It’s Friday, I’m in Love


One more time, I’m going to mention it!

A) Ophelia’s Apothecary is a featured seller tomorrow!

B) It looks like it’s starting to feature non-Etsy sellers now, too.  Today Mae Minerals is listed, but it’s an independent shop.  Also, there is an Artfire shop featured tomorrow.

C) After placing an order from a seller who had been featured, I got a ‘curious’ convo from them telling me I’d have to ‘wait for my order until after she’d completed her paying customer’s first’.  I was REALLY under the impression I WAS a paying customer and voiced my opinion.

Sellers, I’m curious, how do you treat people shopping with gift certificates/vouchers/etc?

Soft and Delightful

I just posted a new EOTD/LOTD contest based on a gown worn by Anne Hathaway.

Evil Shades

Don’t forget to enter my Evil Shades giveaway, as well.

June  Check-In

So far so good.  I’ll have a few things coming this month, despite not actually purchasing anything.  I have a few Heartsy vouchers as well as some things I preordered.  Hopefully that means I won’t go a little crazy from withdraw.

I have yet to watch a single episode of anything, although True Blood season 3 arrived Thursday.  Gotta love Amazon Prime.  It’s been highly recommended I just skip season 1 all together, so there is that possibility PLUS I really think I did end up watching most, if not all, of season 2. Eggs?  Bull god?  Check.


We added to the family yesterday, giving Ichabod yet something else to try to knock off the table.  This is Eddie and Dante and an extra shell, since Dante is about ready to need one. We hope that Eddie actually moves into the empty and then that Dante moves into Eddie’s old one.  Good luck, huh.

The Links


This is the most amazing shop.

Brian has a new video!

ManWomanFilm does, too!  A few, actually!


Lillian is sexy angry.

So much pretty.

Your Turn

  1. Do you have any goals for June?
  2. Do you have a Kindle and would you be interested in settling up a lending ring for books?
  3. What is your ‘go to’ mascara?


28 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love”

  1. 1. My goal for June is to make more Portal/Geekery themed items for our shop and get started on the release of the “Gauge Gems” – earrings for gauged jewelery wearers.

    2. I don’t have a Kindle. Still a regular book kind of girl.

    3. My go-to mascara is Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion in Blackest Black.

    As for the seller of the Heartsy deal, well, that’s not a convo I’d send to any customer EVER.

  2. Aw, don’t skip Season 1. 😛

  3. Telling you your order has to wait and implying you’re not a paying customer is bad customer service and you just don’t do it. I’m really shocked she told you that. I saw the independent shop on heartsy too and went browsing for answers. They say they feature handcrafted sellers from all over the Internet. I guess etsy is just the biggest place. Btw your new pets are cute! Hope your kitty doesn’t break their home!

    Goals for June: get my car fixed, I have some mostly minor replacements I need to do.

    No kindle; I wanted one but I have the app on my iPhone and I’ll wait for the iPad 3 and use it like a kindle then 😛

    My go to mascara is The Falsies by Maybelline. I only use the waterproof in very black because I tried a different version – something about lace, I remember there was a picture of lace on the tube – and the formula was different and horrible.

  4. Goals for June: finish a very long book that I’ve been meaning to read for a while and spend the month eating vegan (if you have any easy, cheap, sugar-free recipes you wouldn’t mind sharing?)

    Don’t have a kindle, there’s just something about the dead tree version of a book that I love. I know it’s wasteful, but I do try my hardest to buy used books when I get the chance. Mmmm used book smell.

    Go to mascara is currently Maybelline The Falsies in blackened brown. I actually prefer Revlon Fabulash, but this works great too. Totally redeems Maybelline for Lash Stiletto which is quiet possibly the most horrible formula ever, imho. Came off in flakes, no volume at all, didn’t really do anything for length fore me.

    The seller was out of line and rather rude.

  5. 1. My goal for June is just to finish getting organized and to relax. I have been so disoriented with this never ending kitchen remodel. It is close to done, but I still have stuff everywhere. We are way over budget, so I need to get our finances back on track, too. I’m actually a little stressed about it.
    2. I have a Nook. I would lend out anything I had on that if I could.
    3. I don’t have a go to mascara yet. I have been trying out Rimmel mascaras and more recently the Inglot long and curly mascara. It’s not bad, but not volumizing or anything. I hate getting black marks under my eyes. I do like Falsies.

  6. The shop saying that is off-putting and out of line. You’re spending money with them, Heartsy voucher or not, and *are* a paying customer. If a shop sent such a message to me, I’d never shop with them again. I’m glad you spoke up and voiced your opinions.

    Despite being an avid book reading and makeup user, I don’t have a Kindle and don’t use mascara. I’m not much help. 🙂

    My goal for June is to eat healthy. I have an event to attend in July and want to look my best. I’m also going to start studying for my driver’s license.

  7. 1. Yes. I want to knit up some gifties for the professors that wrote letters of recommendations for me when I was applying to grad school.

    2. No, but my mom has a kindle (and loves it). Have they allowed people to lend e-books? Because that’s one aspect of hardbacks that I miss!

    3. At the moment, I have no “go-to” mascara. It used to be the lash perfection one from max factor, but they no longer carry them in the US. Right now I’m using a sample tube of the “high lengths” type mascara from clinique, with the little comb. It works well, but it still doesn’t beat my old fave. The “lash stiletto” mascara is pretty good too, and currently my fave drugstore mascara.

  8. That tumblr is amazing! I think I’ve reblogged about 20 outfits now :p

    I don’t have a kindle, but my friend does, and she made a case for it out of an old vintage book. It’s amazing.

    My mascara is Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Mascara. I love the leaf packaging and the formula is pretty good, too.

  9. that doesnt sound like a good way to get their business good reputation. The sales start at 8 right? By the time i log on and look through the deals all the vouchers are already soldout! /Cry i guess my luck will be good one day. i’m trying for tomorrows! hehe :p as for a goal for june i’m trying to save up for imats and trying to find a better job. right now job opportunities suck in my city.. i’m also hardly apply mascara anymore.i just throw on fake lashes and hope it looks good, lol. hope you have a good weekend, grey!

  10. My goal pass my exam for driving, now i have the written test

  11. 1. Get through June’s weddingEXPLOSION without burning out :).

    2. I don’t have a Kindle, but I do have an e-book app on my iPod.

    3. I really, really love Clinique’s mascaras right now. I’ve been using the lower lash mascara you recommended a while back :). For my upper lashes, I really like their High Impact mascara. I prefer it to their Lash Doubling mascara, which only makes my lashes look long, but spindly. DNW.

    I’ve been watching the MWF videos religiously now, since I’m going to be doing the makeup for my sister’s bridal party in August! I think I’m pretty good at doing my own makeup and occasionally a model’s when I’m on set… but I tend to fall back on the crazy and I’m not as confident with more neutral looks. Between MWF and Phyrra’s neutral tutorials, I think I’ll be set!

    And I definitely would NOT want to be on the receiving end of Lillian’s rage :D.

  12. That shop owner was totally out of line. I really don’t understand where this person’s mind is.

    1. I’ve been reading a lot about raw vegan diet, so June is the month where things are going to get serious in that regard. It’s a major challenge for me so I’m hoping I can succeed for the sake of my health and well-being.

    2. I don’t have a Kindle. Aside from the occasional smut/historical romance, I’m not really an avid book reader.

    3. I have tons of different mascaras sitting around, but I have 4 that I have actually liked over the past few years. I just use whichever one I feel like on any given day.
    -CoverGirl Lash Blast Length(yellow tube)hate the smell though
    -Tarte Lash Hugger
    -MAC Mascara X
    -MAC Plushlash

    I’ve always loved Lancome Definicils as well, but I refuse to pay that much for a mascara.

  13. A seller telling me that I’d have to wait for my order because “paying customers” are more important would probably get a “That’s okay, just cancel my order, I won’t be shopping with you.” Gift cert, voucher, whatever, someone paid somewhere along the line, you don’t deserve to be shoved off like that. The fact that the seller openly told you that your purchase would be delayed specifically because he/she feels that the only legit customers are ones who up their PayPal balance is disgusting. (*coughcough* Who was it? I want to be sure not to shop with them.)

    1. I think any June goals I have are related to getting my house back into shape. Over the last week we’ve been tearing up the back yard to redo it, because it had gone unattended for so long before we got the house.

    2. I don’t have an e-reader, iPad, or phone/mobile device that would support an app. I can’t justify the cost, plus I can’t read while commuting because I get motion sick.

    3. Lash Blast Volume in Very Black, waterproof formula.

  14. Hi
    My June goal is to get to the beach & have some family fun also ermmm to buy more indie I suppose (lol I went on an etsy binge & that will justify it), also to learn to press pigments … a kit is on the way yay! I have a Nook or I would totally be down for a lending ring & I am still searching for my HG mascara (& am currently tempted by the Ultraflesh one, ooh panther head)!
    On the Mae Minerals note I picked up a voucher for them today but then when really looking at their site I wasn’t into it at all 😦 Would you like the code to grab some stuff to review or giveaway? I can email it to you, its a $40 voucher. I will check back in.
    TGIF 🙂 Jen

    • That is REALLY very sweet of you. Would you be willing to offer it as a prize when I review the shop?

      • Absolutely, I will email it to you now. I would love for someone to get good use out of it 🙂

        • Ack, I don’t know what your e-mail is, I thought I could find it on the sit ebut I’ve failed. If you want e-mail at jrespalie at gmail dot com and I’ll reply with the code.

  15. Holy crap those ear cuffs are stunning!

    1. To get some writing pieces ready to be sent to a magazine, and to finally set up my blog sale.

    2. No I don’t, I have read digital book copies on my phone but I much prefer physical books.

    3. Covergirl LashBlast Volume in Waterproof Black.

  16. 1. I caved and started my own blog. I have too many opinions that must be aired. Plus I have a ton of makeup from everywhere. I always appreciate swatches, so maybe others will as well.

    2. I don’t have a Kindle either. I spend all my free time reading beauty blogs.

    3. Currently it’s The Max Volume Flash from Rimmel.

    Do us all a favor and tell us who the uncouthed person was, that way we can order something and leave them some feedback. :ahem:

    @Jen I bought it too, then looked at the site. Some color descriptions would be helpful.

  17. My goals for june:
    1. succeed at my new job
    2. find fashionable office clothes
    3. reduce stress

  18. I look forward each friday for these posts!! I can’t believe a company owner would say that.. its terrible.. I woul def voice my opinion too. Goals for this month are no unless it’s a need lol, which I have enough stuff to last me awhile. I really need to get a better job so I am on the hunt. I agree with Phyrra with the reduce stress.. these past couple weeks have been hell.. between great grandmas death and family stuff.. plus my dads back in the hospital.. whew, my blood pressure hasnt went down.. My go to mascara is Maybelline the falsies.. the waterproof one!!

  19. That seller is… stupid. Why sign up for Heartsy if you’re basically going to resent people who bought vouchers? You’re still a paying customer, just paying less like in a sale.

    I cannot see your crabbies 😦

    I love that weird dragon ear thing, he’s so cute! And that tumblr is amazing, now I want a whole series of Fraggle themed outfits 😀
    Thank you for linking to me, though I feel very silly about getting so angry about it now 😛

    1. Get weller (this isn’t a word but then ‘get more well’ doesn’t really work gramtically and seeing as I’m not physically sick ‘get well’ doesn’t really seem to apply :/), get a lot of work done on my secret project and set up shop ASAP, play Just Dance everyday for exercise 😛
    2. I do not 😦
    3. I don’t have one, my favourite ever mascara was Lancome Oscillation, but then I found out it was tested on animals and so won’t buy it anymore. I’ve not found a cruelty free one I really like yet.

  20. 1. My goal for june is to land a full time job. I work as a local promotions girl for bands & businesses currently but it totally doesnt pay the bills. Im also hoping that me & my husband can make the 3 hour drive down to Joplin, MO to help the victims of the tornado. It was very scary to see the devastation down there because the day before the tornado struck Joplin we had 4 funnel clouds go through my town. It really puts things into perspective when you know it could have happened to you.

    2. I dont have a kindle. My mother in law has a Nook & while it looks neat im much more of a regular paper book kind of girl.

    3. My go to mascara is hands down Wet N Wild MegaVolume in black. I naturally have long & dark lashes but with this mascara I look like im wearing falsies & its only a $1.99. Im in love.

    P.s. The picture of the crabs wouldnt load for me despite trying numerous times. 😦

  21. My June goal is really just to get into a routine after a lot of change in my life.
    I don’t have a kindle.
    Best Mascara I have ever used is MAC Haute & Naughty. I hated all the other MAC ones I have used but this one is great

  22. I would like to know who the rude seller is so that I can avoid their shop.

    1. Survive a month of exams and no-buy (all beauty products).

    2. No, but I´d like to buy it in summer and would be interested then. However, “At this time, Kindle book lending can only be initiated by customers residing in the United States.” I hope that the policy will change.

    3. Oriflame Wonderlash, I’m not entirely happy with any of the mascaras I tried though (including this one).

  23. I was so happy when I first got the Ophelia’s Apothecary Heartsy deal! Then I found out that they use stevia in all their lip products (it wasn’t listed, but I had a feeling to check before I ordered) and those are all I wanted, so now that money has gone to waste. 😦
    I hate stevia, and I hate sweet lip products. It defeats the point of lip balm when it makes you want to lick your lips all the time!

  24. What silly people told you to skip Season 1?! Season 1 is my favorite so far. You definitely should give it a chance 🙂

    1. My goal for June is to land another part-time job (or two…). Also to read more!
    2. Sadly no Kindle 😛 I want one – maybe if I get another job I’ll be able to afford one!
    3. Bare Escentuals Flawless Definition Volumizing mascara. I hate the original, but the volumizing version is magical.

  25. I like the 1st season the best!
    I like some characters more (Pam, Terry, Hoyt, Jessica, Lafayette) as they get more space in the later seasons, but as far as the main story goes, the 1st season is my favourite. Later it gets a bit “and then his evil twin shows up and is in fact the good twin and her mother is her sister’s brother”.
    (Go Eric and his progeny!)

    What are your favourite characters 🙂 ?

    1. Study, study, study, organize things.
    2. No Kindle.
    3. L’Oreal FeatherLash non-waterproof mascara.