Bungalow Bath and Body – A Review


I discovered Bungalow when it was a featured shop on Heartsy.  I was drawn to it because there were a wide variety of products that I could afford for the cost of the voucher.

The photographs in the shop are very appealing.  This one in particular makes me want to EAT the soaps.  Each listing in complete with my THREE MUSTS: ingredients, size/weight, and an accurate scent/shade description.  I was in a very tropical mood when I was ordering and stuck to the exotic beach theme.  I stuck to mostly sample sized so that I could try a larger variety or products.

I ordered:

Exotic Coconut Whipped Soap
Cherry Berry Lip Balm
Mango Coconut Body Lotion with Avocado Oil
Sandy Beach Salt Bar – Natural Shea Butter Soap – Vegan
Mango Coconut Whipped Soap Sugar Scrub
Oatmeal Milk and Honey Natural Goats Milk Soap
Pina Colada Natural Lip Balm


Shipping was a total of $6.75 for all seven items but arrived in a $4.95 Flat Rate envelope.  I ordered a few days after the voucher went live and my order was shipped about a week later and arrived a few days after that.  There is a notice in the shop stating ‘due to my current summer schedule there is a 3-5 day lead time to process orders‘ so it wasn’t very out of line with that.

There is also a note in several of the listings stating:

******Excess shipping charges of more than $1 will be refunded. On larger orders I can use flat rate shipping to help save you money. *********

However, this wasn’t the case with my order.  I’m guessing it’s because I was paying via voucher.  (A few other shops have made adjustments in the case of a voucher, though.)


As I mentioned my order arrived in a Flat Rate envelope.  Inside my items were packaged in a plastic bag and wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap.  There was a small thank you note attached to the bag, however there was no invoice included.


The soaps both came sealed in plastic and labeled with the product, scent, weight, and ingredients.  The lotion, cream soap and scrub both came in nicely filled jars.  Although the jars were not sealed they both were completely labeled with the product, scent, weight, and ingredients.  Both balms also came sealed and completely labeled.  Overall I was very pleased with the packaging and labeling!  I do wish that the labels were waterproof, though, one use in the shower and the info on the jars was washed away.

Exotic Coconut Whipped Soap

I want to eat this.  It looks like it would taste amazing because it certainly smells amazing.  Overall it’s a nice consistency, it’s whipped and not chunky like a lot of other ‘whipped’ soaps are.  It rinses clean and leaves your skin very lightly scented, nothing overpowering.

Mango Coconut Whipped Soap Sugar Scrub

Again, I am really tempted to eat this.  It smells really good and I’m sure with the combination of sugar it would be… nice.  It’s not really remarkable as a scrub, that is I’ve used (much) better, but I’ve also used worse.

Mango Coconut Body Lotion with Avocado Oil

While I love how this lotion smells, I don’t think I’m a huge fan of it.  I can feel lit on, like it never really rubs all the way in and it leaves a little oily sort of film.  I’m not sure I want to use the word film, that implies something wrong, I guess. It’s just not what I was expecting.  I wasn’t really able to use it on my hands, it made my mouse blech.  I tossed it in my travel bag to use on elbows and knees if I need it.

Oatmeal Milk and Honey Natural Goats Milk Soap

Ok, so I bought this one specifically because I wanted to prove a point, and I realize that it might be a little unfair of me.  Goat’s milk is not vegan.  It’s a dairy product from an animal and yet this is in the listing :

Aside from that labeling mishap, this is most likely nothing but a melt and pour formula.  I have a block of base and the ingredients are the same.  It’s nice, rinses clean, smells like something amazing.  Both bars of soap were fairly nice sizde and thick.  They didn’t melt terribly in the shower, either.

Sandy Beach Salt Bar – Natural Shea Butter Soap – Vegan

I love salt bars, for some reason.  If made right the salt doesn’t dissolve into the bar and it stays scratchy enough to exfoliate.  Again, though, I’m guessing that this is a melt and pout formula with salt mixed in, I can’t really tell there is much salt in it at all.  I actually really like this scent and I’d probably wear it as a perfume.  It’s beachy.  I’m not sure there is another word that works quite so well, honestly.

Pina Colada Natural Lip Balm and Cherry Berry Lip Balm

These balms came in your standard sized oval tubes and both appeared to be fully filled.  Because the soap is melt and pour, I’m guessing this is also a premade formula.  It’s made with beeswax, so it’s not vegan.  It is nice, firm, not all that greasy.  It didn’t last all that long, though, I think it might be because the flavor was tasty, it made me lick my lips a lot.  Although there is no sweetener listed, the Pina Colada flavor gave me a headache so I didn’t open the cherry.


Would I order from Bungalow B&B again?  Maybe.

I’m pretty sure a lot of this is made with a premade (wholesale) base.

There are quite a few products and scents yet that I wanted to try out.

I liked that everything was sealed and completely labeled.


7 Responses to “Bungalow Bath and Body – A Review”

  1. If the bases are melt-and-pour, I would venture a guess that the fragrances and flavors are all premade, rather than hand-blended like some other bath and body sellers use.

    What a shame.

  2. I wish more B&B makers would disclose their use of stevia and other fake sweeteners! I get so tired of having to ask constantly, especially when I’m interested in a product and never hear back.

  3. sounded promising… i have been totally addicted to heartsy thanks to you, and i am hoping to get my first order in shortly. the salt bar does still sound tempting, i will add it to my wish list. summer is here getting tropical is what i’ve been doing too! 🙂

  4. I’m a chandler and soap maker and I would have to agree that the soaps are melt and pour. The scrubs and whipped soaps are made from a base that I’ve thought about making products with but I’m wanting to stick with products made from scratch. I have nothing against melt and pour soap nor any pre-made bases and I love the whipped soap base but I like the whole made from scratch thing. Plus you are able to control and know exactly what is going into your product.