Rainbow Bright

Thanks to some creative driving I made my way up to Inglot over the weekend and picked myself up some of the much anticipated Rainbow Shadows (they also released an ton of new mattes shades as well).  I had a bit of an argument with myself over which ones to get, but as it turned out I think I did alright.  I swatched them and came to the conclusion that I probably already had all of the colors or close enough dupes in singles.  They currently have a total of twenty shades available.  Despite my predilection towards brights, I chose five simple and almost neutral shades.

From left to right : 115, 119, 113, 117, and 116

warm purple, rose/pink, rosey beige, taupe, and browny cream

Each pan is 7$.  It’s the standard square shape shadow size which is 2.7 grams.  While it’s not the same price as the original pans, which now sell on the site at 5$, they are still an AMAZINGLY good deal if you consider them against other ‘big brand’ cosmetics (MAC, MUFE, etc etc).  I paid 35$ (minus my pro discount) for the palette of five shadows which is a total of FIFTEEN colors, or 2.33$ each.

 From left to right : 119, 113, 117, and 116




The trios are all matte finish although I think it’s been suggested that they will release some this winter that are DS and Pearl.  I really don’t care for the pearl shades, but I love the DS finishes.  I’m really excited about these, the shades that I have are sort of mix and match and I can create a few different looks from something bright and fun to a dark brown smokey look.  I’m crazy about these pans they are just as smooth and pigmented as the mono-pans, not that I would have expected any less.

You can read my original Inglot review here and my follow up review here.

Would I purchase Inglot Rainbow Shadows again?  Yes.

✔  The price is amazing.

✔ They wear well.

✔ There is a wide range of colors.

✔  The pigmentation is vibrant.

Price: 5/5

Packaging: 5/5

Pigmentation: 5/5

Wear: 5/5

Overall: /  5


9 Responses to “Rainbow Bright”

  1. Thanks for the swatches! I’ve been stalking the inglot website ever since these were released. I’ve been pondering placing an order. I think I’m going to have to now!

    • Yay thank you for the lovely swatches! I have been looking around for good swatches and here they are ❤ You rock!

  2. Those are SO gorgeous! I love them. I am on a no buy for awhile until I pay off 2K. lmao! The only thing I’m allowed to buy is mascara when mine gets clumpy.

  3. Love it! Such a great concept and the colors you picked are super pretty.

  4. I like the looks of these. Ive been dying to try Inglot ever since reviews started popping up. I think ill wait for the DS & pearl shades though because mattes arent really my thing.

  5. I really want to grab this ~ I might have to take a special trip to Fashion Island this summer.

  6. I love the idea of Rainbow palettes and especially when they’re branded as “INGLOT”, this must be like the insane pigmentation super nova, they look fantastic and I hope my friend can get me some anytime soon. Thanks to you I discovered my love for INGLOT haha

  7. I love the purple ones! I neeeed more Inglot, the shadows are so lovely and creamy.

    So unfair >__<