Exposed Organics – A Review


I discovered the Exposed Organics shop via Heartsy.  Honestly, I almost didn’t get the voucher.  Not only was the shop new (it opened on June 17th) , but there didn’t seem to be anything in it that appealed to me.  In the end, I placed an order, every shop deserves a chance.

The listings are sort of sparse.  There is only one picture of the shadows and the listings are… vague.  I’m not even going to get into the misnomer that mineral makeup is ‘organic’, because it’s not.  None of the shop’s products are.

fairy tale is a soft taupe shadow with multi-colored reflects. beautiful as a shadow or brow highlight!


I really like when a shop includes a few angels and maybe a swatch or two of the shadows.  Even though it wasn’t the case here, I thought it was worth a shot.  One of my favorite shops (Persephone) was notorious for bad swatches but has the most AMAZING shades and formula.

I ordered:

Beauty Box Product Sampler


Total shipping charges were 5.25$ and my package arrived via USPS Priority.  I ordered on a Thursday and had my order Monday.


My order came in a nice black box and carefully wrapped.  Included was a few business cards (one was a magnet), a thank you, and a card including product information.


The shadows come in generous 7 gram jars with shifters, although they are not sealed.  Opening them my shadows poofed.  Each jar is labeled with the company name, the shade, the weight and a full list of ingredients (although the label for each shade was identical).  Each shadow is 4.99$ on it’s one.  In my sampler box I received the following shadows:

Little Piggies

There is no listing or description on the site for this shade at all.  It’s buff sort of golden shade.

In the Navy

in the navy is a navy blue shade that makes a great shadow or liner. mix in the navy with nectar to make a midnight blue shade.

Marine Green

marine green is a subtle green shadow with golden hues and a blue undertone.  This actually has more of a yellow undertone.  I see no blue to it at all.

Prom Night

prom night  is a gorgeous shade of pink with purple & blue undertones. beautiful on eyes, nails & lips!

Glow Worm

glow worm is a light peach shade with gold highlights. beautiful as a lid color, brow highlight, or as a highlight on cheekbones, collarbones or shoulders! mix glow worm with your face & body moisturizer for an all over glow!

Overall, I was very unimpressed with the shades.  They were not very pigmented and seemed dull.  Without a primer they barely last.  Little Piggies literally disappeared before I could take the picture.  Even with a primer they are fairly dusty and one swipe over the swatches and the color was nearly gone.  Looking at the shops feedback, the sheerness seems to be common with most shades.  The blue is actually streaky.

Also included in the box was:

Plain Jane Purifying Oil

I didn’t use this because I don’t prescribe to the ‘oil cleansing’ method.

Nectar Transforming Medium

I’m not exactly sure what it was about this, but when I foiled my shadows (the swatches along the bottom) they felt oddly greasy.  I’m not sure that’s the word, but the other foiling mediums I’ve used dried… dry.  This I could feel.  An indie expert tells me that perhaps the formula is off and there is a bit too much glycerine in this.


Would I order from Exposed Organics again?  No.

  • Although I purchased this with a voucher, my order was shipped right away.
  • There was a fair amount of thought in the labeling and packaging.
  • The shadow formula is sheer and doesn’t last.
  • Something was off with the Nectar, I really couldn’t use it.

16 Responses to “Exposed Organics – A Review”

  1. Ug, the nectar sounds nasty and the shadows sound disappointing.

  2. I’m glad I didn’t get this one. At least your experience will help others decide whether or not to order from them.

  3. I have to take issue with their use of the word “organic” (I harp on this a lot, admittedly, but it’s a pet peeve of mine since I argued with Orglamix about this) – mineral makeup cannot be certified as organic, and to use the term is misleading. Mineral – yes. Organic – it is not, and it can never be.

    • That’s exactly what I said in the Introduction. There is also an article on ‘organic’ cosmetics in the archives here.

  4. Thanks for the review; I wasn’t too taken by their current eyeshadows, but may have bought from them as the packaging looks cute. How disappointing.

  5. The lack of capitalization makes me rage, for the love of English please use shift or caps lock!

  6. While I do use the oil cleansing method, I wouldn’t use theirs. I don’t see an emulsifier ingredient to make the oil more water soluble. The only one I’ve liked so far is DHC’s because it doesn’t have a lot of fragrance like Shu Uemura’s (which even irritates my non-sensitive skin) as well as no mineral oil. The fact that Shu’s has mineral oil and they demand a price tag that high is ridiculous.

    I looked at the nectar and it’s way overpriced for the ingredients the seller uses (fyi: aloe vera, vitamin e, and vegetable glycerin) and the quantity (.33 fl oz). It would be moisturizing for the skin, but I don’t see how they would help increase the staying power of eyeshadows. It could be too much of either glycerin or the vitamin e that causes the greasiness.

  7. What burns my buttons is when sellers use the word vegan for everything. FYI, if you use fragrance oils it’s not vegan.

  8. Aw. I purchased their beauty box too, but I actually fell in love with their products. Maybe those eyeshadows just weren’t the best? I got different ones, but I’m not sure. They were bright and pigmented and the nectar was just fine for me. Odd. I didn’t use a voucher from Heartsy though (didn’t even know!). Oh well.

  9. Boo. Is it mean that I wouldn’t have purchased their products, just because I didn’t like their logo? It’s ugly. The disembodied lips are cut haphazardly, don’t really make sense alongside the company name (exposed, yet wearing lipstick?) and the logo is hard to read on top of the lips. It’s like they took a page out of a “What Not To Do” design book and decided to do every don’t.

    – Hard-to-read logo? Check
    – Incohesive mission statement on logo? Check
    – Make sure to use ~*proactive*~ words like “Organic,” “cruelty-free” and “pure?” Check!

    At best, it looks… dated. Like 90’s grunge in a bad way. Guess their eyeshadow formula is dated too: cut everything with as much filler as possible to sell more! Like what my Wet N’ Wild shadows from the 90’s looked like!

  10. I, too, ordered from ‘Exposed’ and was not very pleased. With further experimentation, “Goddess” and “Smut” are just waaaaay too glittery. Fall-out everywhere! And then I couldn’t get the glitter off my face. -_- But the pigmentation of “Smut” is really vibrant. Of course you have to use it wet otherwise it’s just a massive flurry of glitter.

    I also ordered the “Nectar” and the shadow named “Jenda.” The latter is a deep, shimmery mauve purple that goes on a kind of dull dark grey. If you use a medium it turns more purple, but the Nectar certainly does not add to any of my shadows’ staying power. Mine didn’t turn out greasy but rather watery, when I wanted something with more stick.

    Ultimately, while I love the colors of “Goddess” and “Smut,” I just am so apprehensive to use them again without looking ridiculous, which would make some $13 dollars spent for them a total waste. Luckily I paid the VIP voucher price.

  11. Shame it disappointed you 😦 There are lots of indie companies in the market, so I really think companies must try hard to impress their costumers with their products…..

  12. What a disappointment! I almost bought the Heartsy voucher for this shop but nothing really appealed to me. Stores that label everything ‘organic’ really dissuades me from purchasing mineral makeup. If they don’t know that coloured mica is not organic, what else are they unaware of?

    Is it me or are their swatches really, really off? I looked at a listing for the ‘sonja’ mineral foundation and it looks like a glittery yellow eyeshadow. Another listing for a ‘deep forest green’ eyeshadow looks more like a light silvery grey/green in the swatch.

  13. This is weird.

    They’re new to Etsy I guess, but definitely not a new company. I got one of their eyeshadows and that nectar in a My Pretty Pink Box a couple of years ago. The company name, website, and packaging hasn’t changed.

    The nectar seemed more like oily body lotion to me than a primer, I didn’t want to use it on my eyes. The eyeshadow I got was a boring dead ringer for a standard TKB emerald green.

    I can’t imagine why an established company with their own webstore would join Etsy several years after having their own website, when Etsy has such high fees. Maybe JUST to use Heartsy to get free publicity?