It’s Friday, I’m in Love

1,000 Posts

I’m coming up on my 1,000th post.  I’m guessing it should appear in the next two months.  I’m going to host a contest.  To enter all you’ll have to do is guess the day that I make that fateful post.  The day that post is posted everyone who picked that day will be entered into a drawing for 100$+ worth of indie goodies collected and donated from my favorite companies!  Keep an eye out for that contest, it should go live before the end of the month!

Companies, want to donate?  Let me know!

As always, PLEASE let me know what you want to see more of.  Are my pictures clear, should I post more?  Am I including enough info in my reviews?

‘Pro’ Blogger

I attended an event in LA this week that was aimed at the ‘pro-blogger’ and I was really excited to be asked to attend by my editor.  During the event there were two points that consistently came up that I thought I’d share with you.

Don’t truncate your feed for readers.  Many bloggers think that by setting your blog to only show a summary of your posts in a RSS Reader (Bloglines, etc etc) that it’s forcing the reader to come to your site and physically drive hits that would be missed by people using an RSS Reader.  In most cases, this will actually cause people to just SKIP your posts all together.  We discussed this to an extent and I had to personally agree.  A few blogs that I read actually started cutting their feeds, I just skip them now.  Many bloggers rely on hits to drive revenue from their blog, but people need to READ your blog first to generate anything for you.

Make your blog readable.  By readable I mean use an plain font and avoid white lettering on a black background.  Nothing drives readers away from a site faster then just simply being able to NOT READ IT.  You’ll lose most of your ‘mature’ readers who literally cannot SEE things.  Count me amongst those, my eyes tire quickly and I’ll freely admit to not reading ‘popular’ blogger’s sites because I find them annoying.

Blog Sale

There are still VV stuff available here, some stuff available here, and some Aromaleigh lots available here.  I did add a bunch more to the Aromaleigh sale after I first posted it.  I overheard someone mention that there was stuff they wanted but they were waiting for me to ‘cut’ prices, but I’m sorry, I won’t be.  I’ve got a bit of a personal project I’m trying to fund.  Everything purchased this week should have gone out by now.  I had some issues with mailers and me not liking them.

Also keep in mind if you have questions about items to either comment here or send an email, Google Checkout will NOT update for some reason!  Someone sent me a rather ‘nasty’ email suggesting I was ignoring them and I had to explain to check my Friday post, that Google doesn’t alert me to messages, and I’d already stated all packages were mailed.  As an aside, one was returned for postage and when I went to remail it yesterday the shipping the second time around was the same as the first… so I dunno.  Hopefully it arrives soon because it was weird.

Here are a couple more items for today:

Smashbox Mother Earth Palette

NIB.  18$.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light in Intensity 1

Brand new, still sealed.  22$

Toki Doki Bastardino Pallet

Swatched, no box.  12$.

Contact Info

My official contact email is:

contact [dot] gothique [at] gmail [dot] com

There is no Contact Me button on the site because when I have one I get bombarded from companies who want to advertise or send me free PR product.  I sincerely beleive my readers already know how to find my contact info, it’s posted at least once a week.  When in doubt, just comment!

Style Diary

I posted my first Style Diary in a long time Tuesday.  I’m really happy with it, it was a great way to jump back in.  The next few SD’s I have in mind are based on Game of Thrones, let’s just say Winterfell is about to go punk.  I also have a Steampunk/Lannister Remix in the works as well as something Disney based.  I need to hit up Disneyland soon for that one, though.

What’s in My Bag

I would love to have more submissions for this feature!  All you need to do is submit a couple of good pictures and your list of products!

Coming Soon

I really like to keep making myself accountable by posting my ‘to do’ list.  I did manage to get through most of what I said I was last week, so here is my list for this coming week!

Benefit’s They’re Real mascara review.

Hard Candy Lash Ink review.

County Line Candles review.

Lancome’s Artliner review.

SoBe and Hi-Fi Heartsy sale swatches.

Concrete Mineral’s swatches and giveaway.

The Links

Looking for info on the High Voltage drama?  Start here.

I’m sure there is actually a better way to do this, but it’s a start.

Has anyone tried this company?

What do you think?

I was REALLY impressed that they included the FDA advisory on the products they were using!


Your Turn

I spent last weekend shuttling back and forth between doctor’s offices.  This weekend I’m staying in to watch movies.  Got any recommendations?

I’m REALLY in the market for new YouTube channels to watch!  Throw something at me!

Should I get some aviator style sunglasses?


30 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love”

  1. I’m weirdly opposite.. I’ve always found light fonts on dark backgrounds much easier to read, and have actually stopped going to sites if they switch from light-on-dark to dark-on-light. So I’ve always made my sites to suit my own eyes.

    Agreed with the do-not-truncate though. I’ve skipped so many posts from blogs I love after they’ve started snipping :/

    I know you totally just sent me some Aromaleigh butttttt….. I would love that palette! My Sephora doesn’t carry that one!

  3. De-ter-min-ed to submit a vacation edition of “What’s in My Bag” for you – hopefully while I’m in Tahoe this coming week!
    Congrats on upcoming 1,000th post!
    The only YouTube channel I can recommend is: but I don’t know how you feel about Marvel & DC stop-motion antics 🙂

  4. Brava on the readability issue. I’m one who has difficulty with black backgrounds, no matter the font color. I can read for maybe a minute before everything turns into lines and I can’t even see anymore. For this reason, I adore my reader program. It lets me read in comfort, and if I have a comment, I can easily bop over to the blog and inflict it, like I’m doing now. 😀

    Another note: videos that start automatically will cause me to never visit a blog again, no matter what the content is. Similarly, I don’t appreciate automatic music clips, but that’s just an annoyance, somewhat like the leaf blower guy who’s been through here twice and isn’t doing a damn thing useful.

    • We sat and looked at what must have been 30 different site examples with the dark background and even with AMAZING content no one wanted to read them!

      I’m with you on the video/music thing, too. Except… everyone agreed that was so ‘old’ no one did it anymore to worry about it! I think I can actually note TWO blogs I read that do!

      • I clicked on a link, from Twitter I think, about a week ago, and the blog that was linked had at least one video that started automatically. My computer’s weird, and will sometimes crash when videos are played, which is why I avoid them like the plague. It crashed this time, too. Highly irritating.

  5. Neon background colours are the worse for blogs when they have neon text on them.

    For films, I recommend Waydowntown and Wilby Wonderful. Obscure-ish Canadian films. I love them. Also Nosferatu and Cabinet of Dr. Caligari if you want to go a more classic route. 🙂

    New youtube channels: I recommend lilpumpkinpie05. She’s on hiatus currently, but there are still many videos to watch. I love her attitude and enthusiasm.
    Another channel is makeupD0LL. Haven’t seen many of her videos yet but I’m liking what I see so far.

    Non-makeup related channel: bravofact Plenty of Canadian short films. Unsure if they’re viewable outside Canada but it’s worth a try. My favourites are Happiness is Hate Therapy and Ten For Grandpa. Regarding the latter, David Alpay is dreamy. 😀

    Rest up and take care.

  6. 1: Kinky Boots! I recommend it to everyone. It’s lighthearted “by-the-book” comedy, and I LOVE it. Oh, and Running With Scissors, if you haven’t seen it.

    2: I hardly ever use youtube, everytime I try I tire after no time at all.

    3: EVERYONE should own aviator-sunglasses!

    Thank you for the linkback! 🙂

  7. Sorry, i like light fonts on black background because white is too bright and my eyes are so delicate and sensitive to the light. However i like to read your blog, it is so interesting! Yesterday i made my review on new Benefit mascara, I cannot wait to read your review on this mascara!!

  8. Have you seen Sucker Punch yet? I’d highly recommend! Even if only for the make up look of the main girl. Also True Grit if you are into Westerns. If you’re looking for something less new, I’d say Clue if you are into odd humor or Weird Science. I just rewatched that recently and it rocked my socks off. Oh Danny Elfman, why oh why don’t you still sing anything?

    Aviator glasses depend on your face, I love them but my head is too small for them!

    But I do love this pair:

    It’s too bad I never wear browns, because these always look better in brown to me…

  9. I’m one in the dark-background-pale-text crowd, as white backgrounds give too much glare for my eyes after awhile – but I’m very careful to not do stark white-on-black. My blog, for example, has dark charcoal near-black with blue undertones, and the text is a *very* light grey-blue, so pale you can’t even tell it’s not white except that it doesn’t have the harsh contrast to it.

    But oh dear GODS do I hear you on snippet feeds. That’s long been an automatic-unsubscribe offense for me. I follow almost 100 blogs, I don’t have time to click through to read posts, sorry. Want more traffic? Cultivate a thriving comments section. That’s what makes me click through on full-post feeds.

    Also, everyone should have a good pair of aviators. I’m a firm believer in their retro-cool power. ^_^

  10. I’ve been debatibgmy white text on dark background and your point has encouraged me to change it. Also thinking I need to pad my posts more; they seem kinda cramped. :-/ Thanks for the tips! 🙂

  11. 1. I would recommend Quills, it is about Marquis De Sade, although not historically accurate I enjoyed it. It was dramatic, funny, and a bit sad. Also Lolita the one with Jeremy Irons. Just because Jeremy Irons is in it haha no but seriously I really love that movie it does the novel a bit more justice then the other version. I also second Autumn’s recommendation of Sucker Punch.
    2. For youtube I recommend these 3 lovely ladies (Grace provides lots of vegan and cruelty free and inexpensive products in her videos and does great looks in general 🙂

  12. Arghh you’ve added more stuff I want XD must…exercise…self-control… in other news, I’m really looking forward to your Game of Thrones style diaries!

    My all time favorite movie forever is What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? I also recommend Black Book – it stars Carice van Houten, who’s playing the Red Priestess next season on Game of Thrones 😀

  13. mollythepirate August 6, 2011 at 1:00 am

    I keep forgetting to send you a WIMB

    Ha! the skully beads in that case tute – I just bought some of those!

    I’m curious to read what you’ve got to say about the artliner – I love the felt tipped liner I’ve been using but it was apparently discontinued and now I’m up chocolate creek without a popsicle stick.

    Movies! I just bought Elf and Meet the Robinsons so I’m not sure I should be recommending movies to anyone (the end of MtR makes me bawl my freaking eyes out every. time.) However….have you ever watched The Thin Man movies? They are old (I hear they are being remade soon) but FUNNY and Myrna Loy is so fantastic as this witty, sassy, beautiful wife to a quite funny detective. Love, love, love those movies.

  14. I love the To-Do list you started doing 🙂 .
    And I’m really looking forward to the A Song of Ice and Fire (hm, GoT, to be exact) posts! I’ve been wearing my Game of Thrones tee to death and getting so many compliments for it 😀 !

    I’m so, so happy Ana’s back!

    I’m completely in love with Stilyagi. IN LOVE.

    (from this post:
    It’s a Russian musical (English name: “Hipsters”) and very point a film should have was done to perfection – the casting, the acting, the direction, the photography, the story-line, the dialogue, and… The costumes! The hair and makeup department’s work! The music! The dancing! Most importantly – the atmosphere!
    By the end of it, I had a smile from ear to ear, was happily clapping when it finished and the rest of the theater was the same 😀 .
    Absolutely beautiful.

    • I’m like Becca regarding the colours – I like the dark background with light lettering better (although not black with white, that’s harsh), but now I know why some find it difficult – I thought it was just personal preference.

      I don’t know about RSS readers, but I know that when I stumble upon a blog that, on its main page, shows only the first few lines of the last posts and a small photo… it might be great when I click on those posts, but I don’t stick around to check. Click once, twice… a hundred times on a hundred blogs. I don’t have the time for it.

  15. Yaaay you’re doing GoT style diarieeeeeees! Lannistersyay!

    I’m on Feast of Crows now. UGGGH DAMPHAIR IS SO BORING. I miss Dany and Tyrion and all the INTERESTING parts :c

    Jaqen H’ghar is the coolest ever though.


  16. Movies: if you haven’t seen Hedwig and the Angry Inch I highly recommend it. It’s a rock musical featuring the worlds most fabulous transexual charecter. The music alone is worth it and the story is actually very touching. Also been in the mood to watch Scotland PA. It’s Macbeth only it takes place in Pa in the 70’s and instead of a kingdom, it’s a fast food franchise. Really fun. Rest up and feel better!

    • Ooh, I don’t know about Grey, but you certainly made me add those films to my To Watch list 😀 .

      • great ! Let me know what you think! I’ve been shouting about Hedwig from the rooftops for a while and I can’t believe it’s not more popular, and still more of a cult following. The soundtrack and the costumes are so amazingly70’s glam

  17. Watch Eden Log, it’s a weird cool foreign sci fi -sh film, you have to read subtitles, I know a lot of people aren’t into reading while watching but I thought it was a great movie.
    Aviators are the best sunnies ever, I love the mirrored ones.
    I bought a bunch from sunglass warehouse . com I really love a pink pair I got there 🙂

  18. Could I get the Smashbox Mother Earth palette if it hasn’t been claimed already? Thanks! 😀