It’s Friday, I’m in Love

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June Check-In

No Buy

I think I can count this as a fail.  I ran into Target the other day and ended up buying myself a couple of shirts.  Then I ran into Micheal’s and got myself some beads for some bright summer jewelry.  I did also grab something of off Etsy because a shop I like was having a benefit.  I have NOT done any major shopping, so I think it’s a start and that I might have more luck in July.  If not in August.  Let’s hope.

Vampire Summer

I’ve caught up on True Blood.  I really didn’t miss much, not really.  To be honest, I still don’t love it.  I also watched all of Moonlight and I am now mourning that show again, but very glad Alex is alive and well on Hawaii 5-0.  I haven’t started watching Being Human because I restarted Pushing Daisies and I’ve been in love with the dang pie man ever since.


I have managed to post something everyday, as promised.  I’m pretty proud of that and wondering how long I can keep it up!

What’s in my Bag

Want to be featured in Monday’s WINB?  Email me your pics and your list!  This coming week will feature Sasha!


Recently this video appeared in my YouTube sub box.  I was so upset.  I got my ‘start’ in the online makeup world on the MUG boards.  Some of the nicest gals I know I met on there.  Marlena, although her style vastly different then mine, really gave me the confidence to head out into the blogging world and start my own.  I respect and admire her for more reasons then I care to discuss.  I know exactly what site/forum that she was talking to, in general I am incredibly against any ‘anon’ forum designed to bash anyone else.  I think it’s nothing but cowardly and cruel and often… very ignorant.

I’d like to encourage you to stop by the video and drop her a positive note, tell her I sent her if you want.


While I’m on the subject, I follow some amazing people on YouTube.  I really hate to use the word guru because in a lot of cases it just doesn’t apply.  There are a few gals who do the SAME look over and over and barely switch up the shades they use, but they’ve got the techniques down.  There are even more who push color, but have too much attitude to be any good.  We get it, you like bright things, you’re so cool, but yeah… that’s a hot mess.  I’ve recently stopped following a couple of gurus I actually really liked because they were constantly pushing products they were sponsored by.  In one case they didn’t even do research to see they are pushing repackaged wholesale.  The product was not so unique, even though they said it was a dozen times, because I found it a dozen times on eBay from China.  It’s just a peeve of mine.

Since I’ve dropped a few, I’m in the market for something new!

Soft and Delightful

Please don’t forget to enter my Anne Hathaway inspired LOTD/EOTD contest!

The Links

Someone recently showed me this channel, and it quickly became a favorite!

Looking for alternative or quirky colored lipsticks?

There are some really interesting companies out there.  Beware, this website if hard to read, the colors are wacky.

I really like this.

I love Kiva’s lips in this.  Make me want mine done.

This seems like something I should veganize.

Your Turn

Got any post requests?


15 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love”

  1. Congrats on posting every day. I’m finally back after our internet being down for 3 weeks and my laptop having been murdered by someone spilling coke on it. I’ve missed being able to read your posts consistently.

  2. I look forward to reading your posts everyday so thank you for posting!!

  3. Wow, this is my first comment since you changed the design, which I love, BTW.

    I just want to say that that video from Marlena broke my heart. She was the one that started all for me (I won one of her contests, received an 88 palette and never looked back) and I can relate to every word you say about she giving you the confidence to start your own blog. She is also the only “guru” that stayed true to her own essence. She has gone through a lot, but she hasn’t changed at all. Well, at least that’s how I feel it is.

  4. I love the pie man. That makes me want to break out my Wonderfalls tonight.

  5. Have you tried OCC tints? I’m quite interested in them, but I haven’t found many reviews….
    Hm… I’d love to see some top 10 from you. It might be silly, but it’s helpful. ^^

  6. dunno if this is anything you’d be interested in, but might you do a post about your favorite youtube ladies and why you like them, some favorites from them, etc etc? I always like hearing that kind of thing from other bloggers.

  7. I love Ned the Pie Maker too!!!

    I’ve also become pretty disenchanted with the YouTube makeup “gurus” out there. Still loving manwomanfilm & LisaEldridge though! Would be interested in hearing if you find any new channels to subscribe to.

  8. *headdesk* at the non-eyesafe neons and the owner being rude and not caring.

    You held out longer in your “no buy” than I would have. 🙂

    I’m greatly enjoying your daily posts. Thank you for all your effort.

  9. First; ❤ the Pieman & agree with poster above about Wonderfalls…miss both shows!

    I know next to nothing about makeup so when I received one of my magazines & saw something maybe interesting I wondered if you had an opinion on the brand called Paul & Joe, which the mag indicated was available at Sephora, but its not.

  10. You should do an epic post on how to spot pre-made base junk.

  11. thanks so much for linking my post about funky coloured lipsticks! i’ve been a sort of luker of your blog for a while and it’s really flattering to find myself on here. keep up the amazing work, and love all of the links you posted.

  12. Just wanted to let you know I’ve been listening to all the tracks I got through your recommendations and enjoying them ^_^ .

    Love the daily posts.

    Ditto on what femputer and diary of a beauty junkie proposed.