Emphasize your eyes with this easy-to-handle, liquid pen featuring a uniquely shaped foam tip that lets you line, shape and define eyes to create any look you like. Rich, deep, luminous pigments offer the most intense, dramatic color. Glides on smoothly without scratching, tugging or skipping and lasts all day.

Lancome’s Artliner is a pricy splurge at 29$ for .04 ounces of product in a nifty little felt tipped tube dealy.  I fraking love this thing.  While working the counter one day I kept walking over the play with this while it was slow and by the end of the day I was sold.  I got it Noir, although it comes in nine colors.  I was VERY tempted by Aubergine, the deep eggplant purple.  It almost looks black, but it makes my brown eyes look AMAZING.  For the price, though, I stuck with black so I could use it with everything.

The tip of this, although it’s looking frayed, is amazing and accurate and draws a very strong solid line the first time every time.  A lot of ‘felt’ pens haven’t been very opaque so when I have to go back over my lines they end up wobbly and weird because I just don’t have the steadiest of hands, apparently.  The finish is opaque and almost vinyl like, which I love.  The finish is maybe more of a satin, although I’ve heard it described as glossy.  The black oft the liner is true and rich, it’s not a dark grey or watery.  One thing I can assure you is that it’s not a flat matte.  Once it’s on, that’s it.  There has been a swatch on the back of my hand ALL DAY and it won’t budge.  I can’t even scratch it off.  The formula in the bottle has a faint plastic scent to it, but it doesn’t linger or bother my eyes.  I had a funny reaction to a L’oreal liner because it was strong and my eyes watered like mad.

The jar?  bottle? is a little odd.  The long part of the handle is the applicator tip and the little part with the labeling is where I assume the liner is stored.  When you shake it, it sounds like there are a couple of beads inside to keep things fluid and mixed.  When you hold it.  The top screws firmly back onto the bottom, in fact there is a little resistance when you’ve gotten it closed all the way that I like, that way I know it’s not going to dry out.

I’m really hoping that the bottle lasts a while and that the tip doesn’t give out on me prematurely, but as always, I’ll keep you informed!

Would I purchase Lancome’s Artliner?  Yes!

✘  It’s expensive, but it’s like the Cadillac of liquid liners.

✔  It’s one stroke opaque.

✔  It’s long wearing and smudge proof.

✔ The tip is really easy for me to use.

Price: 2/5

Packaging: 4/5

Pigmentation: 5/5

Wear: 5/5

Overall: /  5


14 Responses to “Artliner”

  1. “The cadillac of liquid liners” made me chuckle. Years ago, I told my friend that I had just splurged on the cadillac of salad spinners, and she laughed herself silly.

    Hey, when we are obsessed with a subject, that’s how it feels!

    I sent a package your way in July. I really hope you got it. I feel so suspicious of the postal service because of prior bad experiences. 😦

    • I’m so sorry! I thought I emailed you that I got it!

      It’s been sitting here because it makes you smile! Your LAST bit of AL stuff is packaged up for my next trip to the post office 🙂

  2. No worries. But I did not know if you had even received it yet.

    And I swear that my comment was not a passive-aggressive hint for you to mail the AL to me. I follow your posts here, so I know you are crazy-busy. Therefore, I’d feel badly if I was contributing to the stress in your life. You, of all people, know that I have more than enough eyeshadow to tide me over until the next century, so I am not in a rush.

    Got my latest Lucky mag and thought of you…. 🙂

  3. By the way, since you asked for some more YouTube ideas, have you ever looked at Klairedelys? I really like her looks and her personality.

  4. There is one other person I know of who uses Artliner, and…he…ALWAYS…uses it. Like, for the past several months, if not about a year. So I assume that the tip doesn’t give out [before the tube’s empty].

  5. I am curious how you would rate it against Illamasqua Precision ink or MAC penultimate eyeliner.
    I use both a lot but if this is way better I would consider getting it

    • I’m actually not a fan of either company that I would own those products. I have used the MAC on occasion at the counter and the tip frays something awful and it’s not NEARLY as creamy or rich of a liner as the Lancome.

  6. This actually looks exactly like Maybelline’s Line Stiletto which goes for around $6. It’s one of my favorite eyeliners because it is so precise and I love the pen tip.

    • I checked this out while I was about today. It’s really close tube and applicator wise, but the Lancome formula is MUCH better and there isn’t much comparison other wise.

  7. Oh oh oh. I would LOVE a side by side comparison/vs battle of felt-tipped liquid liners. That would be an excellent terrific really good thing.

    • Ooh, I second this request! I’ve been obsessed with liquid liner lately, and would love your opinions on various pens!

  8. Sometimes you can get the Artliners at the Lancome factory stores for a good price.. I think my last Noir was $18 or so.. I loves me some Artliner.. I just don’t like the price. 😦

  9. You should check out Eyeko’s Graffiti Liner, one stroke opacity and super easy to use! Plus it only costs $10

  10. I’ve been a fan of Artliners for years- as a matter of fact, when I first started blogging & following the YouTube beauty community I was surprised it wasn’t
    more popular. I’ve tried discount versions from Revlon and elf, and neither compares. There is one that Cora from Vintage or Tacky talks about often that I’d like to try, but so far Artliner is the best.

    FYI, I’ve never had a brush fray or even had one dry out before it’s time (and I have an awesome metallic lime green that’s years old!)