Succulent is a weird word, isn’t it?  Maybe it’s just me.

I was watching my usual YouTube tuts when I spotted the incomparable Lisa Eldridge using a new (to me) product from Pixi.

One look at the Pixi Succulent Lip Twin and I knew I had to have it but I had this sneaking suspicion that I’d never be able to find it by me.  I wandered into Target and walking past the Pixi display nearly fell over.  There is was!

Exquisite duo of lip balm and lip & cheek tint, for a burst of fresh colour and long-lasting nourishment.

“Nothing gives me more pleasure than creating products for YOU! I will continue to be inspired by you to keep producing the awakening, skin-loving, multitasking products that you are used to from Pixi!” -Petra Strand

What it is formulated to do:

Give yourself a lip-loving treat with this duo lip nourisher. The natural oils and extracts condition and protect your lips – all while adding a quick tint of face-awakening colour with our unique lip & cheek tint (conveniently located in cap).

In the tube: Multi-purpose lip balm to soothe & heal dry lips. In the cap: Solid lip & cheek tint for when you need a quick pick-me-up.

Beneficial ingredients and what they do:

  • Aloe Vera soothes and heals stressed skin
  • Jojoba Oil is an effective natural moisturizer and environmental barrier for the skin
  • Lavender extract heals and calms skin
  • Vitamin E nourishes and protect
  • Shea Butter nourishes the skin

Available in four colors I first chose Coral Camellia (which makes me want to sing Karma Chameleon).  There was a nice nude as well as a pink and a red.  Coral is just my shade now.  After I fell in love with it, I went back and got it in Pink Peony.

The tube contains 12 grams of product and the cap 2 grams.  The regular price of the tint is 18$ however Target has them on sale right now and I paid 15$. You can also order it from the Pixi site and they often have 20% off coupons and free shipping on orders over 50$.

From left to right : Coral Carmelia and Pink Peony

The tube/top set up is the same as the Illuminating Tint & Conceal that I like (that is too dark for me).  You have to sort of be careful with the product in the lid, I keep nicking it trying to screw the little lid back on.

The tint in the lid is wonderful.  It’s nice and smooth on your lips and blends easily into your cheeks.  I use my Real Techniques Buffing Brush to blend it in.  Both colors leave a really nice natural flush, you can also add more more more color, it layers and works up nicely.  Depending on how you apply it to your lips you can either achieve a shear tint or more opaque coverage.  It’s not drying at all and lasts nicely.  It has sort of a classic ‘lipstick’ smell to it that I quite like.  The stain will stain if you put it on bare skin (like when I swatched on my arm), but over a primer or foundation it’s fine.  It wears pretty much all day and doesn’t streak and when it does fade it does so even and more naturally.

Inside the tube is the ‘balm’, whichI have to admit is counter intuitive to me.  I’d think the stick in the lid was a balm, but the cream/gel is the tint of the product.  Either way, it’s WONDERFUL.  Someone commented seeing just the picture that it looks wonderfully moisturizing, and it is.  It’s got a sort of fruitish scent/taste to it, but I don’t mind it.  After a while it’s gone.  You can either wear the tint on your lips plain or top it with the balm for a richer look with amazing shine.  The balm is creamy and rich and really well formulated.  It’s not at all sticky.

One issue I noticed with it is sometimes you’ll have to shake the tube up.  If you’ve left it in the sun, as I did on occasion, it’ll separate.  I just shook it up really well and it’s been fine since.

This is going to turn out to be an everyday product for me.  It’s so easy to use one thing and go.  It’s easy to apply and even without a brush the tint is easy to blend into your cheeks and yet you can still apply it right from the bullet to your lips.

Would I purchase Pixi Succulent Lip Tint again?  Yes!

✘  The price is a little high.

✔  It wears well and is moisturizing.

✔  The colors are clear and bright.

✔ I really love multi-use products like this.

Price: 4/5

Packaging: 5/5

Pigmentation: 5/5

Wear: 5/5

Overall: .75 /  5


10 Responses to “Succulent”

  1. It looks gorgeous–I’ll have to check it out next time I’m in Target. I love Pixi’s lip stains, too. (I think they’re called lip blushes, and I have the shade Love. It’s the best lip stain I’ve tried and it smells kind of awesome.)

  2. This was a product I was quite interested in and it’s nice to see it’s good 🙂
    Pixi uk website ships to Brazil so I might buy it someday. Shame it’s a bit expansive.

  3. Ever since I started watching the Lisa Eldridge videos you posted I am GLUED to her tuts like a little kid all starry eyed and mouth agape. She does fantastic things.

    These look so fun and pretty! Since I seem to be doing nothing but gallivanting these days, I like dual purpose items as well. The less I have to pack the better.

    That also made me think “Karma Chameleon” but I was thinking of the Wonderfalls episode (which was named after the song, so I guess we’re on the same track)

  4. When I watched that tutorial, I felt the same way. This looks absolute gorgeous. And, seeing as I am headed to Target this afternoon, I totally need to pick one up.

  5. Such pretty colours! I really prefer cheek tints to powder blushes, and this tint looks like it would be lovely. My nearest Target has been redoing its bath & body section lately and I often find even new makeup on clearance — lots of Pixi lately, so maybe I’ll get very lucky! 🙂

  6. This looks really amazing! They are a bit expensive but I think they’re worth it 🙂

  7. She did a great video. Guess I haven’t heard of her before, but then again, I don’t watch many youtube videos. The lip twin looks like a great product. I’ll have to browse the pixi section next time I’m at Target!

  8. This sounds like a fantastic product!


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