I swear, this is the last time…

… I mention the Summer collection from Estee Lauder, Bronze Goddess.  Oops, nope, that’s a lie because like… ten minutes ago I ordered another Bronze Goddess dupe.  Oh, and I’m having  a giveaway in June.

A blush of endless summer.

Shimmering sun-kissed color to enhance your tan. Sweep on cheeks-wear alone or over bronzer.

For a more dramatic glow, apply to “apple” of cheeks and temples and down center of face.

I got the Bronze Goddess Sea Star Bronzing Blush at the begging of the season when it came out, before I got the perfume.  I seem to have a weakness for ’embossed’ powders, especially the ones with the second shade that goes all the way through (like the amazing ‘happy’ blushes I love).  It retailed for 34$ and although I don’t see it available on the EL site, I know my counter (and the two closest) still have a couple (although all the pencils and perfumes are sold out).  It’s a nice sized palette, 12 whole grams.  Even though it doesn’t come with a brush (which would probably suck anyway), the compact has a nice sized mirror in the lid.

It’s a very lovely gold and coral shade, which is sort of new for me to wear.  You can wear the colors individually or swirl them together, either way, they flatter my skin tone really well and I’ve been getting a lot of wear out of it.  The bronzer has a hint of shimmer, which I actually love and I tend to avoid shimmery products on my face.  There is a sprinkling of gold on the coral of the star, but it’s superficial and after one swipe, it’s gone.  Over all, though, the shades swirled together are still pale enough for me to use liberally.

From left to right : bronzer, blusher, and mixed

It wears very well without fading or streaking.  I haven’t had a problem with it disappearing through out the day.  For me the wear and the near perfect shade makes it worth the price.

How do you feel about bronzer?  It was always something I avoided, but I’m starting to see that used… properly it makes such a difference when I want it to.  Some days I’m still perfectly content to be pale and pasty!

8 Responses to “I swear, this is the last time…”

  1. I find I’m usually too pale for most bronzers, but this one looks like a goer. Evil temptress!

  2. Gah, it looks gorge. Why am I such a sucker for blushes with pictures on them? I’ve been trying to get myself to wear bronzers, but I can’t really find one that doesn’t look muddy or orange on me. This one looks promising…maybe?

  3. I’ve had a hard time finding a good bronzer for me, but that one looks like it would look good on any tone of skin. This one looks like it would suit my skintone, which is mostly neutral, but slightly cool-toned.

  4. hhhmmm missy you’ve made me want this ssooo bad just like the pencils.. I may have to hunt this down, lol.

    Thanks for the swatch it looks really lovely.

  5. Too bad such colors doesn’t suit me, I would definitely get something like this, especially since it looks amazing! ❤

  6. the bronzer/coral blush is soo beautiful! i’m hoping to pick this up once i have some spare cash, but i’ve never used bronzer before. gotta start somewhere right?

  7. What a beautiful compact, and I like the design on it. I’m very pale and can use only lighter coloured bronzer; I tried “standard” ones and they look too dark on me and very fake. The one you posted looks like it’d work. I’ll keep it in mind if I decide to try the look again. 🙂

  8. Looks very nice I like bronze Goddess products for what I have seen tell now.
    this one looks amazing too enjoy it 🙂