Impromptu MAC Destash!

I pulled a stuff stuff out of my closet and found my stash of MAC Venomous Villains stuff.  The most I ever did with this stuff was swatch it and I won’t use it.  As pretty as the packaging is, I’m still going to let it go.

You can read my review here.

My Dark Magic Mineralize Shadow – 28$

Darkly My Dear Blush –  – 28$

Her Alter Image – 20$

De-Vil – 20$

Strange Potion – 22$

Wrong Spell – 24$

Revenge is Sweet -32$

Devilishly Stylish -22$

Hot House –  22$

Briar Rose – 35$

First comment for the item holds it until it’s paid.  I’ll send an invoice via Google Checkout to the email used to comment.

Shipping is 3$ per item, 5$ for two or more.  International will be actual shipping.


Google is sending out duplicate invoices because it hates me 😦


7 Responses to “Villainous!”

  1. Hi wow thanks for doing this I been looking for some of this Can you invoice me for

    -My Dark Magic Mineralize Shadow

    Thanks so much Grey!

  2. Hello, may I please get Briar Rose. Shipping is to New Zealand. Grey you rock 🙂

  3. I would love strange potion!!!!


  4. Uhhhh crap, I need to find a way to make my cash into online money…

  5. Ok, I think I may just have to get Devilishly Stylish too!!!


  6. Hi! I would love wrong spell, please! Located in the US of A.


  7. Did you ever sell all of this? I may be interested.