Summer at Tiffany’s

I was SO inspired by Lisa Eldridge’s recent Holly GoLightly inspired tutorial that I translated it into something less formal and more flirty.  I know it’s impossible to ever pretend like you can improve on the timeless beauty of Audrey Hepburn or the amazing styling of BaT, or to one up Lisa makeup wise, I still thought I could put my own twist to the theme.

The outfit is simple, unfussy, and almost classic.  I chose a worn pair of cut-offs in ‘Tiffany Blue‘, that sort of blue that everyone recognizes.  I then topped it with a simple white scoop neck t-shirt.  A scoop is more feminine and Holly then a v-neck.  I searched and found the perfect pair of summer thongs decked in glittery jewels.  The square shape of the jewels on the feet are mimicked in the square cut of the gem on the bobby pins.

I chose bobby pins because I have short hair and most likely everyone can wear a pin, rather then some barrette or other hair piece.  In a very UN-Tiffany’s gesture I skipped any other jewelry, although a simple pair of diamond studs might be nice.

The make up just follows the Eldridge tutorial.  I used:

Lancome’s Art Liner in Noir

I’ve been test running a ton of felt liners.  I don’t exactly know what I’m looking for in them, but this one is so easy to use and I get perfect results every time.

Benefit’s They’re Real mascara

Since it’s summer and I was thinking I’d wear this look out and about, I wanted to skip the falsies.  These lashes are just as good!  The full review will be posted soon.

Pixis’s Succulent Lip Twin in Pink Peony

Since shimmer is banned in a Tiffany’s inspired look, I used this amazing mixture of creamy and sheer pink for both the cheeks and the lips. The color is bright and crisp and looks amazing with the blue of the shorts and against the silver of the jewels.

Essie’s Fancy Delancy polish

This pink, a Target exclusive, is an almost exact match to the Lip Twin.  It’s perfect for tip and toes!

No 7’s Stay Perfect Shadow in Mink

I wanted to find the perfect taupe.  In the tut she mixes grey and brown for a ‘minky’ color.  So I just found the color mink!  While this shade is shimmery, it’s not overbearing and honestly it’s perfect for me.  Lisa explains the placement starting around 5:40 in the video.

From left to right : Mink, Pink Peony, and Noir Artliner


4 Responses to “Summer at Tiffany’s”

  1. Lancome’s Artliner in Noir is easily my favorite black liquid liner. It’s easy to use and it doesn’t make a gigantic mess in my eyelashes when I apply it. The only drawback is the cost.. $28 hurts, a little.. lol.. Can’t wait to see your review on Benefit’s new mascara.. it sounds fantastic. 🙂

  2. Hooray, another entry for the Style Diary! I truly enjoy these, and this (S)aT ensemble is a great interpretation.

  3. Yay I love these!