It’s Friday, I’m in Love


I did it!

Ok, so I failed both my No Buy and Vampire Month, but I managed to post something every day.  As much as I’d love to keep up with it, I don’t know if I can.


Goals for July include:

Catch up on A Song of Ice and Fire

These books are amazing.  Once I got over the initial trouble of getting into them, they cruise along.  What helped IMMENSELY was watching the series.  It’s easier to catch on to who is who when you SEE them and where things are and it made things simple to follow along.  There are only four books right now, the fifth will be released on July 12th.  I’d like to be able to jump into it before August.

Blog Sale.

I have so much.  SO MUCH.  Blog sales are complicated because I don’t use Paypal and I’m not a fan of shipping things internationally.  I simply need to get rid of some stuff.  I uncovered a bunch of things I’ve never used and never will.  There is something in particular I want to do with the proceeds, so I should reallllly get on it.  Plus, we *might* be moving again.  Cross your fingers that we don’t, but if we do I don’t want to have to pack and ship all this.


I’ll be going again this year, so I’m REALLY excited.  We’ll be taking the trolley instead of trying to figure out parking, which was a little messy.

Upcoming Posts

  • Exposed Organics review
  • NYX Soft Matte Cream Lipstick review
  • A Joey Named Roo follow up
  • NYX Slide On Eyeliner review
  • Ophelia’s Apothecary follow up
  • Prestige Brow Pencil review
  • Evil Shades follow up
  • Guerlain Meteorites review
  • Lickity Click review
  • Mae Minerals review
  • Baronika Design review


I had more work done Tuesday.  I had part of my feathers filled and a mess of something on my foot covered.  The rose on the foot match the rose in Flora’s hair and there is a falling feather as well.  Once the shading on my arm is done, we’re going to figure out a background for it and the background will be copied on my foot as well, so it’s a comprehensive design.  I also set up my garter appointment, which I’m really excited about.

Lots of people have asked, these are Playboy Daydreams.

Soft and Delightful

The winner of the Soft and Delightful LOTD contest is:


This was wickedly close.  As in by TWO votes close.

Good Girl Giveaway

I originally got the Good Girl Sleek palette for Christmas from Ana.  I used it SO MUCH that I SEARCHED to order a spare.  When I found one the original order was lost in the mail and the seller reshipped it.  But then, two weeks AFTER the second one arrived, so did the first.  When I offered to return it, they said to please feel free to keep it, which is why I offered it as a giveaway.  So please, thank Ana and the ‘anonymous eBayer’ for hosting this giveaway!

The winner is:

The Links

Lysa has some new balms.  I would love to try them all, my Circus Peanuts is on it’s last leg.

This is a lovely blog!

I want to be just like this.

OMG, I want this.

This is just STUNNING makeup work.

You have no idea how bad I want these shoes.  I’d get a new dress…

Like this one!  I’m going to order myself one of these for this Fall.  In grey.

I would wear them with this.

Your Turn

Would you be interested in a Blog Sale and if so, what sort of payments should I try to accept?

Do you have a preference as to what I review first from my Upcoming Posts?


28 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love”

  1. Oh my god, the Age and Beauty video just… made my day. ^^
    And I’m excited to get some new lip balms from Lysa, I have two and they’re both running out. The Pear Tart and the Vanilla Clove both sound delicious.

  2. I’d buy from a blogsale of yours if I had money…
    Either the NYX Soft Matte Creams or Inglot (two, thee years and I’m still obsessed with that brand, ugh!).

  3. 😀 Jon Snow’s looking straight at me there…
    I just finished the series and the books and I must say the dude has talent for storytelling. There’s enough material of 12 books already in the first 4 volumes – gets mighty confusing. I agree on the series – it’s very helpful. And it’s very true to books as well – I was amazed. Cant wait for the 5th book – 4th was rather boring with all these internal power struggles and focusing on Cersei’s madness..

  4. Definitely the Evil Shades, and yes to blog sale, but PayPal’s the only way I personally could pay. IDK about anyone else though!

  5. Mae Minerals or Life Soap Simple, since I’ve seen them but not purchased yet!

    I like Paypal for payments. I wanna buy your stuff!

  6. Dang, so close! Congratulations, Jenn :).

    I want that pencil dress in every color, please.

  7. Congratulations, Jenn! 🙂

  8. A Song of Ice and Fire is an amazing series. I can’t remember the last time I was so enthralled by books–my love for the ASOIAF novels even eclipses my love for the HP series now. Will you be done with the first four in time to read the fifth when it comes out?

  9. Just wanted to say I am *so* pumped for ADwD.

    Congratulations, Jenn!

  10. I would definitely be interested in a blog sale! DOes google checkout work for that sort of thing??? I have never used it, even though i have an account, but I don’t know if you can invoice people with it. I don’t know if this would be too time consuming or tedious (i’m betting it would be), but when Aromaleigh would have their clearence sales, they had it posted in blog format and used….yahoo or google to check out??? I am clueless to these things.

  11. I’d be interested in a blog sale (even though I shouldn’t be) but yeah I do wonder about what payment system you’d use. Would it be google checkout?

    I’d like to see your post on Evil Shades although your review of the NYX Soft Matte Lip creams is high up there in interest only because I’d like to see if you liked them as much as I do!

  12. I looooove ASOIAF so so much, but I’m only on book 2, I need to learn to read quicker!
    I am sad you don’t like shipping internationally, but then again I only really have paypal so I wouldn’t be able to buy anything anyway 😦

  13. IRT heartmycloset – I was surprised by her really low prices and pretty dresses. So I creeped the neutral and negative feedback. Ppl were complaining that heartmycloset was not an american seller and instead they had received “a dress from vietnam”. One said they received a business card to, which links to an ebay seller with similar pricing and images based in China. All this to say… I don’t know? Rather than an issue of pattern use, perhaps its one of misrepresentation as a small scale “collective shop” with only her and two other artisans? I still love the dresses!

    Anyway, yayy I won! Thanks everyone for the congratulations 😀 😀 (Erm.. so, do I email you, Grey?)
    I like your feet, btw! Not just for the tattoos – those are very nice too.

  14. Grey, I can’t speak to the origin of the dresses from heartmycloset. I did order a dress from Etsy about six weeks ago and received it within two and a half weeks. The material and workmanship were both good, and the dress did indeed fit like a glove to my fairly unique measurements. I’d expected easement built into the measurements (my mistake, I should have asked beforehand), but it fits exactly – so I’ve got to cut back on my snacking so that I can wear and move around in my pretty new dress comfortably.

  15. Whoops, I should have been more clear – my dress is from heartmycloset! I would also note that after I took the requested measurements and sent them in, I got a convo back asking me to take a second look at my back shoulder-to-waist measurement as it seemed long. It turned out that I had mismeasured, and was glad the dealer thought to ask me about it without being snarky or just leaving me to deal with my own mistake.

  16. Having spent a ton of time the past few months looking at payment processors your best bet is Google Checkout. You can use their gadgets to integrate a cart or buy now buttons, invoice people, and the fees, while not great, aren’t terrible either (at most 2.9% of the transaction plus $.30/transaction). Downside is that all funds will be held for 10 days before being released to you, though the buyers method of payment is immediately charged and shipment is expected almost immediately after the charge even though you don’t yet have the funds. Still, it’s the best payment processor besides Paypal that I’ve found. And yes, I’d totally buy lots of stuff from your blog sale.

    I’d love to see the Evil Shades followup.

  17. Lol Kat Von D’s Wonderland store looks alot like my etsy wishlist!

  18. Loooove your tattoos and shoes.

  19. I’ve heard the same thing about that dress shop being from vietnam, but the feedback is still pretty good regardless. I’m not sure I personally would buy from them. I had a really good experience with this seller Super helpful and friendly, even sent me fabric swatches when I wasn’t sure if the fabric would match the other bridesmaid dresses.

  20. I’d have to agree- you have lovely feet, and the tattoos and shoes just accentuate them that much more! Gorgeous dahhhling!

    Though, I’d have to say I’m not purchasing any more clothes until my body decides it’s time to stop losing weight, other than a seamstress to help me alter my Mother’s wedding dress so I can wear it, with a few minor changes.

  21. Congrats to Jenn. Her look is very pretty.

    Your tattoos and the shoes are beautiful. Playboy shoes are so hard to find in my city.

    TMTM’s Vanilla Clove lip balm sound delish.

    I vote yes for the blogsale; I hope you do consider shipping internationally. 🙂 I’m not a huge fan of Paypal and Google Checkout is fine by me.

    Review shops in which order you wish. As long as we get to read them, the choice is yours. 🙂

  22. I would be interested in a blog sale! I would try and get paypal for it, though. I wouldn’t see any other way.

  23. <3ing Jon Snow.. and Kit Harington is sucha dish!!! Yes totally intereseted in blog sale <# that idea!! digging ur shoes and tat!! I love getting just had a session on tuesday.. my arm is almost done!! YAYY!!

  24. I am so excited about all the upcoming posts 😀
    Also congratulations to Jenn!

  25. Blog sale -YES PLEASE.
    But I do live overseas so yeah, if you decide to do it, please make it international!

  26. Oh! I honestly couldn’t remember whether I’d sent you that or not. I knew I ordered it, but I couldn’t remember if that was the one in my order that never arrived or not. In that case, I’m so glad you liked it!