I ran across an image the other day on Tumblr I liked.  It was a very cute bracelet and following the links back I saw it was selling for 42$.  I knew for a fact that the focal point, which was an octopus charm, was less then 5$ on it’s own and the chain and findings weren’t all that much either.  A quick search through Etsy’s ‘supply side’ and I had four charms for 12$ shipped.  When they arrived I sifted through my jewelry remnants, knowing I didn’t even need full lengths of anything.

In the end I was able to recreate it for literally a fraction of the cost.  I’m adding it to my growing collection of octopus jewelry.

What do you think?  Do you collect jewelry with a theme?


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  1. Very nice! 🙂 I do like that Octopus even though he’s everywhere!

  2. I just started with anchors and octopuses. This is cute

  3. I don’t really do themed jewelry, but that story cracks me up. That’s pretty much why I can’t buy costume jewelry from stores anymore. Everything I pick up, I think “I could make that for 1/10th the price.” Glad you got your awesome bracelet the cheap way! 😉

  4. Lovely. Clever idea too with the DIY.

    I used to collect bird jewelry. More recently, I’ve started to like pop culture/fandom inspired jewelry .

  5. Cute! I tend to go after rose themed jewelry. I just love them!

  6. Wowzers…that’s quite a price for a bracelet as simple as that.

    I get those thoughts quite frequently…”I could so make this!”

    I really like the bead you added to the clasp, it’s the perfect little touch.

    I have a lot of jewelry but I’m not sure any is themed…I do gravitate towards a lot of the same kind of thing…and now I’m mentally cataloging everything I own to see if I really have a theme, lol.

    • There are so many things I CAN’T make. Either the bead is that perfect or the technique beyond my skill, when I see things like this? Heck yeah, I jump all over it! Not only do I get something to wear out of it, I get something fun to do!

      • Yes I do that as well. 🙂 I buy a ton of jewelry from artists because it’s so neat and by the time I learn and buy the supplies…meh.
        Hello my name is Molly and I’m addicted to jewelry…

  7. Stars. I always have stars on my jewelry. Especially earrings for some reason! A lot of my necklaces are crosses as well. But mostly stars.

  8. Hehehe this octo is very popular on regretsy.com 🙂
    I actually collect octopus / squid themed stuff as well as lovecraft stuff and skulls are a big theme with me too 🙂

  9. Skulls! skulls skulls skulls skulls skulls. I probably have more skull beads/charms than I have finished pieces, but if it’s a skull I’m all over it. Lovely bracelet!

  10. I hate it when sellers have stuff in their shop that’s obviously made of things they found in Etsy’s supplies section for less than ten bucks, then jack up the prices. It does make me want to get into jewelry making for myself, though, and I like your bracelet!

    I have a lot of jewelry with stars or moons on them. I also like things with dolphins on them, but it’s a lot harder to find something with a cute dolphin than a cute star.

  11. I have all my Whimsy jewelry, but that’s the closest I have to a theme.

  12. I’m big on Sugar Skulls. I visited a kitch Mexican shop in Seattle which had so many sugar skull items, I was very pleased, I left with many adorable items 🙂

  13. Regretsy has a running meme on that octopus charm. 😉 Glad you were able to get that at a fraction of the cost!! 😀

  14. My most recent jewelry purchases have been laser cut acrylic…and actually my first piece was a hot pink octopus from an indie craft fair that I love dearly. I enjoy making simpler pieces that can be whipped up in an afternoon. But I will full support an artist that is making something unique.

  15. I love anything with owls!

  16. I don’t tend to do themed jewelry, but this little guy is awesome! I mainly wear whimsy bearing items. I hate how ppl buy items at a low price, and then jack up the prices..it totally pissed me off especially when i go to michaels and find something on sale for $1 and then on a cheap chain being sold on etsy for $25+

    • I have NOTHING against crafting. But that means you sat and worked on something, designed it, put effort into it. There is sadly SO much on Etsy not like that 😦

  17. Bows. If it has a bow I’ll buy it. I’m not crafty so I find myself dropping mass amounts of funds on them. Except I did finally get smart and start wearing bow ties as bracelets. Ingenuity FTW!

  18. i love it! i saw a few sea/nautical pieces at jc pennys the other day and the octopus one really sold me! i didn’t get it bc they wanted 30 dollars or something outrageous, but i never thought of looking through etsy for cute charms. can’t wait to look around now! i’m also a sucker for bows and turtles! i gotta get to finding now! 😛

  19. This just reminded me of some lovely jewelry I bought from Octopus Stew. She specializes in polymer clay and had some cute cherry blossom earrings in her store. I asked for customized cherry blossoms with blue octopuses on them and it turned out so cute! The owner, Andromeda, was just a doll to work with and made sure I was happy with the end results. She was worried they’d be too heavy, but it worked out perfectly. Here’s the link if you’re interested: http://www.etsy.com/shop/OctopusStew?ref=pr_shop_more
    The earrings weren’t that expensive either, just $12 with free shipping. I highly recommend her!

    • Thanks. I just caught this message in the spam filter, and what a coincidence! I just posted about this shop today!

  20. I found this on the site Ana of L&L shared with us:
    and http://www.regretsy.com/2010/12/22/compare-and-save-7/.


    And since I can’t enter any giveaways any more, I’ll comment here – the Octopus Stew shop is lovely 🙂 !

  21. That’s super rad that you were savvy enough to make it yourself! I collect lots of handmade necklaces: leaves, fruits, birds and cameos.

  22. Cute! I have that octo pendant, it’s currently attached to my key chain. My boyfriend bought me an awesome octopus ring last week, here’s my pic of it – http://bit.ly/kpoy8W looove! You can get them off eBay 🙂

  23. I have seen SO many necklaces with that octopus pendant! I have one myself, but I got it at Newbury Comics for like eight bucks. Sorry, Etsians.

    And I also have an octopus jewelry collection. Four necklaces so far, but I’m always keeping an eye out…