It’s Friday, I’m in Love


It’s a big weekend and a big week here!  Today (Friday) is someone special’s birthday and tomorrow we’re going to celebrate.  In the meantime I’m making a chocolate cake and then trying to figure out if I can actually decorate it.  I went through this phase last fall where I collected a ton of Wilton’s gadgets, so I’m going to put them to use!

Thursday I’m sitting for Jack on my forearm.  If you know me at all you’ll know that he is the piece I’ve been waiting to get for the longest, I just needed to find the right artist, the right image, the right place to put him.  It’s all coming together!

Comicon is also coming up.  I’m very excited, as one can imagine.


I’ve been relatively mum on the Orglamix front.  On another front as well, but I’ll get to that.

Anyway, apparently Cheri took the money that she got from her sales from Orglamix (after it was closest down on Etsy and from people who never got their orders) and used it to fund a brick and morter store in her hometown.  She also sells her repackaged non-homemade product as her own again.  Needless to say people who she still owes product to or refunds to found this out and jumped all over her.

You can read about the shenanigans here.


Once upon a time there was this HUGE cockroach thing that lived in the mailboxes across the street.  Every time I walked over to get my mail it would YELL at me for opening my box… like he was taking a bath and I invaded his privacy.  I cannot tell you how many time I SWORE I killed him.  He just kept coming back.  Glittersniffer is like that cockroach.  Pardon my language but that woman has some BALLS on her.

Apparently GlitterSniffer Complaints is going to be ‘working’ with her to process and facilitate refunds.  I know a couple of these ladies personally and while I completely disagree with a few comments saying they are ‘working together’, I also completely disagree with them being involved at all.  As it sits… at a quick glance it might appear that GS’s greatest opponent has been ‘won over’ so to speak.  It’s actually right on track with the manipulative BS that company thrives on.  Next thing you know GS will be blaming the watchdog site for people not getting refunds.

Anyway, despite and FDA investigation and a recall and a trail of fraud and unsanitary practices, GS is hoping to be BACK in business.  In order for anyone to get a refund, someone will have to BUY her crap.

You can read about THOSE shenanigans here.

Blog Sale

Not this coming week but next (July 25-27) I’ll be having a blog sale.  I’ll be accepting Google Checkout.  I have a HUGE collection of new and or just swatched stuff.  LOTS of indie stuff, lots of name brand stuff.  I will be selling things in lots, to make shipping easier.  So I’m afraid I won’t be offering ONE shadow, but perhaps a collection of four or five at a time.  That being said do you want me to stick to colors or companies?  For example would you rather see listings for five pink shadows or five Aromaleigh shadows?


I used to have a craft blog.  It was abandoned after a post or two.  I’m going to dust it off and give it another go.  If I’m not writing, I’m making something.  I ran to Joanns just now to get some elastic and walked away with ten new patterns, a ton of new jewelry stuff, and a couple of magazines.

What are some of your favorite craft blogs?

The Links

I made so many of these!

For the VERY lazy.

This calls my name.

In celebration of Part 2.

I have a ton of these from Mitsuwa.  I should probably use them.

Trolling Saruman

I literally said to myself, “I hope someone make a tut for this.”  BAM

These look so cool.

Your Turn

  1. How do you like the last week’s reviews?  Do you like the new ‘conclusion’ format?  Are the pictures a bit better?  I’m trying!
  2. What is one new technique you hope to master?
  3. Does anything really work to make your hair grow faster?
  4. If you have a CVS by you that stocks Nuance, would you do a CP for me?


26 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love”

  1. 1) One technique I hope to master: Smokey. Eyes. Seriously. I just…it eludes me.
    2) I’m not sure about the hair but once I started using sulfate-free shampoo/conditioner my hair became a lot healthier and I think healthy hair may be key to growing faster? I’ve heard vitamin E as well.

    You asked about the blog sale and I would be interested in purchasing Aromaleigh. I really miss that company and wish I had gone a lot bigger with my last purchases from them. If you do go for colors I’ll probably be keeping an eye out for magenta pinks =)

  2. 1. Reviews continue to be good!
    2. I hope to master being able to sew a perfectly even hem, because I have some gorgeous vintage fabric that I want to turn into a skirt but the edge pattern will require achieving a most perfect hem.
    3. Not really; hair itself isn’t a living part of the body (which is why ‘healthy’ hair is a myth), but certain treatments can reduce breakage which will give the strands a more even appearance as far as length. I’ve heard that avoiding a very low-fat diet is good for both skin and hair.
    4. I’m starting to think our local CVS branches only stock loathing and ineptitude.

    • Oh wow — my browser dropped me down to the bottom of the post when I clicked, and I totally missed those jaw-dropping updates! Some people are just unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. I hope they reap a great quantity of what they’ve sown.

      But happy note — nice patterns! I bought some of the same this week, too, along with a stack of retro reproductions. My husband laughed; my day job is vintage sewing patterns and here I am, stocking up on repros! My excuse (and I’m sticking with it!) is that I’m tall and hate having to alter the bodice length every time.

  3. 1. I think that photos are better but I’d like bigger format if that’s possible 🙂

    2. Hmm, one stroke painting probably and not necessarily on canvas. It’s such an interesting technique!

    3. I don’t think so, though my hair grows faster than average.

  4. I’ve heard, but obviously I can’t attest to it, that prenatal vitamins make your hair grow faster.

    I’ll look at CVS for you. xo

  5. For the blogsale – i’d prefer by company (another Aromaleigh afficiando here), although it’s 99% likely i’ll just look and not buy.

    1) I like your reviews! I like having a nice clear bottom line with your thoughts.
    2) Blending. I have no patience, sadly, so i keep things really really simple. I’ve finally watched enough videos to realize that the point at which i say “It’s a disaster” and take everything off is the point at which more skilled people say “And now you blend the harsh edges out.”
    3) Getting pregnant, =P

  6. I just wanted to take a second to address the GlitterSniffer issue. I understand that people are quick to assume that the reporting of the refund information for GS was some sort of tacit agreement that GS should be back in business. Far from it. The blog and page have always reported on everything to do with GS, even if that information came from Lela herself. When she contacted me and asked that I get the information out I struggled with that decision. On the one hand, people would assume, as they have, that we were all of a sudden Wonder Twins. On the other, GS was going to open back up regardless, as anyone who had been following the situation could clearly see by the posts the previous week. After careful consideration my thought was that if Lela was going to open anyway people who still wanted their refunds should have the information to go about obtaining them. I did ask that totals and proof of refunds be sent so that it could be tracked, but I dismissed out of hand Lela’s assumption that I would actually be sent funds and dispense the refunds myself. While some may consider it an endorsement I see it as simply another report of information. If I denied that information to people I would be no better than GS who have denied the refunds all along. Posting about the refunds is not an endorsement and I can assure everyone that should anything go remiss in the refund process, with the charities, with FDA, or anything else, it will be made public as quickly as possible as has been the case the last 7 months. I am still following up on every single complaint I filed personally, and I can guarantee that GS will never see a dime of my own money ever again.

    I want to thank you for bringing to the forefront these concerns and allowing me the chance to address them. I would hate to see all the work that has been put into this be cast aside based on assumptions that are easily explained. I also understand that people may not agree with every decision I’ve made. I can only be as forthright as I have always been in saying I considered every option and in the end I could not find a way to sleep at night if I didn’t give everyone all the information available. Pursuing a refund has to be up to the individual and I have no right to refuse that, regardless of my personal feelings on the matter.

    I hope that clears up a bit of confusion regarding the intent behind the post. As always I am available to answer any questions or am open to any information regarding the GS situation.
    ~Frances Danger

  7. Is it just me or is the link for “In celebration of Part 2.” and the one below it the same?

  8. I really need to work on smokey eyes too! You’re also doing a great job, right to the point. I’ve always enjoyed them . As far as your blog sale goes, I’m just excited to see what you are selling. I’m saving up my monies for it!

  9. Yes! Conclusions are great; sometimes it’s hard to pick out what the most important aspect is from a detailed review.

    My friend told me the other day that the only method to get hair to grow faster that actually works is this procedure where they stick a balloon under your scalp and inflate it slightly 😐 Sounds painful and icky to me.

  10. Prenatal vitamins do help your hair grow faster. Some birth control pills do as well.
    There are so many things I want to master, I can’t even begin to list them all. Smoky eyes. Creme blush. Plying my spinning. French seams. Binding a quilt….and on and on. Let’s start with creme blush – I suck at it.
    Conclusions are good – the new review format is much tighter and also good.
    Our CVS’ suck, but if they do,which I doubt they will, sure.

    I’m the weirdo – go by colour group. That way buyers know they’ll like everything they get, at least colour wise, with the added advantage of they may get to try a company they’ve never had the chance to get before,

  11. I think posting the cosmetics by brad would be best if you’re going to sell them! I loved the reviews for last week, especially the eyebrow pencil. I’ve never had to use one but it will be nice to have some in mind for later.

  12. I swear, you’ll get me hooked on pixiwoo yet. I’m normally not really much for makeup tutorial videos, but I’ve enjoyed every one you’ve linked to.

    I hope to master a good winged liner look, with a nice sharp corner. I’m still looking for a gel or creme liner that I really like, and that works well for me to complete this, but my lack of money has sort limited that search quite a bit.

    I will keep my eye out for Nuance, though I had to look up what it is, heh. My local CVS stores always has a good selection of new products, so I’ll see if I can find it in the displays.

  13. I’m more interested in company lots rather than matching colours! I also recognise a few of the patterns in your photo – I would love to buy those and be able to make my own dresses. They look so crisp and elegant.

    I’ll let you know too if I see Nuance products in my CVS! 🙂

  14. 1. I like the conclusions section, just because it’s a quick summary of the main points you addressed.
    2. As for the make up techniques, I do want to get better at a sharp cut crease.
    3. My hair grows pretty fast as it is, I don’t know if I’d try to get it to grow faster; one of my mom’s old, weird and home grown remedies was to rub olive oil on my head to make my hair thick…I was a greasy child thanks to that.
    4. They sell Nuance at the CVS near me in Irvine, what is it you are looking for?

  15. mollythepirate July 16, 2011 at 12:03 am

    I now have Saruman trolling stuck in my head. For-ev-ver.

    Oh the fancy “period costume” patterns – I have so many of those! I don’t sew, but I buy the patterns and wish I did sew and stare dreamily at how pretty they are. How many times have I worn a period costume gown? Um…once. So maybe it is a good thing I don’t make them.

    I think it might be cheating to say this but One Pretty Thing might be my favorite craft blog. She goes to all the work of rounding up the projects and makes it so easy on me (and, you know, all the other readers). I also like Ruffles and Stuff – again with the sewing. I think it’s dreamy envy. 🙂

    I want to master tight lining! I need an appropriate brush first.

  16. Ugh at Orglamix and G.S. Just ugh.

    I look forward to the blogsale. I like the idea to sell the items by company.

    For the reviews, I do like the “Conclusion” format, and your photos have always been good. 🙂
    I hope to someday learn how to do the smokey eye look. I try but it never seems to be spot on.

  17. Waaah 😀 You can get Dollywink in Cali? How envious am I now, haha, would love to know the retail price to see if they totally jacked up the original price.

    I wanted to comment on your Guerlain review and somehow forgot it even though the tab was open for like a zillion hours. Anyways, they don’t really work for me and everyone keeps telling me about this airbrush effect I’m eagerly waiting for to happen on my face as well, but yeah.. nobody ever really posts before and after pictures and it’s kinda confusing because all my Météorites are now covered in a dusty veil.

  18. 1.I always love your reviews, you are one of the few bloggers that I really trust and the conclusion format is love!

    2.There are a lot of techniques I want to master but I think first I need to figure out getting both eyes matching! lol

    3.As a licensed pro for 20+ years I will give you the big secret….No! We are all genetically pre designed with a set hair/nail design which includes the rate of growth. The only things that will (temporarily) change this are, hormonal changes (pregnancy & menopause), Health conditions (thyroid, liver disease etc) and certain medications. Though other than pregnancy most of these change the rate of growth for the worse.

    4.I just saw them putting them out this week, email me what you want. :o)

  19. I’d like to master wingtipping with eyeliner..I have like no crease and the eyeliner kinda disappears into the folds on my eye. As far as GlitterSniffer goes…I hope someone glitterbombs her…and it gets in her eyes and causes her itchy watery pain.

  20. 1. I like the new format. I tend to skip to the end and read the bullet points, and the introduction, to decide whether it’s a company/product I’d be interested in at all, before reading the entire review.

    2. Eyeliner. I still can’t do it. It makes me not want to do makeup 😦

    3. Kelp supplements are supposed to make your hair and nails grow faster. The multivitamins for hair (calcium, magnesium, vit e, silica etc) are for condition, kelp is supposed to just speed up hair/nail growth. That’s why the natural hair-speed-up-growth products are usually marine-based. Kelp is used to treat thyroid issues which, I understand, effect hair growth, so I think that’s why, but I don’t know why in any greater detail than that. I used to sell natural remedies and stuff, and people said kelp worked. It’s cheap, but the tablets smell gross.

    4. I obviously don’t but I’ve always wondered exactly what CP stands for? I know what it is, just not what the letters stand for o.o

    • Custom Purchase 🙂 I think anyway, if not I’m making it up.

      I’ll try kelp. Anything to grow my mop out now!

  21. I like the conclusion. I think ‘s it helpful.

    I’m going to say I need to work on smokey eye technique. Having said that though, I really need to buy some grey eyeshadows. Somehow I’ve managed to buy greens, wines, coppers but nothing else.

    As for favourite craft blogs, I read a lot of sewing blogs and the thought of trying to pick one or two makes my head ache. I think if I tried I’d end up with most of my blogroll listed. I always love to see what others are making.

  22. My mom (hair stylist for 25+ years) always reccomends one of two things:

    1. Horse Shampoo, litterally the stuff they use on their tails and manes. There is one specially made to help make hair grow. Its usually used for show horses.

    2. A hair treatment plan for breakage. When you have strong hair its obviously not going to break as easy and will grow longer.

    I dont have a favorite craft blog but i love

    Thats all I have for ya…

  23. 1. How do you like the last week’s reviews? Do you like the new ‘conclusion’ format? Are the pictures a bit better? I’m trying!
    I’m with everyone else on this: love, love, LOVE your reviews in either case (though in some cases I do wish you’d include more swatches!)
    2. What is one new technique you hope to master?
    One beauty-related technique I hope to master is the art of grooming brows. I just can’t do it! (Non-beauty related, I’d like to work on my running tech – I bounce waaay too much :()
    3. Does anything really work to make your hair grow faster?
    Not sure. I don’t really do hair things 😦
    4. If you have a CVS by you that stocks Nuance, would you do a CP for me?
    If they do, heck yeah. I’ll check tomorrow.