I am really drawn to corals this season.  I’ve been wearing it a lot with creamy browns and golds.  I thought I’d share my favorites.

Coralista Blush from Benefit

I really liked the first box blush I tried from Benefit, so it seemed natural I try this one.  I had actually gone to swatch Dallas, but it was out and this was just sitting there lonely.  I’m very lucky that I favor corals, I think it’s the blue tone to my black hair.  I wasn’t sure this would work out for me at first.

I wear it as a blush, a little to blend my smokey brown shadows into the crease, and a little along my temples and it makes for this mystical glowy look I really like.

Essie Cute as a Button nail polish

I’m not normally one to really care what brand of polish I’m using.  China Glaze works just as good (if not better) then OPI or whatever.  I usually walk right past the Essie display in Target but for some reason I paused.  Right at eye level was this amazing coral shade, out of place amongst the blues.  I loved it.  I knew it was similar to a Sally Hansen shade, so I tracked it down and held them side by side.  The Essie was just a little more pink then peach, needless to say I adored it and took it home.

Sally Hansen Snow Blast Crackle, Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, Inglot XL1, and untouched.

I was surprised as how well the Essie polish applied.  It was creamy and opaque and only needed two coats.  It wore well and lasted longer then I expected!  What I liked best about it was that it dried nicely, it didn’t gum or get funny, it just dried.

Coral Sunshine Yes to Carrots Lip Tint

This probably doesn’t even count as a tint, it’s so very subtle.  It leaves a very light coral shimmer and works really nicely as an ‘on the go’ balm.  It’s slightly minty in flavor, which I actually sort of like.

Inglot 106 Lipstick

I love Inglot.  I would marry it, if I could.  Every time I’ve worked with the company I’ve been nothing but impressed and the products have replaced MAC for me.  I love their lipsticks so much.  On top of being long lasting, creamy, and opaque, they have this amazing scent/flavor that I can’t get enough of.  For some reason, the scent matches this perfect soft coral shade.

To wear this I actually apply it with a brush, rubbing it in like a stain before applying a glass gloss over top.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Shadow in 39, Rock Coral

I got this shadow sort of on accident.  The EL counter was doing grab bags of stuff with damaged boxes, stuff that customers don’t want to buy because it doesn’t ‘look’ pretty on the outside.  Nothing is ever wrong with the product.  I grabbed up one, it was supposed to be ‘pinks’ and this was in it.  It’s  very not pink!

I like how EL shadows wear.  They are smooth and wear well with a primer.

Coralista, Coral Sunshine, 106, and Rock Coral

What are your favorite corals?


13 Responses to “Coral-ed”

  1. nothing yet looking for a pinkish coral lipstick any tips?

  2. No one yet am looking for a pinkish coral lipstick any tips?

  3. I love coral, it goes great with my skin and I just feel lovely wearing it. That Essie polish looks so pretty, I will have to pick it up. I got a nice Revlon polish called Harlot that looks a little more clownfish than coral but it kind of goes with it.

  4. That Inglot shade looks absolutely perfect :O !
    I love corals 🙂 .

  5. I love essie nail polish. I usually don’t buy into the whole brand name polish thing, but of the polishes I currently have, my essie ones are some of the smoothest, fast-drying, and long lasting. My fave it the “sew psyched”, a weird, muddy-grey-green. Kind of reminds me of the colour of river pebbles.

  6. Ooh, I love coral! The lipstick is a gorgeous color, is it vegan? (I’m trying to avoid beeswax)

  7. I’ve recently developed a coral obsession too! Mostly in my lip products – I think this started when I bought Toxic Tale from MAC’s Disney villains collection XD I may have to go pick that Inglot lipstick up too @__@ Smashbox’s Photo Finish Lipstick in Beautiful (I got it off BeautyTicket) is a super pretty pinkish coral I’ve been wearing a lot lately. It’s a really great summer color (: Actually, coral in general is a really great summer color XD

  8. I love corals, particularly bright ones. Barry M Flamingo Pink is a lovely pink coral, and I love Mac’s Coral Polyp lippie. That Inglot one looks beautiful. I need more Inglot, I love everything I have of theirs so so much.

  9. Coral eyeshadow looks very wearable. I’ve been cautious around corals but I may give them a try.

  10. The Coralista mini is Sephora’s 100 point item right now (I think it still is) So I picked it up when I picked up my birthday gift. Turns out the birthday gift was fail but this blush totally made my skirt fly up.

    Odd question, but do they all smell like roses or just the mini I got? I’ve been meaning to stop by a counter to check a sample (which won’t look weird at all, sniffing all the benefit blushes and trying to look casual) but keep forgetting. It has now made me forget to put on perfume twice….

    • They all do, actually. I never really noticed it, but it goes away after you apply it! It’s sort of nice.

  11. Wow Coralista is much softer than I imagined. I mean that in a good way.
    I love the vibrancy of coral but it is so not a color I can wear.
    That eyeshadow is really pretty too.

  12. I’ve always been coocoo for coco puffs over corals. Since i’m olive skinned, it seems to be the perfect color for me. Here are my favs:

    OHWTO Tinted Balm in Frida
    Aromaleigh Roccocco blush
    Hi Fi Cosmetics Amore Gel Blush ( sweat proof and gives you the most amazing glowy cheek!)
    Evil Shades Deviant Lipstick Primrose Path
    ELF Nail Polish in Fire Coral (almost borders on a red, but it’s definitely an almost neon coral)

    I have a bunch of coral shadows from indie companies that I use a lot and love, but I’m at work right now and an’t remember the shade names off hand. One of my favorites is an Aromaleigh shade from the Italian based collection she released towards the end. Sigh…aromaleigh R.I.P.