Pick of the Week

Crackle Polish!

I love crackle polish.  They make any plain polish look amazing.  I’ve been using the absolute HECK out of the stuff that my Eplefe sent me.  I know there are a few companies now that have the crackle stuff out for the season.  While I won’t buy OPI anymore, both Sally Hansen and China Glaze have versions out.

Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat in Snow Blast

China Glaze Crackle Glaze in Cracked Concrete


14 Responses to “Pick of the Week”

  1. I just painted my nails with crackle polish yesterday and I love it! I normally can’t stand wearing polish but for some reason this doesn’t bother me.

    What’s up with OPI? If they did something terrible, I’m afraid I missed it…

  2. I really dislike these cackle polishes, they look like dirt from far away, but the white is SO cool, actually some German drugstore brands released some crackle polishes themselves, I was just too lazy to pick any of them up yet, mainly because I rather prefer OPI and China Glaze over drugstore stuff. Why don’t you like OPI?

  3. I love crackle polish so much, I just did my nails with one today! They really make me feel like I’m wearing a classy manicure even though it only takes a minute! I really want the new China Glaze metallic ones.
    Why won’t you buy OPI? Sorry if you’ve written a post or anything about it.

  4. Wow, what a fun and different look! I love the color possibilities too!

  5. I bought the vintage violet from sally hansen, and haven’t really used it yet :/

    The white one looks awesome! I might have too go hunt that down. Thanks for the swatches!

  6. I love that grey China Glaze one, I really need to track it down. I’m pretty excited for the new metallic ones too.

  7. Yay, I’m glad Sally Hansen has one out now :). OPI isn’t sold at any of the drugstores within walking distance of me, so I’m less likely to purchase it than Sally Hansen which *is* within walking distance. Plus, Sally Hansen always seems to be on sale, hehe.

  8. I’m glad you still love them! I love all of mine too, but I definitely need the China Glaze metallics.

  9. I love these so much. Ive been wanting to go pick some up but ive been in & out of the hospital lately & on bedrest. Whenever I get better ill be going out to pick up at least 1 of these.

  10. Do the crackle polishes feel icky on your nails? I am a total nail polish picker (if I have one chip, I will pick the rest of the polish off) and I’m afraid the texture will drive me insane. Can you put a top coat on it to smooth out the feel?

  11. Loving the white crackle! I definitely have to go find the sally hansen ones.I didn’t even know they came out with some.

  12. I have the Sally Hansen in a hot pink color and have layered it over pale blue, spring green, and (currently) hot orange. I cannot believe how versatile it is, I want to layer it over baby pink next.

    I bought the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean shattered stuff in silver and was extremely disappointed, the crackle is fail and it isn’t silver so much as…lumpy gray with poorly dispersed shimmer. And it doesn’t really contrast enough with anything to make it noticeable. It kind of makes my nails look junky and sad. 😦

  13. I can find this stuff here!!!! 😦 Still, I rarely paint my nails….
    Anyway, I find those gorgeous! Pretty pretty ❤

  14. I got the china glaze crackle about a month ago and i really like it. never tried the sally hansen one.