Pink Dotted Owl – A Review


Pink Dotted Owl is a shop I found via Heartsy.  I think the voucher ended up being free, which makes reviews even harder to do.  Ugh.  Anyway…

The shop looked amazing.  I clicked over and immediately found a dozen things I wanted to try and had no problems using up the voucher.  The listings are really well photographed and have a complete list of ingredients as well as scent descriptions and product sizes and weights, although the actual product descriptions are sort of vague.  The shop, quite honestly, is adorable.  It’s done in a very cute owl theme that appeared to be carried throughout all the products and labels as well.

The prices were fairly competitive for the products.  I was able to get quite a bit with the voucher.

I ordered:

Owlivers Twist – Cotton Candy – Soap with a Twist (TM) – with Shea Butter –
Owlicious Bubble Gum Fluffy Whip Cream Soap
Owlicious Bubble Gum Shea Butter Lip Balm
Owlalicious Pom Orange Shea Body Butter Lotion
Owlalicious Bubble Gum Soap with Polka Dots and a Candy Sprinkled Top
Little Owlz Sweet Orange Chili Pepper Flower Garden Candle – HIGHLY SCENTED
Owlicious Lemon Honey Shea Butter Lip


I ended up paying 9.50$ for shipping, which was very steep considering my order arrived in a 5$ Flat Rate envelope.  I ordered on June 28th, my package was marked shipped on July 2nd and arrived on the 7th.


The first thing I noticed when I opened the package was the stale smell of cigarette smoke.  It wasn’t overwhelming, but it lingered in the wrapping of the packaging.  Since it arrived in a cardboard mailer and wrapped in bubble wrap the smoke smell was trapped inside and the products themselves took on the smell.  Other then the odor, everything was carefully wrapped.  There was a thank you written on the invoice.

My Etsy name has been (poorly) edited out.

I did send what I thought was a polite convo stating I was disappointed in the smell and perhaps it should be noted in the sellers profile that the items are made and or packaged around smokers.  My convo was ignored.


All of the products came nicely labeled with the company name, scent, weight, and ingredients.  Nothing, aside from the soap, was sealed.

Owlivers Twist – Cotton Candy – Soap with a Twist (TM)

This is soap in a twist up container.  Just as it says in the listing, but for some reason I expected it to be a softer sort of soap, not a liquid soap, but a creamy soap that would make sense to be in a twist container.  Instead this is a hard bar of soap just… in a twist up container.  It’s actually sort of weird to use because the whole thing gets wet, since you have to get soap wet to use it.  When it’s left the whole thing starts to melt and get goopy.  I guess I just honestly don’t get how this product is supposed to be used.

Owlicious Bubble Gum Fluffy Whip Cream Soap

This smells like bubble gum and not just any bubble gum Bazooka Joe bubble gum which is the king of all bubble gum flavors.  That being said, I had to let it air out a bit because the stale smoke smell seems especially trapped around this container.  The soap is actually whipped and not the chunky stuff, although the chunky stuff is the actual hand-blended formula most times.  It comes in a generous wide mouth jar.

This whipped soap is most likely a premade formula, since the ingredients match a lot of other products sold on Etsy.  It rinses clean and leaves a hint of scent behind.

Owlicious Bubble Gum Shea Butter Lip Balm and Owlicious Lemon Honey Shea Butter Lip

Sadly, this is your run of the mill, melt and pour, formula with flavor mixed it.  While it’s not all that greasy, it’s simply a nice balm that’s not exactly moisturizing or very remarkable.  It is a little bit hard and waxy, actually.  I really like the Lemon Honey flavor, for some reason, it reminds me of delicious tea.  The balms come in your standard sized tubes and are nicely filled.

Owlalicious Pom Orange Shea Body Butter Lotion

Once again, I’m willing to bet that this is a premade formula with a scent mixed in.  While no, in general there is NOTHING wrong with using a premade base, I would honestly prefer the scent mixed in was more unique or… proprietary.  This pomagrantate orange is something I’ve smelled a few times before.

The lotion is nice and moisturizing and not all that greasy.  It comes in a nice sized squeeze tube with a flip top lid.

Owlalicious Bubble Gum Soap with Polka Dots and a Candy Sprinkled Top

This soap looked just adorable in the listing.  It was not so adorable when it arrived.  It’s QUITE obvious that this is an old bar of soap, the sprinkles on the top had melted and molded into the soap and the colored circles inside the white of the soap had faded and the color leached out.  The white actually isn’t so white, either.  Overall the actual soap I received was… unappealing at best.

I contacted a soap expert to ask if it was possible that the short trip during shipping would have been long enough to see that sort of degradation in product and I was assured that the soap would have to be ‘quite’ old to see that sort of eww forming.  There are serious quality control issues here if they knowingly sent out this product.

Over all their soaps are very creative.  I love the ones with the owls in them and the cup of cappuccino is especially creative.  It’s sad that the one I received wasn’t very nice.

Little Owlz Sweet Orange Chili Pepper Flower Garden Candle – HIGHLY SCENTED

I really really disliked this candle.  It’s highly scented to the point that the orange was so sickeningly sweet I couldn’t burn it long.  Alas, I cannot say how well or how long the candle burned or note the composition, etc etc.  I had to get rid of it.  Thankfully my cousin found use for it in her car.  Now I won’t go anyplace with her because it smells so sickeningly sweet in there.  Just leaving it open it serves as a nice air freshener.  It comes in a small tin with a clear lid.

I was really hoping for a spicy sweet scent, wondering about the chili pepper note in the description.  It was unnoticeable.

Would I order from Pink Dotted Owl again?  No.

✘  I received old and discolored products.

✘  On top of everything smelling like stale cigarettes, my convo regarding it was ignored which is just bad customer service.

✘  I was overcharged on shipping.

✘  I’m fairly certain everything is just premade bases with fragrance and color added and not a unique formulation.

Price: 3/5

Packaging: 2/5

Formulation: 2/5

Overall: .25 /  5


16 Responses to “Pink Dotted Owl – A Review”

  1. This is pretty much why I haven’t bought any Heartsy vouchers.

  2. Ewwwwwww. I don’t care if someone smokes, but I do not want it on my products. That is just icky. Not to mention the soap. Ugh.

  3. Yuck,this makes me want to go take a shower just looking at these products. I had the same thing happen when I ordered from a site called Skin-A-Licious,the products I received all had that look and feel as if they had sat around too long and one bath melt I ordered was covered in mold. I should have said something about it,but I have so much going on in my life and at that time I just was so busy with medical problems I never got around to doing anything about it.

    That’s really rude for someone to run a company and not say anything about the fact the products come from a smoke filled environment,another thing that makes me sick is getting pet hair in packages…gross!

    Living in Alaska I get overcharged all the time,I don’t understand how someone can legally charge you one price and then use the flat rate box to make a profit. It really makes steam come out of my ears when I know someone is taking advantage of me and if it happens I make sure to never do business with them again. There are so many wonderful companies out there that no one should ever have to settle for less.

    I’ve had companies like Haus of Gloi ,Epically Epic Soap,Valhalla Soap & Botanical Company and De Shawn soaps charge x amount and use flat rate boxes,however they are always quick to send a refund if my items fit in a flat rate box or if I am over charged and that keeps me coming back to their shops time and time again. Love,love,love these four companies and can’t say enough good things about them and the owners ❤

  4. I thought about buying this voucher. I’m so glad I didn’t.

  5. That soap looks FOUL. I’ve only purchased two B&B vouchers from Heartsy thus far. Thankfully, I’ve been pretty happy with both, especially Soap for Your Soul. In general, though, this reiterates why I’m so weary to stray from my beloved B&B companies. The smoke and soap is so absolutely nasty.

  6. At least the packaging is cute.
    I try to keep it positive! XD

  7. I bought a whipped soap from this shop a few months back while I was looking for peach scented B&B items. It really is average, nothing special. The peach smell is really sickeningly sweet and artificial smelling. I think gummy candy peaches smell more authentic.
    I didn’t really notice a smoke smell in my order (it may have been overwhelmed by the strong, fake peach scent) but as my husband and I are both allergic to cigarette smoke, I’ll have to take a pass on this shop for future buys.

  8. Not gonna lie, I pretty much stopped reading this at “the stale smell of cigarette smoke.” and you KNOW how I adore your reviews :/ But if a seller doesn’t care enough to at least not smoke around their products/packing materials, they also don’t care too much about their business or their customers, and if that’s the case, I couldn’t care less about learning more about their shop.

    Sorry you wasted your Heartsy moneyz though 😦 Bumout.

  9. Ew…..just Ewe.

  10. Pity, last year I bought a whipped soap in cotton candy and the smell was horribly artificial. The soap itself wasn’t too shabby though although not nice and creamy like Mad City. I might try the bubblegum since I *adore* realistic bubblegum scents.

  11. Even if you are a smoker yourself, you don’t want things to smell like cigarettes. That is not a scent I want around soap or body lotion etc. This is terrible 😦

  12. That’s too bad. They have a really cute store and theme. I don’t mind a premade base myself (though I prefer hand blended) as long as the scents are unique. Too bad this failed on all counts, especially that horrible looking soap.

  13. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience. I was tempted to get this voucher before they ran out. The products look so cute, which makes your shop experience even more disappointing.

    The soap looks very bad; I have bars of handmade soap which are over a year old and none of them look discoloured. Reminds me of my not knowing about Etsy (it may not have existed then) and purchasing a body glitter from eBay years ago when I was younger and just gotten a credit card. The product I got had slightly leaked out and had tape residue on it. Being a new person to online buying and as I feared retaliatory feedback, I didn’t complain. I totally would have now.

    The smoke scent and the shipping overcharge: even more off-putting-ness.

  14. That’s too bad! I love owls, and the shop’s design seemed really cute. But discolored/bad soaps is a major turn off, especially when it takes so long for a soap to get there.

  15. I did experience the smoke smell myself, after my second order from this seller. I ordered three items from Pink Dotted Owl and I haven’t had any problems with my soap looking like the picture above. Sorry that happened to you. I would have been turned off also. Anyway, I was satisfied with the orders I placed. So I guess it’s the luck of the draw here!