I got to add to my ever growing collection of octopus themed jewelry.

I custom ordered these spirals from Paper Souls.  It took about three weeks to get them, but it was well worth the weight.  They’re made out of polymer clay so even as big as they are (my ears are about 9/16th) they are light enough to wear.  I admit, they are MUCH bigger then anything I’m used to, so when I first put them in they take some getting used to, but they look awesome and I get SO many compliments.  I’m really pleased with these because when I supplied my ear size they fit exactly. I’ve ordered custom spirals from Etsy before only to have them too thin (they slip around inside my holes) or too thick (they just don’t fit).  These are exact and snug.

I pair them with these tiny little baby octos that I got from Octopus Stew.  These are even SMALLER then the original pairs that I featured.  They are tiny and adorable and just the perfect accent.


11 Responses to “Tentacles”

  1. I have GOT to share these with my friend Lindsey. She will want a pair.

  2. Oh, my god, tentacle swirls.

  3. These are AWESOME! I love anything sea creature related. Unfortunately, I just started to shrink my ears back down to size 😦

  4. I wish you could post a picture of how they look on. Maybe you could do a side shot and cut out the pieces you don’t want others to see. I would really like to see how these look on.

  5. those are awesome! I don’t know why octopus-themed jewelry is so genius, but it really is.

  6. Aw, I loooove the babies! I bet that combo looks killer tho! 😀

  7. I saw a lot of those tentacles when I was browsing etsy one night this week. I think they’re really cute.

  8. I’m echoing Tina: if you would be comfortable with it, it would be fantastic to see what the tentacle + baby octo combination look like on you!
    Ooo…maybe later you’ll have a lotd (perhaps even a contest) based on some of your favorite octopus jewelry?

  9. Those tentacles look awesome! can you model them for us?

  10. Those look stunning and make me miss my 5mm lobes that I had. Fortunately I found some nice fake gauge tentacle earrings from Etsy to satisfy my cravings 😉 Would be nice to see you model them!

  11. hahah! thanks for the plug! (no pun intended,) im really glad you liked your gauges 😉