Pick of the Week

Morgana decided to torture us all and release a HUGE collection of gorgeous tinted lip balms.  They were released with a special introductory price which made didn’t really help, considering I wanted them all.  There are a total of 50 colors to chose from.

In the end I ordered:

I’ll be the first to admit Morgana’s Cryptoria doesn’t fuss much with descriptions or product information.  But this is one of the few cases in which there is no need, the product CONSISTENTLY speaks for itself.  Each tube of balm is 7$ and comes in a standard lipbalm sized tube.  Each tube is FILLED, there are some companies who screw the.. screw thing up a ways so that the tube isn’t actually completely filled with product.  That is not the case here.

They are one stroke opaque, wear forever, ridiculously moisturizing, creamy and comfortable, gorgeous and nonfading, and don’t feather or streak.

From left to right : Fusion, Incantation, Willow, Sheer Cherry, and Coventry

Coventry looks weird in the swatch, but I’ve been wearing it all week, it’s gorgeous and almost a natural nude look for me!


18 Responses to “Pick of the Week”

  1. Augh now I really regret not getting a few… Sheer Cherry looks amazing, and i would love some good moisturizing tinted lip balms.

  2. I have Fusion, Luminous Lava, Countess Bathory and Eternal. The woman is a frickin’ GENIUS when it come to making lip colors. I love them so much.

  3. I got Anastasia, Diabolical Druscilla & Amaranth.. they are amazingly awesomely awesomeness in a tube. I love them.

  4. They look amazing! I have a big wishlist of Morgana products right now hahaahah!!! *-* I love tinted balms, so I’m excited!

  5. Coventry and Willow look good.

  6. Oh, I need Willow. Who am I kidding? I need them all.

    I got Vampire’s Vineyard, Cosmic Ray. Countess Bathory, Incantation and Hathor. They are all amazing, but I find myself reaching for Incantation the most. SO pretty.

  7. Now I really want some. The color really looks like it would be easily buildable. Too bad my next paycheck already has been claimed by the Illamasqua shade.

  8. I agree, Morgana’s balms are fantastic. The only downside is trying to figure out which of the 50 I can live without.

  9. Oooh I see 3 more I need! Fusion, Incantation and Coventry 🙂

  10. Do these have a scent or flavor to them? I was curious if you could compare the scent of these to the flavor and scent of any other Indie or popular glosses ?

    I know this is an odd question,but I had a weird reaction to a very popular Indie companies gloss where it had a very odd chemical,fishy scent/flavor and so I’m just hoping these don’t compare to that company. I’ve only heard of one other girl having the same reaction,so I guess we’re just weird lol.

    The cost of shipping to Alaska it makes it very costly to just buy one gloss and test it out so if anyone could compare this scent/flavor to anything else I’d really appreciate it.

    • I actually don’t notice ANY scent or flavor, fragrance or anything with these! I would have noted if I did!

  11. I knew I was going to grab Fusion eventually, but now I might need to add Willow to the list too. I picked up Spellcaster, Electron and Solar Flare and they’re amazing. I think Solar Flare may be my holy grail red, which is awesome since I picked it partially because of the name.

  12. Really want to try a few of these, a costume shop near me has started selling Morgana’s lippies so hopefully they’ll get these too!

  13. I have a huge cart over there I need to checkout. There’s a lip balm named after me! Eeeeeeee! 😀

  14. Do these dry out fairly quickly as some natural products do? Or do they last a long long time?

  15. I have 3 of these on the way to me along with some lipsticks, I’m very excited. Incantation is a really cool colour.

  16. I love the ones i got! My favorite is Diabolical Druscilla. There are a few other i have been eyeing!

  17. I purchased 4 during the sale and i love these. i wanted fusion, but opted with diabolical druscilla. next order, i am definitely getting it, along with a few more. I slept in one and my lips felt so soft the next day. can’t wait for the clear version. i have problems with chapped/dry lips and this will be the best lip product i’ve ever used.

    @tina: on lips, they aren’t drying. will they dry in the tube? too soon to tell.