Licia Beads – An Introduction

I received my second pair of earrings from Licia Beads the other day.

To be honest, I have ordered from Licia before, last year.  It was for actual beads, though, onions if I remember correctly.  Last week Becca retweeted a listing from the Licia Beads shop and the moment I saw the earrings and realized they were on sale, I bought them!

That was a Monday and true to her word, I was wearing my earrings that Thursday.  And they were gorgeous.  The arrived packaged in a flat bubble mailer, inside a very adorably wrapped box.  My invoice as well as a few business cards were included.

I love it when companies send business cards.  When ever I get them I put them in a little spot in my bag so when I’m out and someone compliments *something* I can just pull out a card and direct them to the shop!

Back to what I was saying.

I was really impressed with the styling of the shop.  The pictures showcased the jewelry nicely and it was easy to see how they looked and how the earring hung.  A lot of shops don’t always give you a very good idea of how long they are, how nicely they hang, etc etc.  The photos are nice and clear and there are more then one view.

While I did order just earrings, there are several different types of jewelry available, as well as just the beads.  My earrings are very well made, everything is nice quality and uniquely designed.

5 Responses to “Licia Beads – An Introduction”

  1. I love the pair with the rose briolettes. Beautiful work!

    • For the life of me I couldn’t remember what the name of those beads were. See? See what you got me into? All of a sudden I’m wearing earrings…

  2. The hearts are adorable.

  3. Heehee, I ordered a day after you, apparently! That sale was way too good to pass up and she had earrings made with TEAL CHALCEDONY which is a total weakness of mine so I caved 🙂 So glad I did, cause I LOVE them!
    I, too, had never ordered jewelry from her, just beads from her bead shop on Etsy, and OMG let me tell you, her beads are amazing, all you jewelry-making people. It’s like going to the gem show, but instead of having to shell out $50+ for an entire strand, you can buy just a few high-quality gemstone (and other) beads.

  4. Both of them are very beautiful! Heading over to check out the shop now!