It’s Friday, I’m in Love


Remember the mysterious shadow I was looking for that Olivia Wilde was wearing?  I emailed a few people, including a principle on the Fox set.  She said that it looks like an Estee Lauder shade from the Rosewood Duo.  Even though it doesn’t look like the EL site sells Duos or Quads, I managed to track one down at my counter and sure enough, I’m pretty sure it’s a match!


I’m going to take a minute to talk about this again.  Since I posted my original post on the site I’ve spoken to a few different people about their thoughts.  I can understand both sides of the coin, but I’m going to explain my position.

I’m going to shop there.  And then I’m going to review EVERYTHING I’ve gotten via a Heartsy voucher.

As someone who not only had an Etsy shop for over three years (42 months, actually) but also currently makes jewelry, I know exactly what it takes to not only produce items to sell, but all the little in between to maintaining the shop and shipping sales.  I would like to think that anyone who signs up on Heartsy KNOWS their break point and knows the loss and/or benefits they’ll receive by promoting themselves there.  I refuse to let myself feel guilty because the seller was short sighted.

I’m curious, however, as to HOW these shops are picked now that I’ve heard one of my FAVORITE sellers was rejected.

Once again, here is my personal referral.  Shopping via Heartsy will certainly make it more afforable to continue to review Indie.  Since I pay for everything on my site, you can see… it’s been expensive.

California Girl

Sooooo.  Right.  Sit down.  I’ve been thinking about using my airbrush machine to spray tan myself.  I’ve been reading around and I’m honestly curious as to what I’d look like with a golden glow.  And from what I understand the tan fades and I’ll end up back to being a nice pale shade soon enough, without properly maintaining the tan, that is.

Any thoughts?


I’m getting my arm piece colored in and finished Saturday.  I’m not sure I’ll be around this weekend, probably not, actually.  I’d like to pretend I’m queuing posts, but we both know I’m not.  I posted this pic on my Tumblr not too long ago.  It’s my ‘to review’ pile.

What’s in my Bag?

A few people recently asked if I’d start posting a weekly ‘What’s in my Bag’ sort of feature.  I thought that this would be a really cute idea.  What I would love to do is do a reader’s feature where I post what’s in my bag one week, and then spotlight a reader’s the next.  If you’re interested, please leave me a comment and let me know.  All I’d need from you is a few good quality pictures and a product list!

The Links

Anna did a really cute interview over on Tumblr.

Jam on it!

I swear, I really do NOT like Mila Kunis (my BFF can attest to that), but I love her tuts.

I can’t stand this blogger’s Forever 21 clearance style, but someone sent me this tutorial that was interesting.

Your Turn

  1. Do you switch scents for the summer?  What are you wearing now?
  2. I’m looking for the perfect blue nail polish.  Blue, not teal. Any suggestions?
  3. What are you doing over the weekend?


23 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love”

  1. 1.Do you switch scents for the summer? What are you wearing now?

    Definitely. During the winter time I’m wearing Givenchy Ange ou Demon and Escada Magnetism which aren’t light scents so I don’t use them during summer time. Right now I’m using s.Oliver Selection and VS body spray (not sure which one, but I like the most of them).

    2.I’m looking for the perfect blue nail polish. Blue, not teal. Any suggestions?

    Orly Royal navy perhaps? essence has an interesting blue nail polish, but not sure what’s the name of it.

    3.What are you doing over the weekend?

    Organizing my craft area and my train cases 😀 And enjoying the fact that it’s weekend. 🙂

    I’m interested in ‘What’s in my bag’ feature! 🙂

  2. To be honest, I select my perfume depending on what I wear and it usually always suits, like, I wear a lot of green and pink clothes, thus I go for Anna Sui Secret Wish (green), Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca (green), Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Cherry Blossom (pink) or Anna Sui Flight of Fancy (pink), of course I also use the rest of my perfumes, green and pink ones amongst them, but these are super light summer scents and as I recently received the Cherry Blossom fragrance, I just think it’s my DUTY to wear it even though it wasn’t exactly what I expected.

    Manhattan recently came out with a nice LE nail polish range over here, there’s a colour called Underwater something and Do You Twitter, Underwate something (lol, dunno the rest of the name) is a super navy blue, almost neon and Do You Twitter is a dirty ocean blue 🙂 They’re 3$ and worth a try, as it’s not SUCH a waste of money if they don’t work out well, right?

    Oh I’m talking too much.

  3. I’m with you on Heartsy. No-one is forcing sellers to sign up and seeing as there’s only a few deals I really don’t think it’s going to stop people paying full price for an item they really want. Also while I signed up for Heartsy at the moment I am too poor to buy anything, but I’ve seen shops I’ve been interested in and saved them to my favourites for the future. Obviously it sucks I couldn’t afford to buy the voucher and get the product on sale but it means when i have money again I’ll be buying at the sellers full price. So at least with me it’s good promotion! If the sale causes the seller to make a loss then it’s their own choice, I assume though the majority are still making a small profit, so it’s like normal sales, the profit is a lot smaller but you get more sales so it adds up.

    I like the bag idea, I’m nosy like that 😀

    1. Naah, I only own about 3 perfumes and I just wear them when I feel like it, most of my scents are the same sort anyway, fruity girly smells.

    2. I don’t know what sort of blue you’re looking for, but Illamasqua Force is a lovely blue and Barry M have a couple of nice ones too. Cobalt Blue and Cyan Blue I think 🙂

    3. No plans sadly. Might have some friends over, might do some painting. Nothing of interest though.

  4. 1. Definitely. I can’t use most of my perfumes in hot weather. The only one I’m wearing now is BPAL Dark Chocolate, Lime and Chocolate Mint (limited edition)- it’s candy-like but not too sweet, a very fresh scent heavy on the mint. I also have a BPAL order (of summer scents mostly) on the way.

  5. 1) Nop :/ I rarely use perfume, when I do I just use it ’cause I’m in love with it XD
    2) Hm… I don’t use nailpolish 😦 I can’t help you there!
    3) A birthday party, a dinner with friends on a cheap and traditional chinese restaurant (to the point of only one waitress speaking portuguese hahah), going out with some friends, working on some things for college and that’s it!

  6. I like that FOTD, even though I’m not (and I’m probably alone on this) a huge Adele fan. Mostly because whenever I hear “Rolling in the Deep,” I picture a drunk woman screaming the lyrics at an ex-boyfriend at the bar.

    Also, I made that jam this morning! Nomz.

    1. I suppose I do. My shampoo will be more citrusy so that it doesn’t clash with my already orange-y smelling sunblock. Other than that, I don’t really wear a lot of scents. Although I’ve been wearing Sexy Laundry Day on dates ;). Mrowr.

    2. OPI makes a pretty midnight blue that I wore frequently when I was staying with a friend in Cali. I’d show you pictures, but the only pictures I seem to have are when her shower door shattered and nearly took my wife toe off. They’re pretty gruesome :D. But my nails look pretty!

    3. Shooting a wedding, beerfest, marinating things and making seitan for a BBQ on Sunday!

  7. My most favorite blue polish at the moment is Revlon Top Speed in Royal. It’s bam bam blue gorgeous.

  8. While I’d like to think I switch fragrances during the different seasons, I really don’t!

    My favorite blue polish is OPI Ogre the Top (I think thats what its called!) Blue from the Shrek collections. A beautiful creme!

  9. 1. It’s over 100 degrees here already so my foody/leather/spice/tea scents are put away. I’m rotating in Darling Clandestine’s “Step Right Up”, BPAL’s “I Married a Vampire From Planet X”, and a tiny bottle of “Lucky” that my sister was unloading.
    2. A good darker blue to try is OPI’s “Yoga-ta Get This Blue”.
    3. This weekend for me is catching up on chores and cleaning off the kitchen table. 🙂

  10. Bestest blue nail polish! OPI What’s With The Cattitude from the Shrek collection if you can find it.

  11. For nail polish suggestions I really love:
    -China Glaze Frostbite for s bold blue
    -Zoya Indigo is an awesome dark navy blue with colorful flecks in it
    -Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in Pacific Blue for a nice, creamy mid tone blue
    -Orly Snowcone for a pretty light blue cream

    I really agree with you on what you had to say about Heartsy.

    I only have one scent so far that I’ve found that I LOVE. But I have a mile long list of stuff I’d like to try from places like BPAL.

    We are celebrating my birthday at my parent’s house on Sunday. No other big plans though.

  12. I really like the bag idea. I look forward to reading the posts.

    1. I don’t tend to switch scents, not since I started wearing Very Sexy by Victoria’s Secret.

    2. I have some pretty colors from Zoya, if you like blue with glitter. Like Charla or Crystal. There are some other nice blues on the site I don’t have though.

    3. This weekend I am in Orlando, finishing up my week long trip with my boyfriend. We’ve been hopping around Walt Disney World and went to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. Got to see the Harry Potter Wizarding World. It’s been a really amazing fun trip! I hate to come back to Cali, even though I am right by Disneyland lol. I hope you post pics of your colored tatoo when you have a chance! 🙂

  13. I wanted to buy that lychee perfume you once raved about but just couldn’t get my stuff together in time before I left, but yeah, I often stick with lighter scents. I’ll probably be using a lot of my honeysuckle and lilac.

    I’d like to participate in the What’s in my purse? segment 🙂

    This weekend I am house/teenager sitting and then leaving early Monday morning for a 13 day adventure in Toronto! ❤

  14. thecandiedmango May 27, 2011 at 8:49 pm

    I usually rotate my scents year round. Right now I’m wearing some kind of lavender-chamomile mix, which actually smells less like herbal tea than it sounds.

    Unfortunately my perfect blue nail polish is from some mystery brand that probably doesn’t exist any more. It’s a gorgeous primary blue with gold-green shimmer, and the sticker on the bottom of the bottle just says “Luke Skywalker”. You’d think a polish like that would’ve stuck around, but I can’t find ANYTHING through Google.

    Over the weekend I’ll probably clean house and help my family celebrate my youngest brother’s birthday.

  15. I may sign up for Heartsy despite my not buying anything from Etsy recently. Most of the sellers I like have left. I agree with you how no one is forcing sellers to sign up. A lot of the shops I like are less well known, and I’m willing to pay their regular prices.

    I’ve switched to more floral based and lighter scents for summer. I’m wearing Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s Numb and will be trying out a few others by BPAL and other companies soon (Scent by the Sea’s Ciccolata sounds great for this weather).

    I shall be catching up on television this weekend and doing some shopping. Haven’t watched Supernatural’s season finale yet.

  16. 1.Do you switch scents for the summer? What are you wearing now? I like to do lighter and more floral or citrus floral. I am not wearing anything right now. I work with pretty much all men, so I try to wear fragrance on the down low. I might wear baby grace, inner grace, or baby grace. To me, it is more about the meaning of what I am wearing and what it represents for me on a particular day. Baby Grace is soothing, Inner Grace helps me maintain inner composure, and Falling In Love is about Self Love when I am down on myself. I know that sounds strange, but it’s one of the ways I help keep my confidence up when others try to tear me down.
    2.I’m looking for the perfect blue nail polish. Blue, not teal. Any suggestions? Inglot 955 or 942 look blue.
    3.What are you doing over the weekend?
    I had granite installed today for my kitchen remodel. I am hoping I will have use of my sink and stove on Sunday. I want to start cooking and making delicious healthy food! I have been stressing about my recent expenses in Vegas. I spent $3000 on shoes, makeup, and skincare with gold flecks in it. So, I took a bunch of things I bought from Nordstrom and returned them for $350. But, the half yearly sale is going on, so I spent $400 on summer clothes. I want to be unique with my clothing, but I just bought solid colored t-shirts, tank tops, and some capri pants. I was invited to a bbq on Sunday, but I don’t know if I’ll go.

  17. I rarely wear scents anymore, but when I do, I don’t base them on the current season. This is partially because the vast majority of what I own is woodsy or musky so I don’t have much that smells “springy” or “summery” in the first place.

    My favorite blue nail polish is probably Zoya’s Jo. It’s a nice greyed blue with a little bit of a pearl shimmer. Nubar’s Night Sparkle would be my favorite sparkly one and MAC’s Spirit of Truth is a great cream (RBL’s Dead Calm is a dupe of this since I know you don’t use MAC anymore). I have this gorgeous metallic cobalt one I’m trying to find a dupe for; it doesn’t look like the original company makes the shade anymore.

  18. Im excited to hear your reviews on heartsy. I recently got a voucher fr heartsy.

  19. 1. I wear most of my perfumes year round 😛 I do have a few I can only wear in certain types of weather though. lately I’ve been going for BPAL’s La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente, which is an aquatic fruity floral that I brought with me on a trip to Arizona, and now forever smells like hot weather to me.

    2. I don’t actually own any straight-up true blue cremes o_o must fix this! China Glaze’s Blue Sparrow is a neon blue jelly with blue glitter in it; it’s one of my favorite things. Zoya Kotori has a black base, but is full of blue shimmer which is the most apparent on the nail. It does have some green shimmer in it though. And I don’t own it (yet), but Diamond Cosmetic’s Deep Blue Sea looks pretty amazing.

    3. Yesterday my friend threw a fairly epic picnic birthday party, so today I’m just relaxing. Tomorrow I’m hanging out at a friend’s house to watch Game of Thrones (we do it every week), and I’m spending time with my boyfriend on Monday (our anniversary is on Wednesday but we’re both gonna be working).

    I’d be interested in participating in the What’s in my Bag thing! I also like knowing what other people carry around with them. I am probably a huge creep.

  20. With you on Heartsy; even though they rejected me. People want bargains & if sellers want to put their wares on the site, that’s their business.

    Wearing EES’s Estee Lauder Beach Goddess dupe, which I LOVE. Even my mom liked it & she never likes the same stuff I do.

    will jot down all these blue polish rec’s, need to change mine soon & blue will be a nice “ocean-y” switch seeing as how I’m not going anywhere near the beach this summer, despite its proximity to my house.

  21. I don’t wear blue polish, so I can’t help you on that. I actually prefer to wear greenish blues because I think it goes better with my complexion. If I wear a regular blue I feel too patriotic.

    Lately I’ve been wearing a $10 perfume I got from Rue21 called revert eco. I have no idea how other people would describe it but I think it smells kinda fresh. I switch scents depending on how I feel, if I have too much of a reaction to it, or if I’m just tired of it. I don’t really go for a season theme.

  22. Not a big Adele fan, either, but that look is gorgeous and I think it looks better on the blogger than the original.

    In the summer, I want to smell like nothing but the beach. I recently ordered the Epicly Epic Bronze Goddess dupe and have been wearing it, plus I am in love with Wylde Ivy’s Bronzed.