Specifically Random – A Review


One of the Hearsty offers I’d apparently ‘picked’ ended up being Specifically Random.  I sat and went through and voted on some hopefuls one morning and this was among the ones I ‘definitely’ clicked.

I’ve been growing my hair out and treating it nicely, for once.  No bleach just lots of oils and silicone and keeping it as black as possible.  I thought that these headbands would be great to just keep it off my face and be kind to it, instead of ‘styling’ it all the time (otherwise it’s in a fauxhawk).

The shop was pretty well organized and designed.  The listings are very complete with all of the info you could possibly want about the bands as well as very clear images.  I wouldn’t normally buy something like this (I know I can make these myself, in fact now that I have some… I will) but the shop was so well done I wanted to support it.

I chose:

Bandana Headband – Pink Bandanna Wrap Stretchy Fabric
Headband – Leopard Hairband, Animal Print Black Brown Wide


Shipping was only 2$ which I found very reasonable.  I ordered on June 7th and my package was shipped on the 9th and I received it just a few days latter.  I love turn around like that, especially during a Hearsty ‘event’.


My headbands arrive in a plastic mailer. Inside the were wrapped in tissues.  Included was a business card and a handwritten thank you.  There was no separate invoice.


I’m also SO much tougher on things I know I can make myself. Typically if I know the cost of the supplies and the time/talent/etc that goes into things I want to be tough on the price people are charging.  I know at some point the markup becomes just greedy.  That is not the case here.  Taking everything into consideration, these are very fairly priced.  Each band was 12$.

They each have a label from the company sewn into it and they are professionally made and seem to be a very nice quality.  When I flipped them inside out to check out how they were made, I was a little dissapointed to see they were not back-stitched very well and I can see them pulling apart after wearing them and washing them a bit.  They probably could have been assembled a bit more tidily, but all together, they are nice.

You can order them in one of several sizes from small for kids to x-large for the gals with the dreads.

– SMALL (18″-22″ head) – Generally for very small girls, 2-3 years of age
– MEDIUM (20″-22″ head) – Fits most young girls and women
– LARGE (22″-24″ head)
– X-LARGE (24″-26″ head)


Would I purchase from Specifically Random again?  No, but with reason…

I can very easily make these myself.

I had to reinforce the bands anyway.

Aside from those two things…

They were well designed and the fabric is of a nice quality.

There is a wide variety of patterns.

They are very fairly priced.


One Response to “Specifically Random – A Review”

  1. Cute! This is one of those things that maybe I could make on my own, but I hate sewing and avoid it like the plague (sewing machines hate me, it’s true) so I find it completely worth my sanity to buy.
    And if it will make my hair look like the models I want the brown one with green flowers. 😉
    If it will cover my giant forehead while keeping my bangs out of my eyes so much the better! *favoriting*