EXTRA deals for VIPS? HELL YEAH!

    However, as a maker of the handmade, Heartsy kills me. It’s developing a new breed of handmade shopper, one who only shops for handmade at bargain prices. It’s forcing the artisans who are accepted into the site to sell their wares for 50% off or more- handmade is NOT made in a factory, and most of the sellers really can’t afford to take this kind of hit- unfortunately, many of them don’t realize this until after they’ve committed :/ Those sellers who know what they’re in for justify the cost of selling on Heartsy as “advertising expenses”- reasoning that buyers will find them this way, and be back for more. I’m not so sure that logic works anymore, though, not with Heartsy being a site which has NEW DEALS EVERY DAY (except weekends, apparently). I predict what these sellers who were trying to reach a wider audience will see, instead of repeat buyers, is these buyers who only came to them for their Heartsy deal, won’t return to them when they need more lotion/earrings/makeup/prints/stamped jewelry, but will, instead, return to Heartsy, where they will buy from the next seller of similar items to be featured with a sale of 50% off or more.

    *sigh* I made my first Heartsy purchase this weekend, for Concrete Minerals. I felt horrible about it. I still do. But damn, $9 for $21? What a bargain- how could I not? 😛

    I’m not trying to be a downer here, but I just worry about sites like this cropping up and cheapening the whole concept of “handmade”. As a buyer, Heartsy is the best thing since sliced bread, hands down. I won’t argue that. I just worry that eventually, there will be less and less handmade sellers around because they all either close up after incurring major losses thru a Heartsy sale, or they never go to Heartsy but find they can’t compete with the sellers who do- and have to close up because of the loss of customers 😦

    Maybe I just worry too much, though. ❤

    • And, like you and I discussed in Twitter on Friday, there are shops like mine that make it through the initial judging and then get the rather high school “Our super secret voting panel didn’t like you, but here’s $5 to spend on the ones we did like” email.

      • SHUT UP. Fore real?!

        • Yup, as hard as it may be to believe, it’s true. Apparently her stuff “wasn’t unique enough” according to their sooper seekrit panel (I had never heard of this panel till the other night). I had to pick my jaw up off my keyboard after reading that so that I could type my response when we were discussing the whole Heartsy thing :/ Craziness.

        • For reals. I’d have been okay with not getting the nod after really sitting down and doing the math on what Heartsy would cost me, (especially with silver prices close to $50 some weeks – OUCH) but the email really rubbed me the wrong way.

          • That happened to me as well. I’m phasing out my jewelry shop & thought since Heartsy is in the bargain business it would be a great way to sell off inventory.

            Got more then the votes needed & then 2 weeks later the “we don’t want you”. Ouch. Especially considering it was a deep price cut being offered.

            Needless to say I wasn’t pleased. So I used up the free credits from Etsy on Sale to make my entire shop discounted; but could only do it for a month. Boo.

  4. It’s such an awesome idea, I think. I’ve been signed up for it for a while… finally just used it yesterday for Concrete Minerals. I can definitely see myself using it a LOT for Christmas shopping, though.

  5. A lot of my favorite sellers have moved off Etsy for greener pastures but I’ll keep it in mind.

  6. Don’t mind if I do. :3

  7. thanks for sharing! i signed up with your code 🙂

  8. Sorry to barge in like that, but as some of us are freaking out regarding make up repacking, I’m also like that in regards to corsets. I saw your Tweet up there on top of the website, and sorry for spamming, but I don’t have a Twitter account.

    So let me just point you to this

    I’ll be back to my hiding now. 😛

  9. I stumbled onto heartsy in March from a random link on someone’s blog. I’m very much in love. You’d be surprised how many militant anti-Heartsy extremists there are on Etsy. The forums blew up into crazy angry madness about it (“it devalues my art” “the buyers are just a bunch of walmart shoppers looking for a deal!”) I’m not even kidding.

    But as a buyer I’m just over the moon for it. Artfire shops have been included as bell BTW

  10. I signed up through your link 🙂

    I’d just like to say though, having noted the convo on this, that while I probably will buy something through heartsy at some point, the reality is that seeing things on this blog (I say this blog only because I don’t currently follow any other blogs which really feature handmade) is more enticing to me than it is for me to see a special on a site like heartsy. If it was a toss up between buying something I saw reviewed on here and liked as verses something similar on special on heartsy, I wouldn’t hesitate to opt for what I saw reviewed on here.

  11. Personally, I’m having a problem with two things mentioned here.

    As someone who once dealt with handmade jewellery, crocheted and knitted items, etc., I already have a hard time selling at rock-bottom profit margins. I rarely make any profit after accounting for cost of materials and time, plus the 10-33% taken out for charity. Being compelled to submit myself to agreements like these just to be competitive is ridiculous. People genuinely don’t understand the price of locally-made work, and these kinds of adverts don’t help.

    Can you imagine what it would be like to spend $20 on materials for sterling silver and high-quality stone, then spending three hours making a GORGEOUS necklace… and then being told at a show, “Oooh! How gorgeous! Did you make this? I’ll give you $30 for it!” like it’s a good deal. I got that all the time. It’s why I’m not making jewellery anymore. I’m a kimono and Japanese antiques dealer now. Business is dead slow, but at least people are willing to pay for quality items!

    My other issue is with Etsy itself. I’m not sure if you’ve been keeping up in the news (which Etsy has been dutifully suppressing with their close media relations), but they may be looking at a class-action lawsuit soon. We’re talking GROSS negligence of privacy issues, closing sellers’ shops without notice or reason, closing sellers’ accounts if they question Etsy’s policy-related decisions, services not rendered, etc. Things like releasing people’s real names in accordance with their shop, and not just to buyers. E-mailing everyone associated with your account (SPAM), like buyers, without telling you about it first. The list goes on and on and on. It’s why I left and went to ArtFire.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg: http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2011/03/etsy-privacy-blunder-reveals-users-full-names-dildo-preferences/

    Need more? Either do a Google search, or check a more opinionated blog with plenty of material directly from the Etsy Forums, posted by admins. Hang out in those forums, by the way, and you can verify their BS yourself. I sold on Etsy from 2006-2010, when they started releasing people’s names with their accounts. I have a stalker. I DON’T need him to know where I live now. http://etsybitch.blogspot.com/

    • If you do a quick search of my blog, you’ll see that not only do I make jewelry, but I also ran an Esty shop myself for the better part of three years. You’ll also find I’ve already addressed the privacy issues on Etsy.

    • I also have a lot of issues with Etsycorp, but I hesitate to punish sellers for the stupidity of the site that hosts their venue.

  12. I just bought a VIP membership because it says that I can cancel at any time. With the $7.99 membership, I received a one-time credit of $10 plus I got $10 extra added onto my deal. So, the $11 for $30 deal turned out to be… $1 for $40?!? I feel bad because what does the artist get?

    I am a full-time student and I only work in the summer, so I thought that I would become a VIP for the summer in order to stock up on Christmas presents. I’ll be wayyyy too broke and busy in December to even think about Christmas.