Liquid Pearls – A Review

our green tea face cream has been such a hit, that with summer coming, i’ve decided to blend it up with different illuminators. This lotion is light and fluffy and the perfect alternative to wearing heavy makeup! Liquid pearls is blended up with beautiful pearl mica, making the lotion silky smooth! use it alone for a fresh, dewy look anytime or, alternatively, under your foundation to create a natural ‘glowing from within’ look. this lotion does not add color to your skin, just a glow! {very comparable to a new moisturizer out by a big company that rhymes with MARS….lol. only ours is all natural!}

Lack of proper punctuation aside, when I went to browse Ophelia’s shop with a shiny new Heartsy voucher in my pocket, this product caught my fancy.  I had gone in search of some lip scrubs or something, since I’m pretty sensitive to their balms (which contain stevia).  At 26$ for a 1.5 ounce bottle, the price on this was dear.  Almost more then I was comfortable with.  Almost the entire voucher.  I bookmarked it and came back often.  I really loved the fact there was a list of ingredients.  I read it over a few times and folded like a cheap suit.  I also ended up getting samples of their new mineral foundations to finish off the voucher.  The original Green Tea Cream is only 16.74$ for 2 ounces, so I was assuming the illuminating cream would be worth the extra 10$.

Shipping took a bit which is usual for OA, but it wasn’t completely horrible considering that they sold out of Heartsy vouchers.  My order arrived well wrapped and packaged along with a sample of one of their fragrances and a thank you.

Liquid Pearls comes in a really nice glass jar with a pump.  I was actually really impressed with the quality of the container!  I’ve never seen them before in all my Etsy browsing.

From left to right : EL Spotlight, MAC Strobe Cream, EL Idealist Skin Perfecter, OA Liquid Pearls

Spotlight is very peachy/pink tinted.  Strobe Cream is iridescent without a notable cast.  Idealist Skin Perfecter is golden.  Liquid Pearls is very similar to Strobe Cream.

I really like this lotion.  It’s very thick and rich and not all that greasy.  As a moisturizer it’s great, it soothes my skin quickly when it’s a little flaky and doesn’t sting to make my face tight or anything else like a poorly formulated facial moisturizer would.

However… (there is always a however).

I don’t have GREAT skin, but I would imagine that it might not work for oily/combination skins.  In fact, if you’re skin is a bit uneven or you have larger pores, just avoid this all together.  As illuminating as it is it’s an OBVIOUS sheen and since it contains no fillers or silicons, it sort of settles into lines and pores.

Yes, it’s actually a little purple.

It’s really pricy, to be honest.  There are actual name brand ‘alternatives’ out there you can use that are cheaper.  I think the Strobe Cream, which it is closest to, is 15$ for a 1 ounce tube.  The description of the SC makes me think it’s actually a similar product (green tea, enlivening, etc etc).  Personally I avoid MAC so I would purchase an indie product before I’d get the SC, but I’d be remiss in pointing the fact out.  There is also the option to mix your own simply by mixing in some mica in your favorite face cream.

This would probably be something I would use daily IF it had silicone in it or an SPF.  Because it’s soooo shiny if you layer anything much with it it just becomes a gleaming nightmare.  As is I do plan on using it up, though.  I like the not-so-subtleness to it when I wear it under a sheer foundation.

Would I purchase Liquid Pearls again?  Probably not.

✘  The price is a little high.

✘  It’s a bit more obvious then I’d have liked for everyday.

✔  It wears well and moisturizes.

✔  It works great as a highlighter over makeup.

Price: 3/5

Packaging: 5/5

Pigmentation: 3/5

Wear: 3/5

Overall: .5 /  5


5 Responses to “Liquid Pearls – A Review”

  1. D:! You are really, really good at getting me to break no-buys! I didn’t buy the Liquid Pearls, but I ended up browsing and…yeah, there goes $30. Okay, no-buy begins NOW.

  2. You’re lucky yours got to you… I’m still waiting for mine as it got “lost” or something in the mail because of the postal strike in Canada. The swatches look lovely thanks so much!

  3. At first, I thought the product was Liquid Pants. Hoo boy, it’s late…

  4. I ordered off heartsy for them too. I’m still waiting on my package. Hopefully I’ll get it soon. 🙂 but this product looks nice just expensive.