Curlformers – A Review

I sort of love these things.  Have you heard of them?  I ran across them at a trade show, but I was just into Sally’s and saw them again and picked up more.

What they are are free-form sort of hair curlers.  Here, watch this video.

Each pack or Curlformers was about 13$, but since I have a nifty Sally’s card, I didn’t pay quite that much.  I did have to go BACK and get a hook, which is sold separately and was another 10$.

Each pack of curlers contains 10 curlers in two colors, each color curls a different way, so one color can be placed on one side of the head to curl forward or back and the other color placed on the other side to curl the same direction.  That means you can twist your spirals either towards your face or away and have both sides match.

To use them, you need to get a stick-thing, which you have to purchase separately, and then pull your hair into the forms while it’s still wet.  You can either let it dry on it’s own or use a blow drier.  Personally I run a little mouse through my hair, put the curlers in and let it air dry.  I pull them out and run my fingers through the hair and then scrunch some pomade or styling wax through just the ends.  I’ll use the thinner ones when I wear my hair down and the thicker ones when I pull it up.  I personally find it’s so much easier then messing with a hot iron.  The time I would sit in front of a mirror can be spent in front of the computer.  Or you know, doing other stuff.

I really like that the whole length of my hair fits inside the curler so that there is no little end that flips funny or gets fuzzy.  If you insert your hair into the curler right, there is no flat bit at the root, either.

I ended up accidentally washing a few in the washing machine (they were wrapped in a towel) and they were perfectly fine.  In fact, I threw them all in the wash because they seemed a little stiff, probably from the mousse I’d been using.  While I’m not sure you NEED to do it, but I sort of like that I can.


Would I purchase Curlformers again?  Yes!

These are so easy for me to use, and I love that I don’t have to use heat!


17 Responses to “Curlformers – A Review”

  1. I need some of these in my life. I’m always looking for ways to tame and prettify my unruly curls

  2. Omg, I need those things and I know a brazilian girl that sells them *-*
    I used to have curly hair, but São Paulo water turned my hair straight 😦 I looked so good with my curls! I miss them!

  3. Ooh, my hair might be too short for those, but I totally want to try them. They look so fun.

  4. The Curlformers website shows these in packages of 8 with the hook selling for $3.95. These look very easy to use – may have to try them!

  5. Those are so cool.. and they look easy to use. Thanks!

  6. zomg. These are amazing. I’m going to watch that again and stare in wonderment.

  7. I need some of these in my life! I have stick straight hair that wont hold a curl or wave for longer than a few minutes. I wonder if these might do the trick. Question though, I have mid back length hair do you think all of my hair would roll up into these?

  8. I watched a youtube video that used these a few days ago and was intrigued. I feel like you need a ton of them to do a full head of hair though!

  9. I bought hair curlers like those a long time ago and could never figure out how to use them (completely inept when it comes to styling my own hair!). I should dig them out of wherever I put them and try them again.

  10. These look really neat and I love that you don’t have to use heat to form the curls. I can’t use heated curling irons around my birds because most of them are coated with Teflon and when Teflon is heated to a high temperature it becomes toxic to the birds so I haven’t curled my hair in years. My hair is almost 2 feet long,I wonder if these curlers would be long enough to work on my hair. Do they sell extra long versions?

  11. Thanks for sharing this with us! These look easy enough for even me to use! I’ll have to check them out next time I’m at Sallys!

  12. I kind of want these, even though my hair is naturally curly, these might help make the curls neater and sleeker. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing!

  13. Oooh, these look so cool. I love the idea that you can do something else while they dry, and I especially love the fact that they do not require heat.

    Thanks, Grey! I had not heard of these yet.

    • YOU! I was just cleaning out the downstairs coat closet and found another Aromaleigh box that is yours! Is your address still the same?!

      • OMG!!! I am so grateful. Yes, my address is still the same, which is a minor miracle for me.

        I am a little embarrassed when I think of you because I was in Hawaii around Easter, and I picked up a little something for you. But have I put it it the mail yet?…. ummmm, no. I will soon, I promise. 🙂

  14. I got bought these off of ebay for a pretty decent price, better than Sally’s. They seem to be the same but you can’t choose what size/length you want. They work fantastically! Even when putting them in at night and sleeping on them!

  15. I guess I was looking for a miracle product to curl my hair… unfortunately these are not it. I tried them last night with the intent to sleep in them.. well I got about 1 hour if sleep, if that. OK lesson learned, I cannot sleep with these or any other curlers in my hair. When I took them out they looked, ok… messy – not the polished look I wanted but acceptable. However the curls fell completely within two hours.

    I am glad I only opened one package so that I can take the other back to Sally and get 12 bucks back… Hopefully someday I can find the miracle product that will let me curl my hair. I’ve given up on curling irons (takes 30 minutes at least, I always burn myself, and end up ripping out my hair) no way will I ever try to sleep in curlers again … I think I am ready to cut all the length off again. Damnit.