Gauge Gems

New from Whimsy Beading! Gauge Gems allow you to wear the fun hoops you love without having to wear cheater plugs in your gauges. The strong, steel memory wire keeps its shape, and the hook-and-eye clasp keep them secure for easy wear. The end beads are glued in place using strong jewelers glue, so you won’t have to worry about beads being lost or coming loose.

This are GORGEOUS.  I cannot get over how PERFECT they are for me, they are simply adorable and delicate and feminine and… beautiful.  I love that they are nice and light, which is something to consider when you’re wearing something in stretched ears.  Anything heavy will make your ears stretch MORE and in some cases unevenly, leading to a droop.

The hooks on the hoops are east to fasten so you don’t have to pull or tug or fuss with them.

I love these so much I went in search of nail polish and eye shadow to match!


8 Responses to “Gauge Gems”

  1. those earrings are simply beautiful! what a fun piece to create a look around.

  2. THIS IS AMAZING! I was LITERALLY not even 10 minutes ago searching for earrings to pair with my 00’s. It’s like the bloglovin Gods answered my prayers. What an awesome find!

  3. Possibly two very stupid questions: What are cheater plugs, and how do these earrings not require them where other hooped ones do?

    • Cheater plugs are flesh colored silicone plugs with a regular sized earring hole in the middle. I think Grey wears them when she wears her threader earrings from us. They’re also the name for earrings that look like gauged earrings with a regular post, so it gets confusing.

      These earrings go through a person’s “tunnel” style gauged earring and hook closed to sit in the tunnel. They’re not for use with regular pierced ears at all.

  4. I love love love my Gauge Gems and were my pairs at least a couple of times a week. It’s a great way to still wear pretty sparkly earrings 🙂

  5. Ah, I need to order from Whimsy Beading one of these days.

    Also this may seem kind of random, as I almost never comment here (though I read this blog a lot), but your reviews about Inglot intrigued me and as I’m in NYC for a few days I checked out the shop. I have to say I was VERY impressed–I went to MAC just before and compared to that, Inglot’s prices were much more reasonable, and the cashiers were much more friendly. Yeah so long story short, THANK YOU for talking about Inglot because I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise.

  6. These are absolutely gorgeous!! I have seen a few posts between you and Phyrra and really think their jewelry is beautiful.. I think when the funds are good I need to order from them.. Thanks for the post

  7. Makes me want to gauge my ears again just so I can have these!! Gorgeous!