Octopus Stew

The end of May I was doing my usual ramble through Etsy and I ran across some really adorable tentacle earrings that were meant to look like faux-gauges.  Considering I have ACTUALLY stretched ears, they didn’t work.  Poking around a little more I discovered this shop that they also made teenie tiny little baby octopus earrings.

THOSE I could order.  It was 12$ for two in your choice of colors and finishes and only 2$ for shipping. For a whopping total of 14$ I soon had on their way to me a pair of black light sparkly and a pair of pearl strawberry cream baby octopuses.  Octopi?  They also have an awesome collection of little figurines and jewelry that I would love to wear.  As soon as my ‘no buy’ is over I’m going to order these.

The owner of the shop was really great to work with, got back to me quickly and was fun and professional to convo with.  My order arrived well packaged and with a handwritten invoice.

I loved them SO MUCH I asked if she’d be willing to donate a set of earrings to giveaway and she was excited to help!

To enter, visit the Octopus Stew shop and tell me what color and finish you want.

  • You may enter (comment) only once.
  • Giveaway is open internationally.
  • You must be a follower and 18 years older to enter.
  • Giveaway ends Monday, June 13th.

63 Responses to “Octopus Stew”

  1. Those are SO adorable! I have a friend who loves octopi, and I do believe I will get her some of these.

  2. Ocean coloured with a pearl finish. Octopus is my favourite animal. :3

  3. Oh, all the colors are so cute! I guess I’d go with have to go with purple pearl. I get emails, so I’m assuming I’m subscribed, since I don’t see anything to sign up with otherwise.

  4. Awww they’re adorable! I LOVE the squid ones!
    Please enter me, I’d like a pair of strawberry cream pearl octopi like yours 🙂

  5. Aw,she has so many cute items for sale! I’m really digging those squid earrings and I sure wish I didn’t have such sensitive ears and I could wear them! I added her shop to my favorites,I think a little octopus bracelet for my niece would be so cute so I might see if she can make one.

  6. Eeeee! CUTIES!!! I’d definitely go for a pair of lime pearl octies. Cute cute cute.

  7. These are just absurdly cute!!
    I would want a pair of little black cuties with medium glitter “A”
    GAW they’re SO ADORABLE!! Love ❤

    Also, I've heard that "octopuses" is correct, as the word has been appropriated into the English language and that's how the plural for a word like that works in English. However, it's STILL correct to use octopi OR octopodes!!
    Yay language =P

  8. Those are adorable! I don’t know what it is about octopi, but they’re so cute.

  9. Definitely too cute! I think a pair of raspberry colored octies with “k” glitter would just be adorable! 🙂

  10. Can it get any cuter? x”3
    I actually collect cute animal earrings, and my favorite pair is a set of two dead penguins, painted with red crosses over their eyes. The reason I love them is because, hilariously enough, I bought them in a gift shop at a zoo.

    The strawberry cream ones looks adorable, but I think I would like a pair of pearly cinnamon ones.
    If I don’t win the giveaway I’ll probably buy them anyway. ;3

  11. Do we have to pick one of the baby octopi sets (Spearmint, if so!)? Cause if not, I’d totally be all over those Jellyfish Dangling Earrings in Translucent/Spearmint!

  12. Awesome! I’d totally love a pair of sparkly ocean.. thanks to both of you for this super cute giveaway! She’s got aesome stuff.

  13. I would love some black ones with hot pink glitter!

  14. …I so need to place an order. I’d love them in spearmint pearl!

  15. Love these, they are so cute!!! I would love the shiny vanilla bean. They are adorable.

  16. Those are really cute earrings! If I could have a set, I would love to own one in grape with a pearl finish!

  17. Peralized blackberry. And wow, clip-ons as an option! =D

  18. Enter me! I would love one just like your black one.

  19. *-* Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! How cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!! I’d love a red one with tiny bit of purple glitter! :3 Awesomeness! Uhhh!

  20. OMG.. how cute are these!!! I would be stoked if I won!!! I like the glitter med licorice and green apple pearl!

    Thanks so much for this opp grey!!!

  21. Aaahhh!!! I must buy the Lara brooch with the tentacles shaped into a heart, so cute!!!

    If I won … I’d probably go for lavender with rainbow glitter, maybe? So hard to pick xD

  22. Eeee. Baby octopi! (I may have just made a noise so high pitched that only dogs could hear it.)

    I would love a pair in Ocean with a glitter finish!

  23. How adorable!

    I really like the version: Limited Edition chocolate with pearl finish 😀

  24. I want the pink ones that you have with a shiny finish 😀 SO cute! ❤

  25. Oooh I want a set of shiny lemon octopi!

  26. Those are adorable. I think I’d go with pearlized mushroom.

  27. The emerald ones with pearl are so cute.

    There’s another listing for lime ones with shadow pearl, and they are awesome gorgeous, too.

  28. So cute! I’d get blueberry medium glitter 😀

  29. Before checking the Etsy shop, I thought how cool it would be if there was a glow in the dark option and there is! I soooooo need that one!

  30. There are super adorable! I would love a pair in Cherry, with medium J glitter on them, and a post back.

    I’m going to check out the rest of her items for sale now!

  31. I actually love octopuses. I plan on owning on as a adult-adult (21 right now). Even i I dont win I plan on buying these ‘ 3’

  32. I’d love them in Ocean with a Pearl finish! So cute!

  33. I think I’d have to order a pair of lemon with medium blue glitter–like a glittery blue-ringed octopus! These are definitely the cutest things I’ve seen in a long time.

  34. Wow, those are the cutest earrings I’ve ever seen. I love them all, but I think they’d look wonderful in a pearl ocean color.
    I have to say, if I had any money to spare that Niwa baby octopus ring would be MINE. As well as the Ophelia pendant. They’re both so beautiful, and look so well-made.

  35. So many cute things in her shop! I adore the miso ramen ring!

    Its so hard to pick but I think I would go for color M with medium L glitter. Also is this for a gauged pair or regular post? Thankfully I can wear either but if its for a gauged pair mine are a 4g.

  36. I…oh my gosh, they’re so CUTE! I can’t believe the cuteness! Hahaha! I don’t have pierced ears, but I’d love to just look at them. I’d go for pearl in pink–it reminds me of an octopus character a friend of mine had!

  37. such great deal and too cute to resist! i’m going to definitely make a purchase!

  38. I love cephlapods! I am majoring in zoology and squid/octopi are my obsession right now. Thank you so much for pointing out these pimp ear decorations. And of course you have to go with Cthulhoid green.

  39. Oh! They’re so cute!
    I would love the black with glitter.

  40. Those are amazing. I love octopuses (I only know that’s the correct plural because of my many visits to the Long Beach Aquarium <3) and other cephalopods, and I want every pair of earrings in her shop. I think that if I were to win, I'd want a pair in purple glitter.

  41. I would LOVE Caramel with Copper Glitter.

    I was wondering, I noticed she can make them in clip-on, is that an option for the prize if we win?

  42. Ohh they’re too cute !
    I like the purple octopi 🙂
    What a find !

  43. ahhhh too cute @____@ If I were to win I’d pick the vanilla with medium rainbow glitter.

  44. Adorable! I’d love black ones with medium opalescent glitter.

  45. Omg you have no idea how much I love octopuses. Seriously. I’m even working on a 3’x4′ painting of a giant pacific octopus at the moment XD

    I’d love a pair in grape with a shine finish!

  46. Those are ridiculously cute! That store’s one of those places where it’s hard to pick just one thing, they’re all awesome.

    I’d love a pair of pearl blackberry octopi. 😀

  47. Those are sooo cute 🙂

    If I could choose I’d get a pair in blue, green and/or silver….perhaps purple too ;p

  48. Wow, they look absolutely adorable! It was very hard to choose, but I think I would love a pair in spearmint with a pearl finish; I am pretty sure they would look amazing.

  49. The pink little octo-puses/pi are totally “squeee worthy”…I just want to eat them up! Well, not literally…or maybe…LOL.

  50. Please enter me!!
    Those are soooo cute! 🙂

  51. I would like the strawberry cream in the pearly finish as well. 😀 Those are really cute, and the closest in colour to real octopii. The orange is too orange. (Although I have to admit the temptation toward Cthulhu green like someone else mentioned!)

  52. Adorable! XD Shiny glittery and teal-colored would be my choice.

  53. Just when I thought I couldn’t love cephalopods more… These pieces are awesome. I love the pearly translucent vanilla, especially with the blue undertone and glitter. I think lavender with blue shimmer would look gorgeous! Pearly licorice and glittery teal are also lovely. It’s hard to choose just one favorite. I’m so glad I’ve found this shop! I’d love something from here for my birthday tomorrow.

  54. Eeeee, I can’t even eat anything IRL shown on the Miso Ramen ring and I want it!

    I love the opal ones! Or maybe I’m just partial because that’s my birthstone :).

  55. The chocolate finish is gorgeous

  56. these are so unbelievably adorable – i am in love with this shop and particularly like the mini tide pool ring! I would love to enter and would like the pink pearl strawberry cream option if i were lucky enough to win! thanks for bringing this shop to my attention – its awesome 🙂

  57. I would like the strawberry cream with pearl finish as well. I think those are just too adorable, and sort of the closest colour she has to a real octopus. Not that realism is necessary! 😀 (I’m also tempted toward Cthulhu green like someone else mentioned!)

  58. Great giveaway. I think I’d like spearmint!

  59. I think I would like the strawberry cream with pearl finish as well. Those are just too adorable and the closest she has to real octopi. Not like realism is essential! 😀

  60. I looooove the pearly strawberry cream!

  61. I love it! I am an email subscriber, and I personally love the pearl strawberry cream. Trying to get more pink stuffz.


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