Broken Ice

Imagine my surprise when I saw the Pure Ice display at Walgreens the other day.  Apparently they are making crackle top coat now, too.  I’ve never had good luck with Pure Ice polishes, they are sort of thin and weak.  It normally takes a couple of good coats for opaque coverage and even then it chips.  I know polish doesn’t last forever, but I like it when polish wears (or rubs) of rather then chips.

I picked up Catwalk (yellow), Show Stopper (red), and Strike a Pose (blue).

Over black matte and over white matte.

These polishes ended up something like 3$ a piece, so it was under 10$ for all three.  Out of the bottle on a naked nail… they did nothing.  It was just regular polish and I sat thinking that they sucked.  Other crackle type polishes crackle over everything or nothing.  Over polish these crack nicely.  They also chip easily, so it’s best to seal them with a top coat.

Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, Inglot XL1, and Inglot XL6


8 Responses to “Broken Ice”

  1. I was so pumped when I heard they were coming out with a crackle… but hesitant, because I rather dislike the Sally Hansen one. These look like they do a great job, though. Hopefully I can find some at one of my local Sneerglaws. Not looking forward to driving all over town for this… arrrgh.

  2. I love how the yellow one looks over black with the Hidden Treasure on top! Alien nails! 🙂

  3. Ahhh these are so pretty! I love the shimmer they’ve got 😀

  4. how cool! everyone is getting on the crackle bandwagon. 🙂 i think i’ll look for these on my way home tonight.

  5. Want that blue!!!! Hope this will become available here, seems like my area is the last place on Earth to get all the new beauty products.

  6. curiouskumquat June 19, 2011 at 8:33 pm

    I had so so luck with them. I got orange, yellow, lime, and the turquoise color. They are nice but not as good as the higher end ones. Not sure why. But for $4 each it’s fun to play and experiment!

  7. The yellow looks amazing! Over the black matte it looks gold, and with that other one on top (Hidden Treasure?) it really looks magic.

  8. Huh, for some reason I thought crackle polishes only crackled over polish and wouldn’t on a plain nail. I’ll have to try one that way and see what happens.