It’s Friday, I’m in Love


Inglot has a gorgeous new eyeshadow available soon called the Rainbow Pan.  It’s one color in three different shades from light to dark.  I spoke to several people who tell me that it won’t be in the physical stores for a bit and they’re not sure when it’ll be online in the US store, but they will be at IMATs!

No Makeup Makeup

The ‘No Makeup Makeup’ look is apparently big this week.  One of my favorite gurus (who EARNED that title) made a great video I want to share.

Does anyone know where I can get the foundation she uses?

Soft and Delightful

Please don’t forget to enter my LOTD/EOTD contest!  All entries will be voted on by readers and the grand prize will be a prize pack that includes Epic Goddess and Besos del Sol scents!

Game of Thrones

I just started watching this, so now I’m afraid it’s going to be canceled.  I actually read the first book first, then started watching the episodes and WOW, they are REALLY true to the text, which is SO RARE ::coughtruebloodcough::.  I started in on book two in bed the other night.  Admittedly, it’s not exactly my genre.  I find it very difficult for some reason to immerse myself in an alternative world with weird titles, which is odd because I ADORE Tolkien.  Maybe it’s because I’m just too loyal to LotR?  Anywho.  I ran across this page and it’s been pretty helpful.  I still have a hard time seeing Jason Momoa as anyone but Ronon Dex.

Anyone want to create some GofT inspired looks for Gothique?


So, I returned a couple of Hearsty vouchers.  Initially when I bought them, just when they went live, the shops had a couple of things I was interested in (naturally, or I wouldn’t have bought the voucher).  In one instance, the next day ALL the prices in the shop were raised.  In another, a BUNCH of items were removed from sale.  In the third the shipping went from something like 3$ to nearly 7$.  As much as I was interested in reviewing the products, there was just no longer anything in the shop that appealed to me.

The person I dealt with at Heartsy involving the return was pleasant, helpful, and very polite.  My credits were returned promptly!

This reminds me of another hint I should add to my Heartsy Hints post.

Read the shop’s feedback.  They’ve curiously included a few shops with rather poor feedback scores and not so great reputations.


I’ve really been loving my Tumblr.  I know it’s just an odd and random assortment of pictures, but they are such a good definition of me.  Sometimes I find something that is just so amazing I write about it.  Or create a look around it.  Or make a piece of jewelry inspired by it.  Or do my makeup using the colors and feel.  Sure, there is a fair smattering of Jeffry Donovan and Eric Northman.  But like I said, I like pretty things!

June Check In

No Buy

Failed.  Totally failed.  I was very close to not failing, but things happened.  I’m going to try this for July, though.  Or until I get it right.

Vampire Month

STILL haven’t started Being Human.  Finished up Pushing Daisies, ordered Wonderfalls, and started in on Game of Thrones.  I have NO IDEA how I get anything done around here.

The Links

Look!  It’s Ana!

Guess where you should go in LA?

This is a great article on sunscreen.  Instead of finishing the one I was writing, just go read this one!

I completely adore this.

This is kind of how I feel about Facebook.

This is amazing.

I’m thinking these would be delicious.

Your Turn

  1. What shows are you looking forward to this summer?  Are you more Burn Notice or True Blood?
  2. Will you be at IMATS this weekend?
  3. Have I been posting too many nail polish related… posts?


35 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love”

  1. Borjouis Healthy Mix is available at Brazil, but it is from France. (Here it costs 4x the actual price, or else I could buy it for you – Here the foundation costs 68$, while it costs 10£ at ASOS) – it must be available at the USA too, I think…
    I’m sure it is available at ASOS, but not every color and I’m sure you’d be light vanille (51) or even paler, since you said you always add white to foundations to match… 😦

    Also, I love Game of Thrones. I just bought the books (in English… there is no Song of Fire and Ice in portuguese)! 🙂

    I’d join the contest, but I just suck a lot at those hahaah! 🙂 Also, I’m not sure I’d have colors to match it!

    1) It’s actually winter hahahah! Not looking forward to anything on TV, except when next season of Game of Thrones is out. Please, don’t love it. Hahaha!

    2) I wish :/ – But there is a small change I might visit the USA in July. I doubt it’ll actually happen, but it’d be cool if it did.

    3) Nop. I don’t use or care about NP, but I like seeing the pretty colors 🙂

  2. Oh golly where to begin?

    First that “facebook” video was AWESOME. “Would it help if you looked through my photos?” I heart that guy now.

    My friend is trying to get me to watch GofT but….I’m not sure about it. I agree about the Jason Momoa thing. I saw he was going to be in some upcoming movie and I thought “Ronon Dex” even though I completely know what his *actual* name is.

    My friend gave me Pushing Daisies for Christmas and I’ve been wearing it out. Would love to add Wonderfalls to my collection.

    I’m more a Burn Notice fan but…I’ve never seen True Blood so my opinion might not count.
    And for this summer I’m super excited for Leverage to be back. And I loved that show before I knew it was filmed where I live. ^_^

  3. GAME OF THRONES @___@ I watched the first episode without having read the books, and by the time the second one aired I was starting Storm of Swords. I think I mention it every single time I post a comment nowadays. I’ve been going through withdrawal because one of the people with whom I usually watch the show went on vacation and I haven’t seen the last two episodes yet. I’m also rereading the books while counting down the days to the 12th. Might be obsessed. maybe. At least I got into it late so I didn’t have to wait six years, haha.

    I watch So You Think You Can Dance with one of my best friends every week (it’s our yearly ritual), but other than that I usually don’t watch much TV as it airs over the summer (don’t have cable).

    I’ve been wanting to participate in your contest but it’s been super cloudy lately and my pictures haven’t been turning out very well :/ I hope I can get something decent before the end of the day!

  4. Regarding Heartsy…
    Noticed the SAME THING about some of the shops featured being rather shady with the customer feedback. I’ve only purchased a Heartsy voucher once, which was last week when Exposed Organics makeup was featured and I knew they would run out of products quickly, and VIPs can shop early…so I purchased the VIP account, then ended up getting $35 worth of cosmetics for only $4! Would have originally been $9 for $25 worth of products, but with a VIP membership I got a $5 “credit” for joining, which knocked the price to $4, and then VIPs got an extra $10 worth of credit for the shop. Anyway, short story long, 🙂 , I read the feedback on etsy before ever placing the order, because other offers I’ve contemplated buying in the past featured shops that had some pretty terrible feedback. Lost orders, poor customer service, low-quality products. I’m looking forward to my first order though – I highly recommend checking out Exposed Organics. I got the medium-sized Beauty Box and then a full-size shadow.

  5. I’ve been hooked on Game of Thrones but have just been slow on catching up on the most recent episodes. My favorite tumblr regarding Game of Thrones has to be My Mom Watches Game of Trones although Texts from Westeros is pretty hilarious too.

    I wanted to go to IMATS and I don’t have much of an excuse because of distance (Pasadena only being about an hour away) but I couldn’t justify the ticket prices once they went up to $30 and eventually sold out!

  6. I love True Blood and Game of Thrones (please don’t let it be canceled LOL) It is actually one of my boyfriends favorite book series so I will probably try to read it but yeah not my genre either. Kind of difficult to wrap my brain around high fantasy.

    Bourjois is all over eBay for very inexpensive prices.

    I am really digging my tumblr too (maybe too much LOL)

  7. Sorry to comment twice but I just finished the video and really loved it. I would love to perfect this look. I need to figure out all of the colors in my skin though…I think my skin has become a bit uneven over the years.

  8. Yay, Ana!

    1) I don’t really watch a whole lot of TV; I prefer to catch up in marathon spates afterward online. Not sure what to look forward to yet :). Probably going to re-watch GoT with people that I convinced to watch it and continue watching Dr. Who!

    2) I would LOVE to go to IMATS one day! They need to go to other Canadian cities that aren’t Toronto, honestly. Are you going to meet Amy? Yay :D.

    3) I like your nail polish posts! They’ve inspired me to step up my game when it comes to my nails :). Normally, I don’t do a whole lot short of buffing and applying a clear coat.

  9. I wouldn’t worry about Game of Thrones just yet, it’s done really well in the first season, second season is already scheduled and it’s HBO, they’re quite invested in it now. I love the show and just started reading the first book in a way to help my BF with his withdrawal since he’s way more into GOT than me.
    1. I haven’t gotten into Burn Notice but my friend loves it. I also kind of caught up on “True Blood”, can’t say it’s my favorite but it has an appeal and I’ll watch the 4th season. I plan on watching “Falling Skies” as my household is more into sci-fi.
    2. IMATS is really close to where my mother lives and an 1.5 hour drive for me, I thought about it but didn’t have the money and don’t need to buy more make-up.
    3. I don’t think you’re doing too much polish posts, I do enjoy reading those.

  10. ARGH, Game of Thrones! LOVE those books and I love the series! I don’t think it’ll be cancelled, not yet anyway because they’ve renewed for another season. They got quite high ratings for the first season.

  11. I read Game of Thrones years ago, and it was hard to follow. There are too many separate sections with too many different characters to keep straight, and I found my attention wandering. I don’t love books written like that though I did think it was a good book once I was done reading it. I have not felt as motivated to read the rest of the series though. I am definitely more of a True Blood kind of gal. I am looking forward to the new season. This summer, I am going to watch So You Think You Can Dance. I am pretty excited about that. I enjoy the nail polish posts and would enjoy seeing a review of the OM nail polish. I bought some for a girlfriend, and she says she really likes it. But, I spent so much on makeup for myself that I didn’t buy any nail polishes.

  12. Lol at the Jason Momoa thing…I have a hard time seeing Sean Bean as anyone but his charactet in LOTR..but nontheless he is a badass! He called out some guy at a bar he was in for being crude to his female companion. The guy suckerpunched Bean in the bathroom and stabbed him in the arm with a broken bottle in the arm! After subduing his assailant …Bean refused an ambulance and ordered a drink ❤

  13. I’ve been wanting to try some Inglot shadows for a while now and saw these on the site when I was checking it out last night however I’m not sure I will ever get my hands on any Inglot shadow because I live in Alaska and it doesn’t give me the option to check out it says shipping is to be arranged.

    I’ve emailed them about it,however it didn’t appear that my email was actually sent and I never received confirmation that it went through so I guess next step is to call. It’s almost turning me off on buying altogether though.

    I am also curious why the 40 pan palette price doesn’t go down once you add the shadows to it like the other smaller palettes do. Maybe I’m doing something wrong /shrug.

  14. I love the idea of “no makeup makeup”, but it’s not something I can actually pull off, unfortunately. I have very fine hair all over the sides of my face, so no matter what kind of foundation I put on, you can see it, even if it is subtle.

    On the one hand, I kind of want to go to IMATS, but on the other, it’s too much money for me to spend just to go an spend more money on the exhibit floor. I was in Pasadena the other day, and went by the convention center, which looks like it’s in the nice part of the city, so that’s a plus for those who are going.

    Re: TV shows, I’m really not very into TV right now. I have a few shows that I follow, but they’re all on break for the summer, so that kind of sucks. I enjoy television, but I get bored easily, and I think most TV shows tend to carry on for far longer than I think that they really should, because once they find a moneymaker, they’re loathe to let it die (even when it should).

    • Maybe this is stupid of me to ask, but can’t you shave your face?

      • Not really stupid, since you’d have no way of knowing anything about my face already. I COULD shave it, I suppose, but I already have to shave my chin (daily) and upper lip (every other day), due to an androgen imbalance that causes me to grow hair in places most women do not. I’ve found that since I started shaving it, it now comes in thicker and darker than it did before, hence why I have to shave it so frequently. I’d rather not have shave the sides of my face as well, mostly because the hair there is still very fine and light, and I don’t want that to change. It’s not incredibly noticeable, but it does tend to make it apparent (to me, anyway), when I’m wearing foundation, as it coats the hairs as well as my skin.

        • I have the peach fuzz on my cheeks and annoyingly, sideburns, unless I keep them under control.

          I tend to go crazy with facial wax strips. I can’t bear to do my upper lip (OW OW OW OW OW OW) but I can do the rest just fine. I was actually surprised by how little it hurt, and you don’t get the problem with shaving of thick, spiky regrowth.

          I’m also considering buying one of the IPL hair removal deals they have on Groupon and just getting shot in the face with a laser a dozen times.

          • I’ve missed you!

            Also, I’ve tried face wax strips on my upper lip and chin area, but they’ve been hit or miss for me, and I usually end up having to go back over with a razor, even if I’m super careful. Unfortunately, the hair that grows there is now dark enough that even if it’s thinner after waxing, it’s still noticeable, and waxing means waiting for it to grow long enough so that the wax actually has something to cling to. I’d love laser hair removal, but it’s damn expensive, and not an expense I think I could justify to myself, even at a discount. Maybe later, when I’m actually earning money I could do it, but not right now.

            • <3!

              Yeah I have the same problem with waxing, I have to 'overdo it' to really do a good job and sometimes I end up damaging my skin there.

              IPL is expensive normally, but seriously check Groupon. Here they very regularly do IPL groupons which are like £99 instead of £1000 for an entire course of treatments – enough to totally get rid of some patches permanently. Treatments are usually like £200 EACH here, so Groupon makes it affordable if you use allllll the treatments on the same sort of area.

              I'm thinking of grabbing the next one I see, and maybe I'll need another after that, idk. I'm sick of not being able to contour though because product does weird things on my face there!

              • I will check Groupon! I remember being underwhelmed by them in general when I first signed up, so I’ve been lax about checking, but I should start up again.

                And yeah, I think part of the reason I’m not super into blush is because of the weirdness I perceive when it gets onto those little hairs.

  15. 1) I do watch True Blood but I wouldn’t say its something i LOVE or even look forward to. I read all the books, aside from the one that just came out. Yes I agree, they are written very poorly. But they are easy fun reads, that are a guilty pleasure of mine. So I watch the show to see how closely they follow the books…which they don’t…at all. I feel like I’m too invested now to stop reading/watching. But I AM looking forward to Weeds and Rescue Me. Both shows I heartily enjoy….and I’m counting the days until Jan 2012 when Spartacus finally comes back.

    2)The IMATS close to me (NYC) were in April. I didn’t even know about them until now, so your can bet your ass I’ll be there next year! I was just in LA a few weeks ago….must remember to make myn band plan a tour around this event….

  16. 3) Personally I’m loving the variety ! I am somewhat a cheapskate when it comes to polish and stick to cheaper drug store brands and Pop! Beauty on HauteLook ($3.00 a bottle WHAT??!?!?) It’s nice to know what else is out there in case I do decide to splurge

  17. Ahhh, I loove Game of Thrones! I might have to try out a themed FOTD~ I read the books years ago and the show, although not entirely true to the story is really good. The author was very hands-on through the show’s production so I think that might have something to do with it.

    I think part of the reason that shop owners screw up the Heartsy experience is that they might not realize how much money it costs them to have such huge discounts and such a high volume of orders in at one. The only shops I’ve been seriously interested in are always VIP only and I just can’t bring myself to pay the monthly fee for deals that I may or may not care for. I’ve used Heartsy once to purchase some really great art prints but Canada’s postal workers are on strike right now so I have no idea when those will arrive.

    I’m definitely more of a True Blood gal! I couldn’t quite get into the books but I love the television series. My sister is the opposite, ha!

  18. When I first loaded the page, all I saw were the small thumbnails on the left and my initial thought was that the iPhone had some kind of new color-matching/sampling/swatching app out–but then the rest of the page loaded and everything made more sense. I absolutely adore the concept that inglot has– it looks like it will make blending a lot easier and it just plain looks pretty.

    As for pinks post–I was charmed by her style of writing, and she certainly has a good point. America has to be one of THE most invasive countries when it comes to the personal lives of celebrities. If anyone else got that kind of harassment, the offenders WOULD be arrested and there would be restraining orders involved.

    I was just reorganizing some of my materials from last year’s psych class when I came upon one on dieting. It mentions the “what-the-hell” effect, which is what reminded me of your no-buy. Basically, it goes like this: when presented with a table-full of nummy cookies, a person not on a diet will probably take a one or two and go with it. However, a person on a diet, if they feel like they have already missed their goal is more likely to go “Oh, what the hell!” and take a bunch of cookies, deciding to make up for it later. This is an oversimplified summary, and the real phenomenon is much more well documented than what I explained, but it serves to point out one of the reasons why dieting really tends to suck. I think a no-buy is kind of like a makeup diet, in a manner of speaking, so maybe it would be better to ease into no-buy over time? The way I’m thinking of would be setting aside a small amount of money for each month, like $20, and split it up so each week would amount to $5. Then perhaps include the stipulation that for each week you don’t spend anything, you get another $5 at the end of the month, so if you don’t spend any money for the entire month, you’d end up with $40 instead of $20 to spend as you like–thus enacting a reward for self control. Then you could tone down the amount of money per month until you hit $0 or something like that, and use your previous success as motivation to keep not buying stuff.

    Sorry for the wall of text, and I apologize if it seems presumptuous of me to suggest it, but no buys are hard and outright denying yourself stuff you like is no fun at all 😦

    I adore the no-makeup makeup look–I always tried to go for it in highschool because I feel it just makes you look so glowy and radiant without too much risk if you accidentally rub your eyes or something like that. That guru was was was really nice, too. I love how she emphasized that there is no one universal look for everyone.

  19. I don’t do hot dogs. I mean, I love meat, don’t get me wrong (mmmm, beef and bacon), but hot dogs are kind of nasty (kosher dogs least so).
    That ring is gorgeous, though. Ooh, shiny, magpie, etc.

    1. When’s Big Brother starting back up? Shouldn’t it have started by now?? (I…watch some reality shows with my parents.)
    2. No, but I went two years ago for my birthday. Fun! And sweaty.
    3. There’re never enough pretty nail polish swatches in this world to appease me (refer to above “magpie”).

  20. Thanks for the Heartsy hints post and sharing the information about refunds with us. I shall be sharing the post.
    I appreciate the link to the sunscreen info too.

    I love tumblr.

    Summer shows: I may tune into True Blood, as Dean Chekvala is joining the cast and I like him. Not many other TV shows I’m looking forward to. On the other hand, I await the return of Canadian satirical radio show This is That on CBC.

  21. Lol! It’s me!

    I can send you that foundation. I have a package with your name on it anyway! And I won’t take forever this time I promise :C

    Just give me an idea of a couple of shades you want to try?

    • Also, I had to give up on Being Human in season two. I think it’s probably OK if you’re American and you don’t know that British people don’t talk that way. But if you’re English, it’s obviously just really. Awful. Acting.

      I hung in for the first season but then I really didn’t give a crap about any of the characters, and the werewolf has such a punchable face…

      I might try the US version. Maybe the actors in it can act :/


  22. I just saw a picture of the Inglot booth at IMATS and the words “Available in July” were displayed prominently next to the Rainbow Pans so maybe that’s when they’ll be available online and hopefully in store!

  23. You really think that the GoT TV series is true to text?

    While we know that film is a different medium than a book and that some things must be changed (you can’t have inner monologues, the viewers must be explicitly told the histories, you can’t control the weather, the physical appearance isn’t going to be an exact match (and in ASOIAF, physical appearance is… genetic, so it’s not just “oh, okay, the actress has auburn hair, and not brown, whatevs”), the ages must be upped for children and decreased for the older people, you can only do so much with 3D rendering; nudity and rivers of blood to attract some viewers), my friends and I really have some issues with some of the character developments – (MAYBE SPOILERS, since you’ve just started watching the series) Drogo and Denny’s first night together (it was one of the most beautiful scenes in the book, because Drogo breaks the stereotype, Denny explicitly consents), Cercei’s whole character, her story about Robert’s child (in the TV series she is just a caring mother, whose care steered her sideways), Littlefinger and Varys, both people whose whole lives revolve around keeping secrets, chat and chat and chat about everything in the middle of the throne room, Littlefinger tells his whole life-story to two new prostitutes (not even “yes, they’re employees, but I’ve known them for years, I can confide in them”), etc, etc /MAYBE SPOILERS.

    I must say I won a GoT tee yesterday ^_^ .