Swatchfest, 2011

I was pretty dang lucky to be able to score a couple of great vouchers from Heartsy for some of my favorite shops.


From left to right: Disco, Hula, Kokomo, China Shop Taurus, Three Libras, Low Light, and Dream by the Fire

The Hi-Fi voucher was good for in her ArtFire shop.  As always the shadows are amazing and everything well packaged and shipped quickly, even in the middle of the sale!


From left to right: Metamorphosis Blush, Blondie Brow Powder, Honey Do shadow, Temptation Shadow, Sweet and Sour shadow, and Parasol Cheek and Lip Color

Ohhh, SoBe.  I love this shop, it’s consistency amazing and Lex is a genius.   I ended up getting a TON.  I’ve been wearing Sweet and Sour daily.

Concrete Minerals

From left to right: Kinky, Revolver, Deviant, Rocked, Hustle, and Lolita

This was actually the deal that started me in Heartsy.  I ended up getting a few things, and then going BACK for stuff for a giveaway!  Concrete is just up the street from me (sort of), so my orders arrive really quickly.  I actually ordered from their new site, and it’s wonderfully designed, although the shadows there are more then they are in the Etsy shop.  Still, shipping is very reasonable and everything is always packaged well, along with an extra goodie!
Have you tried Heartsy yet?  Tell me why or why not and I’ll enter you in a giveaway to win Lolita Shadow and Electric Eye Primer from Concrete Minerals!

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  • Giveaway ends Wednesday, August 17th.

50 Responses to “Swatchfest, 2011”

  1. I have yet to try from Heartsy because I’ve been rather unimpressed with some of the companies featured there. They don’t all seem to be vetted well and all of the more well known ones have already been on there and I missed out on them.

  2. I haven’t tried Heartsy yet because I never see anything that appeals to me. Or if something neat does pop up, I missed it. ):

  3. I’m a Heartsy VIP! It’s been very beneficial so far, as the deals I’m always interested in are the ones that are sold out quickly, so being a VIP usually ensures that I’ll get the deals I want (which for me included Concrete Minerals and Hi-Fi as well, along with Sweet Pea & Fay that I snapped up last week). It may or may not be worth the VIP membership cost, but the convenience is nice.

  4. Awesome swatch parade, darling!

  5. I only bought two vouchers – for Sweet Anthem and Hi-Fi. I was very happy with SA’s fast shipping and communication though none of the scents impressed me as much as BPAL and TMTM (maybe I expected too much after reading soooo many raves).

    I’m not so happy with Hi-Fi though – it took a month to ship my order, I don’t have it yet. I know that I shouldn’t complain as I didn’t check her TAT and my first Hi-Fi order took very long to ship, too, so I should have expected it. I’m sure that I’ll love the eyeshadows, but my favourite MMU company ships very quickly and I’m spoiled. Even Fyrinnae shipped my order in a week.

    I cancelled my VIP membership as I’m broke right now, though I would probably do it even if I weren’t – I’m not happy with all the recent changes and glitchy website.

  6. I haven’t tried it yet. Honestly? Because I am a little timid until I hear about more experiences. Also, I seem to have a bunch of non-make up related expenses piling up lately. Boo. No fun.

  7. I’ve tried Heartsy; bought the hi-fi voucher and I’m waiting for my order. Nothing else has really caught my eye, plus I’m a little annoyed by how haphazard Heartsy seems to be. It feels like the site changes constantly and there never seems to be any real explanation. It comes across as very amateur, I guess. I doubt I’ll ever go VIP.

  8. Heartsy VIP, and while I haven’t bought anything recently I have enjoyed most of my experiences so far! I bought some gorgeous prints, perfume from Swan Mountain Soaps, I Smell Good and Sweet Anthem, and makeup from SoBe (great products and service there!). and When I had a problem with a seller (Hi Fi, actually), the Heartsy staff were quick to respond to my concerns; this made me feel confident that they do stand behind their own customer service even when a promoted shop isn’t willing to do the same.

  9. There were a few times I almost did buy from them. But then I thought about how long would the TAT be with all the new orders. And with all the new (almost daily) changes on the website, it’s making my head spinning a little. 🙂 Maybe some day I will try it.

  10. I haven’t tried out Heartsy because I’ve been keeping myself on a pretty strict beauty product budget the last few months. I do love the idea of it, and I look forward to trying it out in the future.

  11. I’ve bought a few vouchers from Heartsy — just for indie cosmetics that I knew about already or looked up and they seemed to have a good reputation. I have mixed feelings about the whole thing though… the management at Heartsy doesn’t seem to be the best :/ The sellers I’ve bought from so far have been A+ though!

  12. I love Heartsy.. I have gotten some great stuff from companies featured on there.. you get alot for a great price {sometimes}.. Love CM!!

  13. I’m a Heartsy VIP and I’ve been using the vouchers to purchase Christmas presents, so I haven’t been too concerned regarding the TAT. I’ve gotten some really cool, handmade presents for friends and family; they’re getting something really nifty and very affordable for me.

  14. I’ve been reading through your blog the past week because you have such wonderful indie reviews! I wish I could use Heartsy, but I’m not really comfortable spending my money on shops I’m not sure about when I don’t have the dosh. Right now I’m sticking to tried and true favorites and really well-reviewed (both many and good) shops.

    I wish I had more free cash, alas.

  15. I bought a Heartsy voucher once, for Ophelia’s Apothecary. Mostly because I’d seen the shop reviewed before – I think maybe you did? Or Phyrra? – and the VIP deal was awesome, including the $10 credit for buying into the VIP account. So I grabbed it, bought some stuff, am glad I did because I’m in love with her lip balms now! I canceled my VIP membership though, as I needed to go on a no-buy for awhile and didn’t want Heartsy tempting me. 😉

  16. No, because I live in Brazil and the post is kind of unreliable here…

  17. Just learned about it recently and love it. I’m totally addicted to it at the moment. I too am buying presents for others so not super concerned about the TAT. I agree, the site has glitches, but I’m hopeful that there won’t be issues with the shop owners.

  18. I bought one voucher and placed an order but I had to put it on hold due to technical issues that I will hopefully get sorted out really soon. The seller has been really great about the issues though, so I expect good things.

  19. I have Heartsy’d. As a matter of fact, the first voucher I bought was for Concrete Minerals. I haven’t bought any other deals yet, because I’ve always been decidedly skint every time I want a deal… but once I get my finances on a more even keel, I’ll definitely be hitting it more often. It just strikes me as a great way to discover new indie companies without it feeling “risky”.

  20. I tried heartsy was a vip at one point but now school is starting again soon so I gotta cut back on makeup spending.

  21. I was a VIP for a month, since they had a deal where you got a $10 voucher. I bought a few vouchers, but I haven’t seen anything awesome recently.

  22. I’ve done several vouchers as a VIP, including Hi-Fi and Sobe Botanicals. Some companies were a disappointment, but I’ve been happy with most of my purchases.

  23. i have not tried heartsy yet because this is the first i’ve heard of it, but this stuff looks gorge!

  24. I tried it for the first time yesterday, they featured a UK site selling CHOCOLATE 😀 chocolate and sweets! It was a $40 voucher and I did not find it at all difficult to spend that much there, that’s probably a bad sign.

    I’m pretty thrilled though since so far I’ve only seen US based chocolatey Etsy shops who don’t ship here.

    It wasn’t an Etsy store though, it was an independent one, with a surprisingly easy and smooth shopping cart system. Uhm, Trufflepig?

    I definitely look forward to reviewing that 😀 omnom.

  25. I’ve never bought from heartsy or etsy because I’m never sure how to just search UK or Europe items, and I’m always worried about paying customs from US/Canada. I know if I stay below £20 value it’s always ok (as with my fyrinnae orders) but still!

  26. Yes! I love Heartsy! It’s so hard for me to NOT order from them. I have gotten so many great deals from it on bath and body and tons of great earrings. I keep trying to not open the daily emails from them but I can’t help it!

  27. I have used Heartsy before and had a good experience. However I haven’t bought any vouchers lately because my wedding is coming up soon and I am trying to save money for that!

  28. Yes I’ve used heartsy, I’m currently a VIP… though to save my bank account that’s over on the 11th, until I have more cash or there are more deals i really need to have… ideally it would be both haha. Overall I haven’t bought a lot but (outside of the hi-fi deal) i mostly buy art/prints that i really don’t have the money for otherwise.

  29. I’ve purchased a dozen or so vouchers from Heartsy and consider myself a fan.

  30. I haven’t had a real chance to try heartsy yet. I’ve wanted to but every time there has been an offer that I was genuinely interested in, it was sold out before I could purchase it. I’m just slow or have bad timing 🙂

  31. I love Heartsy! The first deal I bought was for Cacao bakery and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s really great at introducing customers to new Etsy shops by offering deals at a great price. My fave Heartsy deal was from Anderson Soap… I would have never found them if it wasn’t for that deal and now they’re my fave bath and body shop.

  32. I’ve purchased a handful of vouchers, and enjoyed the products (mostly makeup). I do agree with others, that the site can be glitchy and I am not a fan of daily format changes.

  33. I’ve bought vouchers a few times and I love the deals I can get. I’d love to use Heartsy more, but the only stuff I really buy handmade is makeup, and even then not every company is worth buying from.

  34. I just got a Heartsy voucher for the first time a week or two ago to try some mineral cosmetics… I can’t resist a good sale. Isn’t that horrible? It was a 75% savings or something like that (as a VIP) and I can’t remember who’s blogged I linked through, but I started off with $10.00 in credits. My voucher ended up being free! So very cool. Waiting to see if the products were worthwhile, but hey, if only one item turns out good, it was worth it!

  35. Yes! I have tried Heartsy, and I LOVE it. I probably buy about one deal a week, and the make-up ones are my FAVORITES! All of my experiences with Heartsy and sellers featured on the site have been fantastic… I would highly recommend it to any Etsy lover. It’s a great way to save, and find fabulous sellers that you may have not thought to search for before 🙂

  36. I haven’t tried Heartsy before, but the shops that have interested me unfortunately come at a time when I usually don’t have the money to shop! I do wish they’d link to the shops that are in “Pick Deals” before they actually have them up for sale so I could get an idea of whether or not I feel I’d want to see that deal, or maybe if they don’t make it, that I could still shop there.

  37. I tried Heartsy – and just like you, it was the Concrete Minerals deal that got me into it. I’ve since discontinued, because 1) I lost my job recently (know anyone who needs a web production / developer person?) and 2) after watching the deals for a few months, I just wasn’t seeing anything else that interested me.

  38. I haven’t bought any heartsy vouchers yet but I’m a member. I’ve heard tons of stories about bad experiences and there aren’t really any companies that have grabbed my attention yet. I’m on a no-buy and trying to stay strong too.

  39. I’m a Heartsy VIP and buy pretty often. In addition to cosmetics, I have purchased awesome toe rings, bath and beauty products, recycled crayons and a wedding present.


  40. I have not yet tried Heartsy. I’ve been cutting back on my spending lately and enjoying more time outdoors. I plan to check it out in the fall.

  41. I have used Heartsy, once, for SoBe Botancals because your recommendation is overwhelmingly positive. I keep a look-out for other makeup companies that you’ve reviewed and see if they have anything I’m looking to try out. I am hoping Ten Digit Creations will get in (I voted for them) and maybe a sweet shop I like 🙂

  42. I haven’t tried Heartsy. I was really interested in trying them when they first started out but lately I’ve soured on the entire thing. It’s an amazing savings for the buyer for sure but I’m not confident on the ROI for the shops.

  43. I have not purchased from Heartsy because I haven’t really done much online shopping lately. Or much in store shopping come to think of it. I am leaving for college soon and I have been focusing on the essentials (clothes, supplies, etc). Blegh. Boring. Haha

  44. Hi-Fi ships orders to you quickly, Grey, because you review her products and have a following (I respect your opinion and love your blog!)…I waited over a month for my Hi-Fi order and there was no crisis going on and no sale. Hi-Fi ships slowly and is known for doing so. It’s a shame because I love her stuff but I just can’t order again because I just didn’t like the way my last order was handled at all.

    • I honestly doubt that’s the case. If so, I’ve have gotten my order in days. Still, quick shipping for Hi-Fi is about three weeks.

  45. I haven’t tried Heartsy, I would like to try it. I always miss the great deal. when I’m received the email about the greatest deal of Hi Fi, I quickly clicked the link, then found out that all vouchers were sold out. 😦

  46. I haven’t tried heartsy yet, there hasn’t been a deal that has really wowed me yet.

  47. Yes I have! Only for one shop so far but hopefully more to come.

  48. Not yet; I’ve been a little stricter on my spending so I’m waiting for a deal I absolutely can’t pass up!