Pick of the Week

Evil Shades recently came out with something new, Spectrum Pots!

Spectrum Pots are a project I have been working on since December of last year. These are a cross between “paint pots” and “Jumbo pencils” they can be used to line the eye, as a colored base to make your shadow pop or as an eye shadow on their own.

Spectrum Pots are a wax based pigmented eye color with a slightly sticky texture to hold glitter & shimmer on the lid. They are water resistant (not rub proof). Spectrum pots intensify eyeshadow when applied over. They are made with no oils however as with any eye base each persons skin will hold them differently depending on skin type and texture.

These are not a gel liner, the texture is waxier, more like an eyeliner or sticky base. They apply best with a stiff angled liner brush, sponge tip applicator or cotton swab.

Vegan, paraben free and eye safe!

Each 3 gram jar contains 6.5 grams .24 oz. by weight of product.

I ordered one in Pink Prysm, a hot carnation pink with silver shimmer.  My order arrived quickly and was carefully packed along with a thank you and a couple little samples.  I really love the labels in the Evil Shades stuff, the little goth girl is adorable.

I’ve been having a lot of fun layering it and messing with it.  So far I’ve really loved using it as a cream shadow on my lid buffed out along the crease with some lighter pink shadow.  It works best for my over a primer, but on it’s own I haven’t had issues.

Have you tried it?


11 Responses to “Pick of the Week”

  1. I did, but my experience was not the best 😦 Creased fast even on top of a primer or with powder on top, was hard to achieve even coverage and was not pigmented. I wonder if I got a bad batch… I got the copper and the violet one…
    I hoped to use them as cream eyeshadow or eyeliners, but I couldn’t :/

  2. I got the violet one and am loving it! I really like the consistency. I haven’t had any problems with it creasing. I love using it as a base for layering colors. I actually like the Spectrum Pots better that the NYX JEP! Then again, I’m a huge Evil Shades fan!

  3. I haven’t tried them yet, but they’re way high up there on my “to buy” list.

  4. I want the yellow (since yellow shades have a lot of trouble showing up on me) and the white (a la Milk from Nyx).

  5. I really love how the colors turned out for the Spectrum pots. I just haven’t gotten a chance to play with them enough. The pink shade is gorgeous.

  6. Do they ever dry? Wondering whether they’re useful only as bases or as stand-alone shadows like Paint Pots.

    • They do “dry” but not to a powdery finish like a cream shadow would more like an eyeliner type finish. So for me personally I can’t wear them as a stand alone shadow but I do blend them up onto my brow bone as a highlight and that works great. I do have several customers that do wear them alone as a shadow and love it. I think it’s a personal preference.

      These little pots are weird & it was/is really hard for me to put a stamp of they work for this, this and this because I can wear them certain ways and have amazing results but then the ways that other people use them does not work on my skin or to my liking.
      If you want to try a small sample to see if they will work in the way you want to use them first, email me and I’ll let you try one to test it.

      I hope that helps.

      • That’s cool, thank you. I wouldn’t expect to be able to use a cream shadow all over alone, ’cause they will always crease in the contour eventually, surely. But it’s nice when you can use it all over, put shadow in the crease but leave the lid colour alone.

        I have to say I think it’s insanely awesome you have an indie cream shadow. I haven’t seen anything but the private label gel liners at indies before.

  7. I still need to get one (or a hundred) of these… nice to see they made “pick of the week” though! 😀

  8. Ooh, looks interesting! Haven’t tried them yet, but not sure if I will… cream-anything never seems to work for me, since I have the oiliest lids on the planet.

    • I think mine could give yours a run for their money 😛 I’ve been having a lot of luck with putting a bit of Lost in Makeupland’s Finishing Powder for Oily Skin on my lids, then TFSI. That holds up to a light layer of Nyx Jumbo Pencils.