It’s Friday, I’m in Love

Blog Sale

All the items from the blog sale so far HAVE gone out.  Google is being mean and isn’t… updating?  It also doesn’t seem to let me reply to inquiries.  It’s STILL sending double invoices, too.  I’m going to look into it because other then that, I really like how it works, the fees, the payout, etc etc.  There are still a few things available here and here.

I’ll be listing more items this week!  Look for Aromaleigh, more MAC (how I still have so much of this I don’t know), some drug store stuff, and lots of bit and ends of indie things.

Style Diary

I’m bringing this feature back.  It’s been a while since I’ve done one and I was SO inspired the other day that I spent a day searching local shops for things.  So look for Summer at Tiffany’s sometime soon.

In the meantime, I’m going to host a contest of sorts to inspire my next looks!  To enter just comment here with a link to a picture (from Tumblr, a movie, something you found around the house, anything) that you’d like to see me translate into a Style Diary post.  In fact, it doesn’t have to be a picture, it can be a song, a poem, or a movie.  So have fun.  I’ll be picking a bunch to post in the upcoming week.


I have been busier then I have been in a good long time.  I’ve taken on a ton of new projects along with the new writing opportunities and all that.  I know, KNOW, I’m missing emails.  I discovered a TON of them in the spam filter in the original mailbox (my Gothique email forwards to my personal inbox).  I also know I deleted a ton of them on my phone accidentally.

If I’ve miss anyone, PLEASE forgive me and email me again and let me know I suck!


I was recently diagnosed with a ‘massive’ vitamin D deficiency.  It’s always great to be standing in the line at the bakery and get a call from your nurse to tell you you need to come in straight away for a shot.  I know I’m stating the obvious (as I said to a friend not too long ago) that vitamins are good for you.  I started taking some in the efforts to get my bones not to melt.  In the meantime my nails are getting thicker and my skin?  It looks amazing.  I want to say it’s the vitamins because it’s literally the only thing I’ve been doing differently.  I just need to find one with MORE vitamin D.

Do you take vitamins?  What do you recommend?

Coming Soon

This week I’ll be posting reviews on:

Morgana’s Lip Balms

Cha-Cha Tint

Brows A-Go-Go

The Morbid the Merrier lotions

Pixi Succulent Lip Twin

The Links

BRB, having a house party.

Still hungry?

I have no idea why I missed this, but I love it.

This.  Is.  CRAZY.

I’m going to post the one NYX review I have almost finished and then ignore the company from now on.

LOVE love love this tutorial.  You’ll see it here again soon.

Vote for me, please!

I love this site and love these earrings.

My new home.

Really, Lancome?  Really?

I still adore Kat.

Your Turn

  1. What is your favorite felt tipped eyeliner?
  2. What sort of things would you like to see me review next?
  3. Would you be interested in seeing crafty ‘how-tos’ here or should I keep that to a separate blog?


31 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love”

  1. I looooooooooooooooooooooove Supersizers. I really hope it goes to DVD one day, even if it’s region 2.

    My vitamins: Iron, Calcium, D and the occasional B and C. Without D and iron, I would not be able to get out of bed because I’d be that exhausted. My friend Steffie has been working at the vitamin Shoppe for over 5 years now, so she is usually learning about the best kind of vitamins on the market.

  2. Oh, geez I didn’t even see your questions (I’m kind of spacey today)

    I’m always on the hunt for easy to use eyeliners, so perhaps more reviews of eyeliners would be my vote. I would enjoy seeing tutorials here 🙂

  3. Well,I have cancer in my bones and so I have to take alot of Calcium and vitamin D,I take a multi vitamin in the morning and Caltrate (1200 mg Calcium 800 IU vitamin D) twice a day. Vitamin D deficiencies seem to be pretty common,especially in areas where there isn’t alot of sun…like Alaska =p Do you get much sun where you live?

    It’s important if you take Caltrate to space the time in which you take the pills out because your body can only absorb so much (I forget the exact amount sorry!) and so taking two pills in the morning would be a waste.

  4. Hi Gray, i had gastric bypass surgery and must take vitamins every day. I also take a D and use Typically if you take a multivitamin and your calcium (with D, it’s a must), most non-gastric bypass patients will be fine with that and not need an additional D on top of it, but I do. Did your doctor give you a daily IU dosage to take?

  5. I still haven’t found a felt-tipped liner I would call a favorite. I just got one from ELF but I haven’t gotten to play with it yet. Here’s hoping!

    I should probably be taking a multivitamin, my boyfriend says I’m gonna have a vitamin D deficiency because I wear “too much” sunscreen.

  6. I take New Chapter Every Woman Whole-Food vitamins. They are fairly cheap, and I can take them on an empty stomach without getting sick. They contain 1000 iu of Vitamin D3 (which is the absorbable one if I remember correctly). New Chapter is a good brand. They say 100% vegetarian, but it doesn’t say anything about vegan on them. I find that they are low in Calcium though. This brand also includes probiotics and herbs.

  7. Because I have an issue with vitamins making me sick to my stomach, I stumbled onto taking gummy vitamins. They don’t make me sick, and they come in a variety of types. Some are multi-, some are omegas, etc. I highly recommend them.

    I’ve been trying out the Milani felt tipped liquid liner since my tokidoki one wore out. It works pretty well. I’m still in love with MUFE’s liquid liner.

    I think I’d love to see you review some blushes 🙂

  8. I’d like to see crafty how to ideas here, instead of a separate blog.

    I’m glad your D vitamins are helping! We don’t always see/feel better but the results of not taking them shows up in our bloodwork. Vitamins could also help to prevent a more serious problem down the road, but it’s important to talk to your doctor to make sure you’re taking what you need and not what you don’t.

    I went back on prenatals (ditching the regular multi vitamin), a B6/B12 combo, folic acid, and an 81mg aspirin daily after some issues popped up during some bloodwork. I’m sure I’ll be on a D / calcium supplement at some point as my Mom was diagnosed with moderate osteoporosis.

  9. I have a blood thing that requires me to take super multi-vitamins,so I don’t think I’d be able to function without being loaded up constantly. But I always recommend E if you are looking for complexion, hair and nail benefits, B-5 for weight loss help, and D and Iron for energy.

    I would love crafty how to’s! and a recommendation for an eyeliner that doesn’t budge once you put it down. Same with a primer, my eyelids are so oily, I don’t know what to do except redo my make up midday…

  10. I, too, take gummy vitamins, and I love them. Much less harsh on my stomach.

    I actually have had decent results with the Physicians Formula Lash Boosting Liner, although, technically, it’s not felt tip. Rather, a brush that looks like a felt tip. I also think Jordana FabuLiner isn’t bad, and it’s only $2. The Revlon Colorstay one’s always worked well for me too.

    I am really looking forward to all of those upcoming reviews! And bring on crafty how-to posts as well!

  11. For Style Diary I suggest Bladerunner. I’d love to see what you do with that whole futuristic dystopian neo noir thing.

    I’m sorry about the deficiency. I also recommend gummy vitamins. I think the helth food store have some that are extra fortified.

    I’m down for crafty how tos. I’m not crafty myself (I have a tendency to burn myself with glue guns) but I like to watch processes so it’d be interesting.

  12. Also on gummi vitamin bandwagon! The pre-natals I had originally were huge so finding gummies was awesome. Also taking iron pills ( have to crush them..I know I’m such a baby) and my nails are so strong now! The vitamn D’s were prescribed by my midwife, not sure what the brand was b/c I don’t have to take them anymore.

  13. I second Phyrra’s gummy vitamin suggestion. I don’t take them that way because my stomach gets irritated, but because I just like them.

    As for felt-tip liners, I’ve been looking for my perfect one, as it would be great to achieve that very precise, thin line that you can do with them. I’m trying one by Revlon right now, but it’s not quite dark enough to suit my taste.

    I’d love crafty tutorials, but that’s just because I’m a crafty person myself.

  14. I haven’t taken vitamins in a long time (even if I likely should with my seldom taking in any calcium and not being able to stay in the sun). A family member used to take Jamieson vitamins and didn’t experience any side effects and said they worked well. Jamieson is a Canadian company, so I don’t know if they’re available in the U.S.

    Ooh, I didn’t know The Morbid the Merrier had lotions! I’ll have to get an Absinthe one when I’m done my stash. The label art is fab.

    I’m looking forward to more indie company reviews.

  15. I’m supposed to take Iron (I’m anemic enough that even when I’m on the pills I still can’t give blood), but honestly I forget to take my pills most of the time. When I can remember, I also take Biotin, some B vitamin combination, Trader Joe’s women’s formula or whatever it’s called, and something else, I forget. More often than not, though, I just forget to take anything.

    Still looking for a good eyeliner. Have mostly given up on wearing eyeliner these days because I can’t find one I like.

    Crafty things are always welcome regardless of where.

    Inspiration wise for style diary: It would be awesome if you could do something with the first stanza of this poem: or a Waterhouse painting or Mucha print.

  16. I ❤ the PF felt-tipped eyeliners!

    I've been really bad about taking my vitamins lately, but when I do, I take children's chewables (like Flintstones or Centrum) because I can't swallow the horsepills that are adult multivitamins. CVS had some tiny ones that I was taking for awhile, but they really only contained the very basics. We can't keep the gummy ones in the house because the kids eat them like, well, candy- those childproof caps are anything but, and I swear, children have radar for these sorts of things and can find them no matter where you hide them. After 2 jars went missing, we stopped getting them- they were yummy, though! On top of that, I take a vitamin D and/or iron pill when I feel like I need a boost, having been diagnosed with both anemia and vitamin D deficiency in the past (I'm fairly certain both are still under control, for the most part, anyway).

    If you're going to do crafty how-tos and blog them elsewhere, *please* make sure you post that link in bright flashing neon colors at the top of the page so I don't miss them! I love reading them!! Alternately, just keep 'em here and make them a regular LeGothique feature; IMO a separate blog is not necessary ❤

    OOOH and for Style Diary, I leave you with this pic, because it's awesome:

  17. I take a daily multivitamin, plus an iron supplement (history of anemia) (wouldn’t History of Anemia be a great band name?) and zinc, which was recommended by my psychiatrist when my antidepressant made my hair fall out. It seems to help, my hair’s definitely thicker than it was.

    I would love crafty reviews with plenty of pictures!

  18. I Love your blog!! Thanks so much for sharing all your fabulous things! I have to take Vit. D as I have ms and “they” say it can help. I take prescription D 50,000 units three times a week. I also take gummies, regular ones upset my tummy too. I take biotin for my nails too. I love eyeliner tutorials and looks. I have very round eyes and they don’t look right when I try to extend my lines so I would love to see something to help me out!

    Thanks again for sharing!!!

  19. I used to work for Holland & Barrett, which I believe are part of Vitamin World in the US. I know they sold a lot of calcium supplements which came with vit D, and a few specific formulations for skin/hair which are things like calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin E, etc.

    If you’re buying very high strength versions of anything (several x the RDA) and it’s in 1 tablet rather than so many x times a day, BUY TIME RELEASED capsules/tablets otherwise the high strength is COMPLETELY POINTLESS since your body will only absorb like, a third of it, in one go, and then the rest will be excreted. With high-strength supplements, time released is absolutely essential if you’re taking it in one go.

    The brand names really don’t matter. Look at the back of the bottle, check what’s in it, what form it’s in (i.e. liquid iron is better than iron tablets, iron needs vit c in order to absorb it, some kinds are easier on the stomach or stored differently) and what strength it is.

    If you lived here I’d give you a bottle of:
    Just because it’s a nice mixture for bones and so on. Be careful of any capsules because the VAST majority of supplements in capsule form contain gelatin and aren’t vegan.

    Also, I would like to see you do a style diary based on a Song of Ice and Fire house. Preferably House Targaryan, but I bet you could do lovely things with the others, too.

    • Awesome advice Anastasia! I was trying to explain how your body will only absorb so much at one time,but you did a way better job of it! I actually wasn’t aware there were time released vitamins,is there a version for Calcium/Vitamin D only?

  20. I was extremely low in Vitamin D, doc had me on 50,000 IU Rx 3 times a week for 3 months and now I take 2000 IU daily and I’ve leveled off to a nice normal range.
    I don’t take vitamins (aside from D), I’m the Granddaughter of an old Blackfoot healer and so I really hate taking any medication or foreign substance at all. I eat healthy, exercise and drink crazy amounts of water. I also do not drink soda or eat fast food…actually I rarely eat any food not made by me.

    I would love to see some of your jewelry, crafts and other handy work.

    Felt tip liners usually make me angry but I like the Tokidoki ones and GOSH.

  21. This sounds weird, but I still take prenatal vitamins, the ones by Target, because they are coated and don’t have that awful B vitamin stink to them.

  22. Hi Grey! In regard to your question about vitamins, I would suggest looking into a brand called MegaFood. I’m really impressed with them. They are made with 100%whole food and don’t have any “funny stuff” in them. They have a website and are sold in online and some brick and mortar stores. I hope this helps!

  23. I really like taking effervescent vitamin tablets- they dissolve into a flavoured drink. I don’t know whether there’s vitamin D ones on the market but I like the vit C and zinc ones to keep my immune system up to scratch- I’ve always been pretty hardy but in the past year I’ve been more prone to sniffles and had a bad bout of flu.

    If anyone else spots this and has advice… I’d love to know whether there are any great joint supplements for veggies/vegans. My joints are bad and my boyfriend recommends glucosamine and creatine, but both are from shellfish.

  24. There is a vitamin D & Calcium version of Emergen-C it contains 1000 IU of Vitamin D and 500 mg of Calcium along with other vitamins and it comes in a really yummy mixed berry flavor. I totally forgot I had these,thanks for the reminder!

  25. I have a vitamin D deficiency too, I guess I am too goth or something 😛 I have been taking these for about a month. They are yummy but I haven’t noticed any real difference. What brand are you taking?

  26. I love Supersizers 😀 !

    The ScarJo transformation is crazy O_O !
    Oh, and I love Lisa’s tut, too – I really enjoy it when people like what they do, and she seems so genuine in her glee 🙂 .

    Voted 😀 !

    Golden Rose’s Dipliner! And Impala’s liquid eyeliner pen seems good, too.
    I like crafty HowTos.

    I feel really inspired by this – the colours, the craftsmanship, the look, the line, the materials – and I hope you find something in it that inspires you, too: Christian Dior Palmyre 1952 dress,×0-2.jpg

    • Oh, and the little earrings? Perfection!

      If you’re into his style, you might try something of Alexander McQueen’s – his show at the Met is closing and it would be… is ‘timely’ the right word?
      He has so many wonderful, wonderful pieces… and so different fro one another, that you might find heaps of inspiration in just one of his shows (and they themselves are wowing, too).

  27. For the style diary.

    I would love to see something inspired/translated from the 10th doctor who

  28. Watched the Regency House Party – thank you for sharing it with us 😀 .
    Oh, and the love story – the love story! I shed a couple of tears, I must admit.

  29. Man, I hate going so many posts back, but I do like your style diaries.

    how about this one?

    it’s from a french anime and game.