Mae Minerals – A Review


I found Mae Minerals through the power of Heartsy.  This was pre-rules Heartsy, though, when I saw something I liked and bought a voucher willy-nilly like.  I bought the voucher and headed over to the shop to find out nothing seemed to be in stock and the site seemed… half finished.  Like the listings weren’t quite done yet, some contained no information at all.

I gave it some time, figuring they were busy with the Heartys Rush.  In general I will be more lenient on a review if I shopped via a Heartsy voucher because I understand Heartsy is changing things EVERY DANG DAY now.

So yes, I waited.  Eventually the few things I wanted to try came back in stock, although the site never really changed.  The listings were still sparse, many without sizes or shade descriptions in them.  I placed my order and waited.

Now the site is much improved. The listings have nice images available and actual shade descriptions in the listings as well as ingredients.  It totes the usual mineral makeup manta of being ‘good for you’ and all natural.  They sell a nice range of products from foundation, veils, and concealers to a variety of eye shadows (although they focus on neutrals).  They actually sell both ‘eye shadows’ and MVP (Mae versatile powders) but I’m not sure what the difference are.  The usual ‘pop’ shades are repackaged as ‘Lollipop’ shades as well.

There is basically no branding to the company at all.  The website is very simple and plain and there is no particular style to it.

I ordered:

Glow Luminizer
Mad Girls Margarita Vegan Lip Balm
Rose Hydrosol Toner/Refreshener
Temptress MVP
Cinnamon & Sugar eye shadow


Shipping was 5.95$.  I ordered on June 22nd.  It moved into processing on July 2nd at which time I was invoiced for the amount I spent over the voucher.  My order then shipped on July 14th.  It arrived to me on July 18th.


My order arrived in a plain envelope mailer.  Inside my items where wrapped and sealed in plastic (so the wet item wouldn’t leak).  Included was my invoice as well as a free sample.


From left to right : Cinnamon & Sugar, Temptress, and Glow

The powder products come in standard clear jars and are labeled on the bottom with the company name and location, the product and color, the weight, and the ingredients.

Glow Luminizer

Glow, our Mae Minerals Luminizer, is fantastic!  It has a light, cream toned base that works with any skin tone and gives just the smallest hint of sparkle without a glittery effect.  When Glow is lightly brushed onto the skin you will notice the difference immediately.  Glow’s high refracting properties even out your skin tone and instantly brighten everything it touches.  Use it alone as a quick pick up for a beautiful “makeup-less” glow or brush it on top of your makeup for an illuminating, matte finish.

Warning:  Glow is addicting.  Once you are with glow, you’ll never want to be without it.

Glow is 20$ for a 10 gram jar and honestly a on the pricy side for me (although the jar is a nice size).  I picked it up because I was hoping it would be a great dupe for a product I was looking for that was used in a tut that was discontinued.  The jar is really nice, instead of the usual sifter there is a sliding… thing on it so that you can actually open and close the sifter to avoid a mess.  Other then that the jar wasn’t sealed.

This is a nice product.  It’s not too tinted that I can’t wear it with my very fair skin and it’s not too sparkly that I look like something out of Twatlight.  It makes a nice finishing powder or you can dust it on over a moisturizer/SPF for a bit of soft coverage.  There is nothing in it that will control oil (although kaolin is listed as an ingredient that it may contain) make this a soft focus product, though.

Mad Girls Margarita Vegan Lip Balm

Our new Vegan Lip Balm is smooth and moisturizing. And our new flavor Margarita compliments this recipe well. Now its never too early for a Margarita!

This was a nice, very basic, balm.  The flavor was pleasant and it wasn’t greasy or oily like some vegan balms can be.  It didn’t really moisturize, I don’t think, but it wore well.  Each balm comes in a standard sized tube that is labeled with the company name, flavor, weight, and ingredients.  It was not sealed.

Rose Hydrosol Toner/Refreshener

You will find yourself using this every day. It is such a versatile and beneficial product, I can’t believe I only started using it this year!

Perfect for traveling! Use after air travel  to revitalize the skin.

Can use as a Setting Spray for Mineral Makeup.

This is simply rose water.  Which if I was paying attention to the listing I would have realized.  Looking at the listing now I wonder if it was one of those ‘unfinished’ ones when I ordered.  Basically this is just rose water in a little spritz bottle complete with a label.



A sweet, yet sexy shade. Pinks and Silvers. Use wet for a more intense look.

This MVP came in a standard 10 gram jar with 3 grams of product, and the sifter was sealed.  The color is not quite what I’d call a pink or a silver.  I want to say it’s more of a rosy copper with sparkles.  Made with boron nitride, it’s VERY shimmery.  BN is one of those ‘nano particles’ that a lot of companies avoid using.  It’s a known irritant and it’s shiny because the actual partial is ‘sharp’ and it can cause microscratches in sensitive skin, so many people tend not be able to wear it.  All that being said, I like the shade a lot.  Unfortunately, it didn’t wear well.  One of the properties of BN is to aid in the sheerness and adhesion of the product.  So I’m not exactly sure why it seems to just… fall off.  Even with a good primer it faded easily off oh my eyes and just disappeared when I attempted to use it as a blush.

Cinnamon & Sugar

Cinnamon and Sugar is a pale, smoky pink.  This beautiful pink has just enough sweetness (sugar) and the right amount of sultry (cinnamon) to become a fast favorite for everyone!  Use with our Sand eye shadow for a lovely, two-toned effect!

I was very disappointing in this shadow.  It’s not pink at all, in fact it’s purple with cooper streaks.  If by two-toned effect they mean that it’s streaky, then they got this just right.  I honestly expected some sort of duochrome effect with this.  It’s a very matte finish and I’m guessing that it’s streaked because they don’t use effective mixing equipment with working with oxides.  Oxides, as you know from me mentioning it a dozen times, are chunky and almost sticky.  To effectively use them as a matte shadow or colorant you REALLY need to make sure they are processed finely.  It came in a standard 5 gram jar with 1 gram of product, and the sifter was sealed.

I couldn’t use it to tell how well or how long it wore.  It’s funny, I specifically picked this shade to go along with Temptress and even though NEITHER shade were as described, they do actually compliment each other, oddly.

Would I purchase from Mae Minerals again?  No

✘  The prices are steep for ‘basic’ mineral makeup.

✘ There is nothing very special that sets the shop apart from anything else you could get anyplace else.

✘ I’m really not crazy about how poorly stocked the website was and how long the shipping wait was, although I did shop with a Heartsy voucher.

✘  The shadow that I got was poorly mixed and formulated.

Price: 3/5

Packaging: 3/5

Pigmentation: 3/5

Wear: 3/5

Overall: /  5


7 Responses to “Mae Minerals – A Review”

  1. I was waiting for your review on Mae! I wanted the suspicions that I posted back in April, when they randomly followed me on Twitter, to be wrong.

    Too bad they weren’t. :\

  2. Bummer. I’m always down to try a new company but you can tell in the swatch that Cinnamon & Sugar is streaky. In looking at the site I’m hesitant due to an issue with listing approved use correctly and (while the privacy policy is a plus) the limitation of warranties and liability are a bit too ‘lack of responsibility’ for my taste. I’ll pass.

  3. [first time leaving a comment; love your blog btw! =) ]

    Oh my… I used the heartsy voucher for mae minerals too, but it’s been almost 2 months since my order was placed and I haven’t seen hide nor hair of my parcel =(

  4. For some reason, I like the colors of streaky-ness of cinnamon and sugar. Although, it strikes me as odd for someone who hand mixes their eyeshadow, they would send such a cronky product. Also, did anyone notice the weirdness in the picture for Lioness? The more I look at it, the more part of it looks ‘shopped… (although I can’t tell for certain).

  5. Hi there! Thank you so much for your review. I always appreciate reviews of my products, whether good or bad, as it helps me to know what I’m doing right (and of course what I’m doing wrong!).

    The Heartsy feature totally threw me for a loop as I did not anticipate selling so many vouchers. I submitted the deal for votes on a Wednesday night (6/1) and it went live that Friday (6/3). I was clearly not prepared (my fault, I know–but I figured I’d sell 50 vouchers if that and also thought it would take longer to get selected). Pre-Heartsy, our typical shipping time was always 3 days or less.

    I know the site is still a work in progress, mostly because I haven’t found someone to take it over for me and I just keep running out of time. Also, our Lollipop shades are not from TKB and are not repackaged. Yes, some of my shades are colored micas mixed with my own base recipe, and others are formulated 100% by me and colored with oxides, but nothing is repackaged.

    Cinnamon & Sugar: I honestly have never received a complaint about the streaks before. I started mixing in larger batches and unfortunately it looks like your batch was not mixed properly (I use magic bullet-type mixers). I apologize for that and would be happy to replace it or send you another shade. As for Temptress, again I have not received a similar complaint, in fact have had many repeat buyers of that shade already (it was released in June).

    Please let me know if you’d like to give us another try and I would be happy to replace your selections and/or send you new ones.

    For the person that said they are still waiting for their order, please contact me at with your order number. The only Heartsy orders that are still pending from June either have a balance due or I am waiting for their shade selections.

    Again, thanks for taking the time to review our products. Have a wonderful day!

    p.s. My youngest son’s name is Grey. 🙂


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