Matte Silk

I had the good fortune of being able to test Evil Shade’s new oil control powder, Matte Silk.  I love it.  It’s really hard to woo me these days, I think I’ve tried about everything.  This?  This is good stuff.  Made with oil soaking rice powder and skin loving silicon my face just adores it.

Silky, smooth and long lasting.

Our Matte Silk is a translucent matte finishing powder, nicknamed “The Shine Killer”, applies like silk and keeps the shine at bay. Talc free formula. (We enjoy breathing even while wearing makeup)

Oil absorbing, unscented and free of colorants.

Dust on bare skin or over foundation.

Matte Silk comes in a 20gram sifter jar for 9.50$.  The product is white, however it’s more or less translucent.  I say more or less because it didn’t work on my darkly tanned cousin if she applied too much, but it did zap her massive oilies all day.

I like to dust it on just over my t-zone and then toss it in my bag.  I touch it up a little with a sponge if I need to, but to be honest, I really havn’t needed to.  I can’t say for sure it’s not just the fact that I don’t have the oiliest skin, but for me, this has been a great product.  I’ve been liking it as it warms up dusted over my tinted moisturizer to create that more matte finish versus the slight sheen the SPF leaves.  I also find that if I use some self adjusting moisturizers, like Vitazing or Estee Lauder Daywear Tinted, the tint is a little dark and this helps it set onto my skin.  I have no idea how or why.

I really like Evil Shades new labels, the little goth girl is adorable.  The products now each have the label complete with the shade as well as a full list of ingredients.


Would I purchase Evil Shade’s Matte Silk again? Yes!

  • It really works and doesn’t sink into little lines or pores.
  • The price is great.
  • A little goes a long way!

Want to try some yourself?  You can win an Evil Shade’s Soft Summer Face Kit featuring a full sized Matte Silk, Kona Blush, Silk Stockings Deviant lip stick, White Witch eye shadow as well as a couple of ‘surprises’!

Silk Stockings- Neutral with multi colored sparkles ans a soft blue shift.

White Witch- Opaque shimmering white-unveils a vestal white bursting with orbs of colored sparkle.

Kona- Shimmering light neutral pink highlight.

To enter, comment and tell me what your usual summer makeup consists of.

  • You may enter (comment) only once.
  • Giveaway is open internationally.
  • You must be a follower and 18 years older to enter.
  • Giveaway ends Monday, June 6th.

88 Responses to “Matte Silk”

  1. Do you know how close it is to Fyrinnae’s Fluff?

  2. Nifty 🙂
    I usually just use a little mascara in the summertime, waterproof if I’m going to the beach, plus a little lipbalm. And SPF of course! My skin looks better in the summer than in the winter, so I don’t need to cover it up much. Luckily. The SPF does make it a bit shiny though, so it could be interesting to try this.

  3. That setting powder sounds lovely!

    My summer makeup doesn’t consist of much :). A moisturizing sunblock, primer, concealer, brow powder, mascara (unless I’m wearing my glasses), winged black liquid liner, white eyeliner, blush, gloss, translucent setting powder. I can’t live without setting powder, especially during the summer. Before I discovered it, I was blotting my face with Clean & Clear blotting papers at least 5X a day!

    Most of the time I won’t wear eyeshadow, but if I do, Buttercupcake is a good one for adding a bit of flourish and easy to turn in to a nighttime look later by wiping off my gloss and wearing a red lipstick. My favorite red right now is Revolution by Urban Decay.

  4. Sounds great and yay no boron nitride! Did you also use it just by itself without any foundation/tinted moisturizer? That’d be perfect for summer days when I don’t feel like wearing makeup but don’t want to look shiny either.

    I love lime green, coral and orange eyeshadows in my summer makeup although I feel like I’ll be doing the neutral eye+ bright lip combo this summer a lot (just ordered Morgana’s new matte pink lippie, wo-hoo!). I’ve learned to love bronzers after I found Meow’s Sunsplasher and Skinny Dippers, just switch from light to medium for summer. Oh and the most important part of my summer look – SPF50 fluid.

  5. taylor(leslie) June 1, 2011 at 2:44 pm

    Last year, I only used a powder for oil control. This year, I’m not a SAHM anymore so I’m sure I will need enough makeup to look presentable for work!!

  6. My summer makeup usually consists of sunblock, eye shadow primer followed by Pixie Epoxy, winged eyeliner with eye shadow, and lip balm.

    When it comes to eye shadow, I usually go for a colour that is subdued or neutral, such as Concrete Mineral’s Smut or Blitzkrieg. However, in the summer, I try to make use of my more bolder/brighter eye shadow colours– such as Shiro’s Squirtle, Hearts, or Farore’s Wind.

    I don’t usually have much acne, or skin problems (being young helps), so I forgo the foundation and concealer. Hehe. 😛

  7. Oil absorbing, sound great to me sends I am back in the tropic my skin become oily, am still using the cream with factor 15I was using in Europa .Don’t know if that’s the problem. We don’t have this brand in the Caribbean i have been surfing in the site and i liked some of the eyeshadow colors very much.
    Here i have one routine just powder mascara and some blush. I’m still looking for a highlighter I saw a good way to use it in a video in you tube

  8. My summer make up is generaly some day moisturizer with SPF, then a little mineral fondation, eye liner, sometimes colored (forest green or purple), some essence bronzer on the cheeks and crease(similar to BB shimmerbrick) and an orange or corally red lipstick/tint.
    That powder seems great! I’m currently looking for something to replace my T leclerc face powder to matify my T zone,I should check it out!

  9. To be honest I don’t really do anything different in summer than in any other season! Well if I’m good I’ll put on a higher SPF lotion and sometimes I use less products in general just because I tend to get a bit hot and bothered. But I don’t tend to change the colours or technique I used.
    This sounds like a great product, I’d love to try it 🙂

  10. For the summer I usually try to use light products, so I usually go with concealer, powder, blush and mascara. But since I got myself a ColorStay, I added foundation to the routine too!

  11. I have been using Olay SPF 15 cream (just the standard kind) all over my face and neck then applying Laura Mercier oil-free tinted moisturizer in Porcelain (which ups the SPF to 20), a little powder in the centre of my face (my nose gets shiny) a little blusher and mascara. It’s been too much hassle to wear much eye make-up, so usually I am wearing a Urban Decay 24/7 liner smudged out a little (I got my hands on the anniversary set recently and am spoilt for choice), usually with a bit of shadow to set.

  12. ooooooh! I’m excited to try this. I’ve only just fallen in love with Fyrinnae’s translucent oil control powder, but I find it doesn’t last as long as I’d like. I’ll be curious to find out how they compare.

    For my summer makeup–well, I’ve been trying to figure it out! I used to go just with straight powder with SPF, but now my skin is too dry in the morning to manage. I’ve been using Urban Decay’s tinted moisturizer with SPF and that’s been working all right, but I do get the shinies and need a powder touch-up on my nose and t-zone. The Fyrinnae powder helps delay that touch-up, but I’ll be interested to give this new stuff a shot as well!

  13. I’m always up to try something for oil control! I have oily skin year round, but it’s worse in the summer and leaning more towards combination in winter now. I actually thought about adding it to my first order….when I get to place my first order. 😉

  14. I usually go simple in the summer. Clinique Super City Block and some mascara. I have been playing with a lot more makeup this year, though, so this summer may be different.

  15. I’ve been meaning to place an order with Evil Shades when I have a little extra spending money. I can get really shiny sometimes so Matte Silk might have to be part of it.

    In the summer I usually wear tinted moisturizer with SPF, mascara, a dab of cream blush, and lip balm with SPF.

  16. thinkbeautifully1 June 1, 2011 at 4:38 pm

    Summertime is fun time.
    Mineral foundation, a light eye look and gloss.
    Out the door!

    I think i need to try this one…my nose is an oil slick these days and i’m sick of it!

  17. My summer and winter routines are pretty much the same. A moisturizer with 30 SPF, mineral powder blush, concealer, eyeshadow, mascara, lip gloss, and mineral powder foundation once in a while.

  18. To be honest, it is usually just sunscreen. I have been wearing more and more makeup so I think this summer will have me wearing more beyond the good ol’ sunscreen

  19. This stuff sounds awesome!
    For the summer i like to keep it very simple. I actually try to avoid an foundations or concealers if at all possible. The only face product i use almost daily is a moisturizer with an spf and and a brushing palladio rice powder. Eyes are usually only a color or 2 (nothing too complex and mostly on the lid), with liner in waterline only, and waterproof massacre. Clear gloss is also a staple this time of the year. It’s too humid in Jersey to get all done up this time of year 😦

  20. my summer makeup is pretty much the same as what I wear the rest of the year- bright colors. i tend to go a little lighter on the foundation but that’s the only major difference.

  21. Tinted moisturizer with SPF, lip balm/gloss, light on the eyeshadow, bit of eyeliner, cream blush and I’m good to go! Depending on my mood, I might skip mascara or not. Truth be told, its just like how I normally wear my make up, just maybe with a lighter touch.

    I haven’t tried Evil Shades out although I’ve been tempted. Their lipsticks look like so much fun!

  22. Yeah, I don’t really vary things according to season. Unless it’s a hot outdoorsy day, in which case I just go makeup-free altogether (except for lip balm, but that barely counts).

  23. Honestly I don’t change my Winter-Summer makeup up at all. I stay indoors and avoid the sun like the plague if I can, so I usually wear excessive amounts of stuff all year round not worrying on if it’s “too heavy” or not. Tanning just causes more foundation matching problems :s

  24. pixelatedtoys June 1, 2011 at 5:53 pm

    My summertime makeup is usually pretty minimal. A moisturizer with high SPF (I’m Irish pale and plan to stay that way!), a quick dusting of rice powder, tinted lip gloss, some mascara, and a lighter eyeshadow or two is about it.

  25. I don’t usually bother with doing much during the summer, my skin goes into overdrive on the oil production so there’s no point in trying to do foundation or anything. So pretty much just mascara, some smudged bronze liner, and one of the, at last count, nine lip glosses I have tumbling around at the bottom of my purse. If I want to do eyeshadow it’s usually Fyrinnae’s RHE or something aqua or turquoise.

  26. I wear primer, concealer, powder foundation, blush, lip gloss, mascara and liner usually. I’m super oily but need coverage so I’d love to try the Matte Silk. Thanks!

  27. For the summer I switch to a green tinted primer to fight redness (in the winter I use something more illuminating) and a thinner foundation + some light powder. I want to be able to dust it on my face during the day as I get sticky to help keep me dry without making me chalky.

    I love Maybelline’s Pure Foundation… buy it has been discontinued, if anyone knows of something comparable let me know!

    I’ve also been loving Sephora’s sun disk. It has talc, which I know some people hate, but the color is perfect and its low on shimmer for a bronzer. The talc is what also makes it great for touching up a sticky face (it gets really hummid here!). The color is nice for people like me who are naturally paler, it doesn’t make me look orange at all.

    I still moisturize as much in the summer as the winter and my eye and lip makeup routine doesn’t change much – I still love my falsies and lots of bright color!

  28. I keep my summer makeup to a bare minimum because of my oily skin and because I’ll just sweat it all off anyway. However, after I apply my skin care items including sunblock, I will use a tinted moisturizer, mascara, and a powder with SPF 50. I could really use an oil control powder to touch up during the day, though.

  29. Funny you would mention summer makeup. I am trying to figure out if I’ll be opting for a tinted moisturizer this year, or if I’ll stick with minerals. I love that this is a mattifying powder.

    I use a 50 SPF matte sunscreen, mascara, a touch of blush and bronzer, finishing powder with a sheer lip gloss. If I feel like it, I add some eye shadow. It’s humid here in the summer, so keeping cool and dry is a priority.

  30. Due to medication, my skin is transitioning from very oily to less oily so I haven’t perfected my summer makeup yet. Thus far, I’ve been generously dusting on a sunblock powder consisting of zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and silica. I finish with a tinted lip balm or lip gloss.

  31. This sounds fantastic, something that I am really needing bc I am an oily girl!
    In the summer I like to use tinted moisturizer w/SPF. If I don’t have it, I make my own with my favorite liquid makeup and my SPF facial lotion. Then I apply some cream blush with a little bit of powder blush over it and set it with Hard Candy Welcome Matte, which does work pretty well. I try to keep the eyes simple but I definitely use a primer underneath a shimmery neutral shadow and I must use mascara! 🙂

  32. Minimal makeup for me during the summer. I like to keep it light since the hot weather usually melts my makeup and no one wants to see a face melting.

    A light dusting of foundation or finishing dust, eyeliner, and gloss. That’s it for me.

  33. Lately I’ve just been opting for tinted moisturizer and a translucent powder. Everything else is the same. If I have to do a full face, I make for darn certain that I have a long-wearing transfer-resistant foundation in the summer, because I sweat like a man. A MAN. I’ve been digging Rimmel’s 25 hour foundation for that.

  34. To be honest, I don’t really change my summer makeup from my winter makeup at all – which is crazy since I live in Australia and therefore am a sweaty beast most of the time. I just pack on the finishing powder (Ben Nye Neutral Set, though I’m not convinced of its antiperspirant properties) and I tend not to do a bold lip in summer. Can’t be bothered with the maintenance when my makeup is sliding around.

  35. Light foundation with Aromaleigh Corset blush, and white eyeliner.

  36. Awesome stuff! My summer makeup is usually the same as all year around.. except I apply sunscreen in the summer!

  37. I usually do tinted moisturizer and set it with powder, but I always get oily. I really want to try this now!

  38. Summer makeup is like my year round makeup only with a little more bronzer as my blush and SPF moisturizer underneath. I know I should do that year round but I don’t care for the texture of the one I use and if I don’t use it at least in the summer I just freckle like crazy! My poor nose.

    Also the “mattifier” I have been using is suddenly not working at. all. I literally gasped when I walked into a restaurant restroom the other day and saw the shine on my face. And since I have never owned a vehicle with working air conditioning…I can only imagine what I’ll look like this summer, ha! Shield your eyes, everyone!

  39. Physician’s Formula loose mineral foundation, Rimmel Underground Cheeky blush in Don’t Rush then just some mascara, a cat-eye flick of Gosh’s Art Liner in Black, a bit of grey or taupe in my crease, and then either Revlon’s lipstain in Gothic or Revlon’s Really Red matte lipstick on my lips for a really quick and sweatproof summer face.

  40. My makeup routine is pretty much the same year round. I have an all or nothing approach to makeup. Lately, I have been trying to be better at wearing foundation every day to offer myself some SPF protection as I am allergic to most sun screens.

  41. I usually tend to avoid makeup in the summer and stick to the highest SPF I can find, so as not to turn into a lobster. This summer I have to look a bit more professional than my usual look, so so far there has been a lot of neutral eye looks. I’ve rediscovered how much I love my Maybelline eyeshadow quad in Enchanted Forest. Sadly, they don’t make it anymore, don’t think. (They have a new one called Enchanted Forest but they shades are different).

  42. I wear pretty much the same makeup in the summer as in the winter but my skin is less dry, so I tend to switch from liquid foundation to loose mineral powder so that it lasts the day and looks like lighter but more even coverage.

  43. Woohoo Evil Shades! Their Bane lipstick is hands down my absolute favorite. No question.
    My summer makeup really doesn’t change much from the rest of the year, since it’s basically summer here (Tucson) all year long (just slightly less hot summer during a few months…), but when it’s particularly hot I don’t wear a tinted moisturizer, just powders to control oil, and I sometimes go a bit lighter on the eye looks, just in case they get ruined from the heat/humidity/sweat.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. My summer routine is to slather on spf 50 Neutrogena Ultra Sheer liquid for the face, instead of a spf 30. Swipe of sheer ivory or fawn eyeshadow and brown eyeliner. Gloss if I remember, otherwise, it’s lip balm. Oh, and the ELF silica powder to keep the shiny at bay.

  45. My summer makeup involves Laura Mercier’s Oil Free SPF Tinted Moisturizer, which I ran out of last year and NEED to replace, but cannot afford >_<; mineral foundation or liquid foundation over that wherever coverage is needed, set with powder; good lip balm, preferably with SPF; and aside from that, the same as the rest of the year! Emphasis is on making my skin look as natural but flawless as possible since I'll be seen in direct sunlight so much (the horror!) while also making sure to stay oil-free since it gets so hot here.

  46. My summer make-up consists of my usual Lavera moisturizer mixed with Lavera sun blocker.
    Chrimaluxe Powder Foundation in 03 opaque + Fyrinnae’s Fluff.
    For the eyes I go for a golden/brown neutral eye with black mascara plus black eyeliner.

    But when I’m in a hurry, I just use moisturizer/sun blocker and mascara.

    I don’t like to wear too much in the heat, it just melts off my face anyway, haha.

  47. My summer makeup isn’t that much different from my usual makeup. I love my EL Double Wear foundation so I always wear that, and I set it with MAC MSF and then dust on some finishing powder to help keep me matte all day. I usually do go a little lighter on the eye makeup (meaning lighter colors)then I would in the colder months though. I always do a full face for work days, but on the weekends I usually just dust on some powder, blush, and mascara and I’m ready to go!

  48. During the summer I actually stop wearing makeup regularly. Sometimes when I feel fancy, I’ll bust out a lip stain. I usually just apply a sunscreen, because anything else on top of my skin just melts off. I try a different one every year in hopes that I’ll finally find something that won’t make me a greaseball, but so far no luck ): I should probably look into these mattifying powders, I’m just always afraid that they’ll alter the way my skin color look (my face is already lighter than the rest of my body).

  49. High SPF cream, which makes me look even paler than usual and also leaves my skin quite shiny.
    Translucent powder to combat oiliness and the shine from the cream.
    Non-waterproof mascara that can be easily removed and re-applied.
    Sometimes I also use tinted lip balms for a bit more color.

    Summer for me is a time filled with many concerts, festivals and camping trips. That’s why I tend to not use many products and just use things that I can easily take with myself, remove and re-apply without needing a proper bathroom, mirror etc.

  50. Usually it’s just some liquid liner, concealer, powder to set the concealer and benefit’s posie tint on my lips and cheeks or a tinted lipbalm.

    it’s way too warm round the clock to pile on makeup cuz it’ll all melt off, so i use just what i need to look presentable and less sleep-deprived.

  51. Oh I want to try this my face always gets so oily in the summer heat.

    I usually just wear something light if it’s really hot out, a light eyeshadow, mascara, and maybe some eyeliner unless it’s really hot and it’ll just melt off. Usually no foundation as it doesn’t stay.

  52. Oh I love her new packaging.

    I would like to find a liquid foundation for summer – then my routine won’t change. Otherwise I’ll only use a finishing powder and concealer, no blush or highlighter. Subtle eyes and bright lips.

  53. I love the cute little goth girl.

    I usually wear a bit of Inglot gel eye liner just on the top, a touch of mascara, and a little bit of blush, usually a pinky with hint of bronze, because I like to be pale rather than tanned, but still want to look like I’ve not neglected summer. I usually keep some face powder in my bag for emergencies.

  54. i use the mac oil blotter but i’ve been wanting something new. i am definitely gonna try this out since i’m running outta the mac stuff. i hope it wont make me look all cakey, though since i am not pale and you said it isnt fully translucent.

  55. I don’t do a whole lot different in the summer when compared to the spring or winter. I use Stilla color corrector, pixie tinted moisturizer, blush, TFSI, eyeshadow, Stilla waterproof liquid eyeliner (that DOES NOT budge!) mascara and lippie stick. I do have oily skin and the powder sounds heavenly!

  56. My favorite summer makeup is pretty basic:

    Sunscreen/moisturizer, a light wash of eyeshadow, maybe some liner, maybe not, and usually no foundation, unless I’m going out on the town. Also, lip balm is essential.

  57. Usual summer makeup is when I start bustin’ out the color so eyeshadow is varied:

    Tinted moisturizer, PF spf50 face powder to keep the white..white, posie tint, eyebrow pencil, and I’ve been using a lot of lip stains with balm over them so I don’t have to worry about so many touch ups when I have a brighter color on. Black liquid liner and mascara.

    I live in a colder area so it’s barely warmed up yet though, so I don’t have to worry about anything melting off my face yet…

  58. My favorite or usual summer make-up is pretty simple. Basic pin-up styled eyes with a bright eyeliner on the waterline. I like to wear a tinted moisturizer with sun screen in it so I don’t get burned. I like wearing a cream blush over a powder one because it looks more natural in the summer heat. I wear this to the beach or out with my friends.
    (When I’m at home or going some place with air conditioning I break out the bright eyeshadow and lips.)

  59. My usual summer makeup is a moisturizer with SPF, a light dusting of TooFace translucent powder and a bold red lip with a light wash of color on my eyes which I coordinate with my socks. Yes, with my socks.

  60. My summer makeup usually consists of PRIMER (really only a must for me in the summer), light foundation, cream blush, bright lips and little eyeshadow. I tend not to spend as much time on makeup during the summer, so focusing on lips is the quickest way to look polished

  61. Hnnng. When I’m employed again, I’m so getting thingsfrom this place.

    Also, my summer makeup is pretty much the same as always. Dramatic cateyes, brow-highlight.

    But, I tend to wear lighter lipsticks, or ones that are more sheer. I save the matte red for winter usually. Might switch it up this year.

  62. I’m probably going to by that powder anyway but I’ll enter to try my luck!
    Summer gets very hot here so I usually wear concealer, powder, lip balm and some waterproof mascara. Pretty boring aha

  63. My summer makeup routine has no difference with my normal routine. If anything’s different, maybe my eyes would look more summery 😀

    I’ve been meaning to try matte silk and compare it to Fyrinnae’s oil control finishing powder and fluff but I have to wait for next month before I can order again.

  64. I don’t like a lot of product on my face in the summer so usually I just go with a sweep of some neutral colored eye shadow (plum, taupe, rose) topped with 24/7 pencil liner in Whiskey, lip gloss, and some sort of mattifying powder. Right now I’m using Hard Candy Welcome Matte, but I’d love to try this!

  65. I usually just end up in sunscreen, but I always mean to wear undereye concealer, mascara, a little eyeliner, and a touch of lipstick. I just never manage to put things on!

  66. I have oily skin, and I use Boots oil control lotion which helps, but I still feel I get oily later in the day. I’m probably my own worst critic! 😛 so besides the lotion, I don’t bother with bronzer because I tend to tan anyway. I don’t really vary my make up too much according to trends, I coordinate it more with my outfit or mood. I do think I wear less in the summer because I’m at the pool or beach a lot, in that case it’s usually just waterproof liner and mascara.

  67. This looks like it might work for me. I tend to get shiny and oily in the summer.

    My summer makeup consist of a moisturizer with SPF,concealer to hide my under eye circles, tinted moisturizer, setting powder, and bronzer to contour. I typically do a winged cat eye with a bold colorful lip but sometimes I find it too heavy so I’ll change to a stained lip.

  68. I can’t say I do anything terribly different in the summer, though I do tend to favor brighter eye shadows and sheer, juicy lip colors. The closest I get to true summer makeup is the week I spend at the family lake house, where I tend ti just slap on some BB cream (SPF 45+++) and hit the water!

  69. I use a mattifying sunscreen/moisturizer as my base, Meow mineral foundation, a swipe of bright eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pencil, and a glossy colored lip. Oh and bronzer or blush!

  70. My summer makeup routine is just a bit of tinted moisturizer and coral creme blush, finished with powder and paired with neutral eye makeup and a glossy coral lip. …and of course, hundreds of powder touch-ups through the day. But I am definitely not a bronzer girl. I think I fall under the category of “just too pale” for anything to look natural.

  71. I constantly have to use special medicated face wash and cream to keep my skin in check, but other than that I like using corals, purples, and grass greens on my eyes, and tinted lip balms.

  72. For summer I usually stick with a wash of a neutral shade on the lid, black liner in my waterline and mascara, and a bright/soft pink lip. As for face just my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural. I hate summer. The heat and me do not get along and I don’t like doing heavy eye makeup or dramatic looks in general. I keep it simple for the most part. 🙂

  73. My summer makeup consists of eye makeup, and Fyrrinnae’s primer and fluff (to even out my skin tone.)

    I have issues finding a good oil control powder because I have very fair skin. This new powder sounds like a win to me!

  74. Summertime makeup for me consists of Mac studio fix, gold eyeshadows, light pink blush and pink lipgloss.
    Would really like to try their product! FTW! 🙂

  75. Usual summer makeup (in Singapore it’s 12 months of summer :P) would be mineral foundation (Silk Naturals or Lucy Minerals), a good, subtle bronzer for me like Benefit 10, sheer lip colours and bright eyes, maybe lime/yellow/green on weekends. To match my sundresses.

  76. It sounds amazing – my skin loves silcons as well, so I’m always excited about products that offer them. I used to use a plain rice powder finishing powder and that was pretty nice.

  77. Summer essentials for me would be SPF lotion and tinted lip balm.

  78. I tend to steer clear from foundation since my skin’s super oily most of the time and in Australian summer, it’s pretty much futile trying to get anything to stick to it. I usually just stay with SPF lotion, concealer, my usual extreme cateye liner ala Pixiwoo, and a lip stain or one of Fyrinnae’s lip lustres.

  79. My summer essentials are some flavor of SPF (of course), lip balm, and maybe some mascara. I have pretty oily skin which gets shiny around lunch-ish while I’m at work, and the SPF lotion just makes it worse, so I tend not to put many other things on my face.

  80. My summer makeup consists of Lotion with SPF, then a tiny bit of MAC Tinted Moisturizer. I set this with Origins Pressed Powder and follow my usual eyeshadow and eyeliner routine, which changes from day to day. I’ve done a lot of neutrals lately….seems to work out better for me here since it has been in the 90s consistently and I pretty much sweat all day.
    I really like my eyeprimer (Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance). It seems to make a huge difference in the staying power of my eye makeup.

  81. They look gorgeous!
    In summer I use concealer (Body shop), sometimes a little foundation and powder (Shiseido)but mostly I dont bother, Eyeko extra glow cream and blush, mascara (Dior) and some gloss or transluscent lipstick of choice. Can´t really live without my eyeliner (Face Stockholm) but in this time of year I actually manage to leave it in on the shelf quite often.

  82. Wow, I’m a little embarassed by how many people wear something with SPF, and I don’t! I just haven’t been able to find something I can both afford and stand!

    My summer makeup doesn’t differ from any other season much. Eyeliner is a must for me no matter what, though now that I’m getting into mineral makeup, I’m enjoying being able to use various shadows as liners and not having to fight with pencils or liquids!

    I don’t often wear foundation, but now that I have Meow’s foundation, I might do so more often. I was considering using it to look less shiny/sweaty, but this Evil Shades product sounds interesting. I just received my first order from Evil Shades recently and I like their eyeshadows. I’m curious to try more! 🙂

  83. well, for summer, i never have time for make up, but when i get a chance i use an oil control primer (right now Fyrinnae’s) and whatever oil control powder i can find. if there’s time i do my eyes, usually just brows and some mascara, but if i have the time eyeshadow!!!

  84. In the summer I use an oil control moisturizer, powder foundation (I just switched to Avon from Bare Escentuals), a pinky peach blush, super bright eyeshadow and liner (usually purple, blue, or green) and fuschia lipstick, or just Avon glazewear lip gloss if I want to be a little lower maintenance.

  85. In previous years, my summer and winter makeup haven’t differed – That was when I was using light-weight, mineral makeup though. Now that I’m using full-coverage CoverFX cream foundation, that may change though – It’s definitely heavier than minerals. My acne is usually worse in the summer though, so I feel like I need the coverage. :/ I’d like to pick up some of Hard Candy’s Glamoflaugue so I can go without foundation, but it’s sold out everywhere!

  86. Matte Silk sounds really promising! I’m still looking for my HG oil controlling powder.

    My summer makeup is about the same as the rest of the year since the weather in Northern California stays fairly consistent. I tend to wear more matte shadows during the summer since I turn into a greaseball when it gets warmer!

  87. I hope I am not too late! My summer makeup is usually the same as other seasons. I do go with a lighter foundation or no foundation at all a lot when it is hot.