Morbidly Merry

I don’t remember where I was reading when I stumbled upon an announcement from Lysa that she was making lotion.  I flew to her Etsy shop and bought some.  For all the amazing scents out there that I love, nothing comes close to the amazing complexity of her perfect leather scents.  Needless to say, Black Jack stumbled into my cart and eventually both it and Dessert Absinthe made their way to my house, along with a couple of new lip balms.  A few days later she had the nerve to post some bath salts and of course I had to get those, too.

TMTM is one of those perfect shops.  The pictures, the listings, the descriptions, the packaging and most of all the products are some of the best out there.  The overall theme of the shop is spot on and carried out exactly right.

There is no greater felicity then Black Jack lotion layered with Black Jack perfume.  Other then maybe layered with Horseman.

The lotion comes in 4 ounce ambered bottles with flip lids.  They are labeled with the scent, the weight, and a full list of ingredients.  The same great artwork from the shop is on the label.  It’s a great formula.  It’s sort of unique because it’s sort of whippedy.  That is my official description for it.  Lysa hand blends it herself so it’s a great combination of ingredients and it’s not greasy and not too thin.

Black Jack

Black Jack is sexy, dark, and earthy. Citrus top notes and vanilla-wood middle notes are supported by a base of black, smoky leather. Unbelievably sensual and gorgeous.

Dessert Absinthe

I took my usual absinthe perfume oil and softened it with cream and sugar and soft citrus. Upon opening, the first notes are lemon, sugar, and anise – very reminiscent of a lemon sugar cookie. After wearing it for just a few minutes, however, the bottom notes emerge… woodsy, earthy, mysterious, and alluring. I created this for those who prefer something softer and more feminine than traditional absinthe.


Fiery jack-o-lanterns, black leather boots, temple incense, and the edge of a dark Autumn wood. Opens sweet, almost caramel-foody, but after only a few minutes on the skin, it darkens dramatically, almost changing into a different scent altogether.


11 Responses to “Morbidly Merry”

  1. whippedy – what a great description!

  2. I know I can just pop over and search for it on Etsy, but usually you include a link to the store in the post.

    Just a heads up in case you forgot!

    And I am so already putting things in my cart…

  3. I got her Maximo lotion right away and it is wonderful…so unique, peppery chocolate! I love Lysa and everything I have tried from her shop has been wonderful.

  4. hey i know this is out there, but i know ur vegan and im wanting to adapt that lifestyle.. Can you help me out any?

    • I’d love to see a post about Veganism from you 😀
      Especially if it included about how you made the decision to become Vegan and any difficulties you faced/face

      It sounds like a hard post though, so I’d understand if you don’t 🙂

  5. I’m going to have to check out her lotions next time I place an order from her shop! I’m a huge TMTM fan!

  6. I squee’d my face off when I saw lotions! I own nearly all her perfumes

    Horseman is my favourite!

  7. After my next paycheck I’m placing an order… that woman, she does wonderful things 🙂 The new lip balms are amazing- I bought some with my last order.

  8. I’d love to try TMTM, but it seems like ALL their scents have dark/spicy/musky/peppery notes, and whilst that fits the shop theme perfectly, it’s never something I’d want to wear. There’s an appley one I might like, but it says it has green notes as well, so I’m worried I’d find it cloying.

    It’s a shame because the products and packaging look fantastic. Maybe I’ll try a lip balm?

  9. I love both my TMTM and the Odditoria line she recently merged with the shop (Isabella is one of my favs from that collection but then again I’m a sucker for dark carnation, haha!). Black Jack quickly became a “go to” for me as well and I love Voix de Ville, Ursa, & Athelia too!