Pick of the Week

Prestige Brow Perfection Marbleized Brow Pencil

Sometimes I run across products in the oddest ways.  In the case of these someone put a box of them in my shopping basket while it was on the floor next to me and I was looking at nail polish.  The person just walked up, stood there a moment, leaned over and put the box of them in the basket, and left.  I was like… WTF?  I took them out cause HELLO it had my shopping in it, but then I was like… these are cool.

When I got home I looked them up to see if they came in any more colors, the only ones I saw where light and dark, which I got. My hair is sort of in between colors.  It’s a dark blond, but I still don’t feel comfortable without dramatic brows, I mean they were dark blue for MONTHS.  I got the light for everyday and the dark for… not everyday.

You can see they are actually as marbled as they appear on the website.  My major complaint about them is they are a little waxy so they sort of wear off after a few hours, especially when I have my sunglasses on and they sort of rub against my brows.  I’m not sure if the powders I’ve used do that, so I honestly can’t say it’s the products fault.  At around 5$ a pencil, these are a great deal.  They are1.2 grams each and have a very handy spoolie on the end.


11 Responses to “Pick of the Week”

  1. That is a pretty bizarre way to discover a new product, yep. I do like the idea of those, though!!

  2. Wow, that is a really weird thing to happen. That brand’s eyeliner is pretty good too, for the price especially. It’s pigmented and glides on the eyes. However, it smudges pretty easily, but that’s my only con.

    The blonde one looks like a really good color. I’ll have to give these a try.

  3. Huh, I wonder why they’re marbled. And only two colors…not enough variety for me.
    As for the lady…I’m thinking she was either slighty off her rocker [and/]or subtly indicating that she didn’t like your eyebrows and was giving a recommendation (those are both strange explanations, but what else could it be??).

  4. that is a funny way to discover a product!

  5. It was your Make Up Fairly Godmother. =P

  6. I’ve actually heard that idea before, of dropping products you really like into someone else’s basket in effort to get them to try it. It’s weird, and kind of rude.

  7. Ahh those are so cool! I’ve heard of dropping things into peoples shopping baskets before, but usually you do it secretly with embarrassing things like thrush cream or something.

  8. That’s super cool. I don’t love pencils for my eyebrow. I am using Paula Dorf’s brow powder now, and I am liking that. Sometimes, waxy pencils make my eyebrows itchy.

  9. These sound really cool! Its a bit weird that someone just left them in your basket? ..

  10. mollythepirate July 15, 2011 at 11:48 pm

    That is…bizarre. Shatteredshards comment makes me wonder if it is one of those fad things like petting a stranger’s hair…or planking…or whatever weird things the internet convinces people they need to do to.
    I like the idea of the marbling but I’ve never done that well with brow pencils and prefer powders.

  11. Very weird way to discover them. Those pencils do sound neato.