It’s Friday, I’m in Love


July is my month for fives!  I’ve been LOVING the replies in my Five Things post, so please take the time to read them and add yours if you haven’t already!

Five New Products

At least every other day this month I am going to use five new products.  Not new products that I’ve gone out to get, but five products that I have but rarely use.  I often have a routine, I use the same things day after day.  This month I’m challenging myself!  It’s a double challenge now that I’m blond again.  All of the dark things I was using look a little off.  I’m not one of those people who are afraid of color or afraid to rim my eyes in black at 9am in the morning.  Convention is just not my style.  BUT, my coloring is a tad off.  My hair is no longer cool toned, it’s golden.

Five New Things

This month I’m going to do five things I’ve never done before.  For example tomorrow I’m going camping.  Yeah, I camped a TON when I was kid, but I haven’t in YEARS.  I got a tent and everything ready to go.

IP Addresses

I just want to kindly remind everyone that when you post a comment, WordPress logs your IP address.  Even if you use an ‘IP masker’ my other software tracks your browsing IP.  I do this so I know the demographics of my readers, where they are and what country, etc etc.  This also means that if you leave me nasty comments and you think you’re being sneaky… you’re not. You will be banned.

I’m VERY disappointed because I got a couple of mean messages on my Blah post.  One of which tracked back to the winner of one of my previous giveaways.  Nice, huh.  I assure you, as many of you already can attest to, I was indeed sick.


SPEAKING of giveaways.  If you’ve won a giveaway and not received the prize, please email me at contact [dot] gothique [at]


I’m trying to spruce things up around here.  I’m actually investing in a graphics program *SHOCKING* and reworking the way I do reviews and such.

The super amazing Erin also sat and worked up a few more graphics for me to help the site remain cohesive and yet simple.  The other day Anna was tweeting some hints for bloggers and I almost wanted to star them all, but they were great.  They got me thinking about the things I keep meaning to do around here, so I’m doing them!


A few people recently asked me how I feel when a ‘guru’ suddenly starts raving about a product like THEY discovered it and OMG it’s the most amazing thing on the planet while I’ve feature it on my blog quite a few times MONTHS ago.  While I know it was supposed to be a general question, I do know in fact, the two gurus they were talking about.  How do I feel?  Honestly, it makes me a little sad, ESPECIALLY because I know they *both* actually read my blog but continue to pretend they’ve never heard of Gothique and I’m so much beneath them.  I in no way assume I was the one who ‘discovered’ anything.  So eh.  No big deal.

Someone also asked if I had a ‘term’ for my readers.  I didn’t understand the question, so I had to ask for an explanation.  Turns out they wanted to know if I called the people who read my blog anything like Gothettes or something.  Personally I find that sort of thing patronizing as all hell.  You’re my readers, I don’t get to give you a pet name and call you my own.

The Links

SoBe is on Heartsy this weekend!  It’s one of my favorite shops!

This will come in handy.

Check out Lillian’s amazing new blog!


New video from Brian!

I seriously adore this Givenchy collection!

If someone runs across this, let me know!  I want one.

Copycat recipes are my favorite.

I wish I had a fairy godmother.  For the Dior palette, especially.

I continue to love The Black Cards.

This is funny.  I JUST saw this car in my neighborhood, too!

I loved this post.  Probably because I do have glitter shoes.

Your Turn

    1. What five new things are you going to try to do this month?
    2. What five things would you like to see more of in my posts?  Swatches, pictures, descriptions, companies, products, colors, etc etc.
    3. What five things are you going to try to use more from your stash?


26 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love”

  1. I appreciate that we don’t have nicknames. I have enough of those, thanks!

    Ok, my five…

    1. Go for a run at least 3 times a week (an old goal, but damnit, I’m serious this time!), eat an olive, watch Jaws, attempt a no buy on cosmetic products, and go to an outdoor concert around a TON of people.

    2. Swatches and company reviews. I adore your company reviews (of course, the thing that probably takes the longest for you, right?).

    3. Eyeshadow, lip balm, two specific colors of nail polish that I have hardly touched, coconut oil, and conditioner.

  2. Erm… what gurus are you talking about? I’m really not into that and I’d like to check out their videos too. 😮

    My turn:

    1. What five new things are you going to try to do this month?
    Exercising and swimming are definitely on my list; I’ll try to dig out some products I forgot about and to try change my routine too, I’m always thinking about that but I’m just too lazy; Start cooking finally; Call someone to repair my oven.

    2. What five things would you like to see more of in my posts? Swatches, pictures, descriptions, companies, products, colors, etc etc.
    Hmm, bigger photos probably and more swatches. FOTD’s are also good. 🙂

    3. What five things are you going to try to use more from your stash?
    MAC Petticoat, NARS Orgasm, Meow Cosmetics pigments, MAC pigments, Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Dragon!

  3. Hope you have fun camping! I went maybe once when I was a kid and it was pretty cool except mosquitoes and one day (as, strangely, I’d predicted the night before) I woke up next to a “TIME” magazine with a shark on the cover (did you know that people can be scared of sharks? Like, have phobias of them even when they haven’t really had any trauma from them? They can!).
    I can tell from your posts and policies that you’re not much for naming names, and I accept it, but ohmygawd it drives my crazy because I’m so nosy and love gossip. Please excuse me while I go insane.

    1. Urgh, what? I guess…I’m going to go to a bonfire in a week. I started watching “Supernatural” reruns on TNT (probably not the best to not start from the beginning, huh?) (I’m actually watching it right now, and they just witnessed a giant, sentient teddy bear watching TV). I can’t think of anything else, oops.
    2. Swatches. There are never enough swatches. I love swatches. Hell, I don’t have a blog and I do swatches because I just love them so much. SWATCHES. (I wrote five sentence[ fragment]s, so I don’t have to list four other things.)
    3. Well, the things I haven’t used yet: Nail polishes, eyeshadows, Lip Tars, eyeliners, and glitters that I’ve acquired recently and haven’t had the chance to play with yet. (Sam and Dean just said that the teddy bear has “lollipop disease.”)

    My comments have a habit of being overly long. (The…teddy bear just…attempted suicide. Sweet Jesus that was disturbing.)

    • The whole Supernatural commentary was the dang funniest thing I’ve read today. I just almost spit coffee all over my computer. “Lollipop disease”? What the heck?! LOL

      • HAHAHAHA I’m sorry! they had to come up with an excuse for why the teddy bear was crying while watching the news…I don’t know how the writers do it. Jensen Ackles delivers his lines flawlessly.

  4. I’m trying to exercise and eat lighter & smaller portions this month. Hopefully it will become a nice new habit. You know, instead of dousing everything in a vat of gravy. Mmm. Gravy.

    Whatever makes you happy to post is what I’m happy to read. With that said, I guess I’m always on the hunt for more swatches & indie company reviews. I’m also paying attention to any foundation reviews you do because I desperately want to switch. bareMinerals is no longer working for me.

    I want to try and use eye shadows that are kind of out of my color comfort zone. I bought a number of them deliberately to just get comfortable with and I need to be bolder with them.

  5. I remember that you track IP addresses and I always wonder if you see my comments and think “She’s using ANOTHER computer?” – I’m always house-sitting or visiting friends or once in a while using my brother’s laptop. I’m like a computer orphan or something.

    Mean comments on an “I’m sick” post? Can’t people find something constructive to do? For. the. love.

    This month I’m going to:
    -Try eating flowers. I’ve always wanted to have an entire tea (meal) with nothing but flowers to eat. Before I get there, I need to try out some recipes/techniques. I made rose petal jelly a couple years ago and that was kinda awesome.
    – Start my piano lessons over again.
    – Actually I think I’d better leave it at that. I think my time is going to be quite consumed.

    What would I like to see more of here? I do miss the collections you had, a top, jewelry, nail polish, makeup. One of those (can’t remember which now!) actually inspired me to make a necklace for myself because I loved the one you had. I want to say it had come from Target. I could be making that up.

    Use up from my stash?
    Mineral foundation. I’ve tried so. many. brands. when I don’t “go out” I think I’ll use them up for staying in. This way they at least get used and maybe if I custom blend some of them together they won’t be so weird. I also have a stash of weird eye pencils I used to be obsessed with. Time to find a new (proper) way to wear those.

  6. 1. Organize, organize, organize, organize, organize! I have thousands of vintage sewing patterns I need to recategorize and reshelve, and I know it’s going to take weeks to get it all done.

    2. Swatches and company reviews! You do them so well, and it’s very helpful when shopping.

    3. Hairpins, hair clips, styling products and so forth — my hair is now long enough that the bulk almost manages to make up for the super-fineness so I think I actually might have a decent chance at assembling a passable hairstyle.

  7. Heh, my natural haircolor is also blonde, but over the years, it’s darkened to such a dark blonde that most people think it’s brown (though you can still tell if the sun hits it). Good luck with the camping! It’s not my cup of tea, but I know plenty of people who love it.

    As for what I’d love to see in your posts, EOTDs would be awesome. I know plenty of people who don’t like to put their faces online for privacy reasons, but I’d love to at least see some of your go-to eyeshadow looks.

  8. 1. Get up earlier before work so that I can do my morning pages and pick more interesting outfits, finish at least one book per week (okay, this is only new for this year, I’ve really fallen behind with my reading), make proper day off/evening plans, tweak my make-up routine a little, eat more fruit

    2. I honestly don’t have any suggestions, I love this blog. Some of the products featured I would never buy because they’re so high-end/I think I have enough mineral eyeshadows to be going on with, but I think you have amazing taste, Grey.

    3. My Lily Lolo highlighter (have had a sample for ages, forget it’s there, even though I really like it), kohl pencils (so many old ones that hardly get picked up anymore), lipsticks in general, coloured mascaras, glitter eyeliner

  9. Wow,it sickens me to think that someone would criticize you when you were feeling sick and crappy and to do it after you generously gave them something is even worse. I don’t get it,if someone doesn’t agree with you or like your blog why not just log off and go somewhere else instead of being a nasty douche?

    Oh well the majority of us think you’re awesome and love your blog (((hugs)))) Good riddance to that jackass!

    Hrm,five things I want to try are:

    1. Go hiking and explore new areas outside before it ends up being winter and I’m forced to stay indoors because the weather sucks.

    2. Stop buying makeup,soap etc before I have used up what I already have. I have a habit of seeing something new and thinking ,”Ooh pretty” then buying it and tossing it in a drawer and forgetting about it.

    3. Wake up earlier so I can adjust to the lack of sunlight soon to come,I live in Alaska and winter days are too short.

    4.Try something new with my hair,I’ve cut my hair for over 10 years and I have no style to it. I’m lucky my hair looks good just cut straight,but it’s pretty boring after being the same for so many years.

    5. Go on a vacation,I’m 37 and I’ve never really been on vacation because I always have an excuse not to. Can’t go because of work,or because I don’t have someone to watch my birds,or medical reasons etc I have decided all of that should and can be put aside for a few days and I should go have fun and relax.

    PS~ I love those shoes,they are seriously sexy!

  10. I think if you started calling us “Gothettes,” I’d have to hold you down and call you Grey-vy-Baby or Gothy-goo-goo until you quit.

    1) I’m going to try to figure out how to wrangle my haircape. I grew it out with the intention of donating it (as I’ve done before), but now I’ve become attached and probably will keep it for the time being. The downside to that is that… I have no idea how to fix my hair! I’m blessed in that, my hair is pin-straight, so all I have to do is comb it in place and let it air-dry, but I’ve always been super jealous of girls that seem to come up with a new hairstyle every day. I’ve been doing Petrilude’s 15-second french twist trick, and I’ve been watching more braiding tutorials.

    2) I like your reviews best. The swatches are helpful as well, because so often, they’re far more accurate on your site than they are on the company’s website. Oh! And I miss your style diaries.

    3) For the longest time, I only had 2 lipsticks and a ton of lipgloss and balms. Now I have quite a few, so I’m going to try to use them more. I like to put the main focus on my eyes, but a quick swipe of lipstick before heading out the door has been pretty convenient lately!

  11. Five New:

    1. Get up earlier.
    2. Exercise more (I’ve been having back pain so I need to do some exercises to strengthen my muscles.)
    3. Organize my makeup area/stash.
    4. Clean more 😦
    5. Wear more colourful/daring eye looks, experiment with neutrals for work.

    Five In Your Posts:
    1. I love your reviews, especially indie ones, so more of those in general 🙂
    2. Swatches
    3. Product photos
    4. Umm that’s all I can think of… more indie!!

    Five From My Stash:
    1. Lots of eyeshadows from Brazen, Shiro, My Pretty Zombie, Sobe, and orders I’m awaiting
    2. Brazen lipgloss
    3. Some Nyx stuff I ordered in that 50% off Cherry Culture sale
    4. Misc. lipsticks
    5. ….I’m sure there’s more I can find!

  12. I cannot believe anyone would have the audacity to make a nasty comment questioning your honesty about your health. It’s so utterly retarded it hurts my brain. What you do here is not necessarily an OBLIGATION. You have tons of stuff on your plate, and I’m just grateful you still have time to blog so i can enjoy it!

    1) Wow…five new things in a month?n That’s a lot. My band takes up so much of my time, i can’t really put a lot of time into it. So I will just stick to 5 new FOODS instead. I want to try Okra, Persimmons, Quinoa, Brazil nuts, and some kind of souffle.

    2) I’d like some more Bath goodies, pics in general, bring back the style diaries, swatches are always a plus, and what the hell..why not add recipes?? I am not vegan, but I do like to eat healthy and I’d be very interested in your favorite recipes.

    3) 1.Any of my blue eyeshadows. Blue is a tough color for me, but not impossible, but they are all so neglected. 2.Hot rollers! I have to straighten my hair first in order to use them which is time consuming, but the result is so gorgeous. 3. Pop! Beauty gold sparkly foiling serum. 4. Any of my Nyx Jumbo pencils! I’ve only used them for Halloween! 5. Any of my lipsticks. I can’t wear them when I play since my instrument goes in my mouth, and I’m often too lazy to put any on before work.

  13. I’m really not into the reader pet names and I didn’t think you seemed like the type to use them. Should I be worried you know where I’m at?! 🙂 Can’t wait to see what your five new things are for the month!

    1. I’m trying to comment more on other peoples blogs since I have taken the month off from blogging myself! Thats if for me!

    2. I’m not sure what I’d like to see more of from you…. I really like to see what products/brands you like. I need to go back thru your old posts to see what you have done on powder pressing. Have you done any pressing recently? Anything new about that you want to share?

    3. I’m in the process of consolidating and organizing my stash! Just want to keep using things I haven’t used in a while!

  14. Hi, Grey! Your Friday posts are my faves! ❤

  15. 1. a) Not exactly new, but I’m going to try to save money. I say this every other day, and this month I’ve got a party to go to every weekend but I’m gonna try to cut back on buying silly things for myself. I did pretty well last month, so I’m feeling confident about July as well.
    b) I got a wisdom tooth removed yesterday! Haha. It wasn’t so bad, but recovery is pretty terrible. I’ve been eating nothing but yoghurt ;~;
    c) My friends and I love trying out restaurants we’ve never been to before, and one of them found this really cool looking Greek place for her birthday dinner next week. I’m excited (also by then the hole in my head where my wisdom tooth used to be should have healed up enough for me to eat real food)!
    d) Sort through all my untried perfumes. I have a small mountain of samples that I need to test!
    e) I’ve been wanting to get my nostril pierced….maybe I can get around to it this month.

    2. I miss your style diaries! Can’t think of anything else I want more of, I always like swatch photos and reviews.

    3. a) Lip products! I hate reapplying lip products, so most of the time I just slap on some lip balm. I love lipsticks/glosses though; I have so many I never use. Need to fix this.
    b) My Kat Von D Tattoo Chronicles palette. I really only bought it because it looked like a book (don’t judge me x_x) but the shadows in it are really pretty and I should use them more often.
    c) False lashes. I have a few of these I am too lazy to use.I should fix this.
    d) Eye cream. I slack off on this sometimes x:
    e) I have so much crap from LUSH that just sits around because I am too lazy to take baths. This must change.

  16. I saw that Milani palette at my local Fred Meyer yesterday! I was thing about picking one up for myself too!

    I can really only think of a few for each. I’m sure I think of more. An hour from now.

    New stuff: 1) I’m doing my first festival his weekend! 2) I don’t know if this counts as new, but sometime this month I want to bleach and dye my hair for the first time in about 10 years. It’s waist length now. I want to go for a dark purple to deep red ombre.

    More stuff: 1) SWATCHES. Love me swatches. 2) I love tag posts! 3) I agree about the style diaries!

    Old stuff: 1) Glitter! I’ve got tons of cosmetic glitters and this month I’m trying to use some in my daily makeup. Cause why not? 2) I loves mattes. They are pretty much all I use, but I do have a large selection of shimmers/frosty colors in my BH 120 palette. I’ve been trying to use them as well, to change things up a bit.

  17. The glitter shoes are pretty!

    That’s really low of the people to doubt you’re ill, especially the one who you generously gifted a prize to. I hope you’re feeling better now.

    I’ve found I had to adjust to using different makeup colours when I lightened my hair or dyed it. Weirdly enough, I haven’t dyed my hair in years but found it’s lighter than it was when I was in my teens.

    I’d like to see more indie company reviews in your blog, especially newer/lesser reviewed companies.

    For new things I want to try, the only one which comes to mind is conditioning my hair more often. I’ve been lax with this.

  18. Your heels are drop-dead desirable 😮 Especially with the fish net tights, amazing !

  19. 1.Hot Yoga,a light cleanse of some type (I’m looking for one), either construct plot or flesh out snowflake method for a creative writing exercise, read a new author — I was considering Nalini Singh (if any of you have ever read her books let me know if they are good), go for a hike in a new area.
    2. I love your blog. I like when you change it up once in awhile by showing something new or unexpected.
    3.Well, I have fringe now, so I am going to try to wear a little more color on my eyes.

  20. I saw that excessive make-up clip through stumbleupon at work when I was bored in the week. So gross! Sorry about the negative comments Grey, you don’t deserve that.

  21. What five new things are you going to try to do this month?
    Go rollerskating and try not to almost kill myself this time!
    Explore a part of the city I’ve never visited
    Go camping and try to enjoy it!
    Save $$$$$
    Start the day with a smile

    What five things would you like to see more of in my posts? Swatches, pictures, descriptions, companies, products, colors, etc etc.
    -What’s in my purse?
    -Where + how do I organize my make up?
    -Hair colour reviews
    -More outfit of the day, I miss those.

    What five things are you going to try to use more from your stash?
    -cake mascara
    -cake eyeliner
    -loose pigments
    -lip gloss

    I really enjoy reading your blog, I think it’s awesome!
    I’m sorry to hear about the rude remarks 😦


  22. Thank you for your take on giving readers a nickname, it feels so good to hear this.
    All the best xoxo