County Line Candles – A Review


I snapped up this voucher on Hearsty before I really realized it was for a independent shop and not for an Etsy shop.  Thankfully, though, I didn’t hesitate because it sold out an hour or so later.

CLC is a typical ‘country’ feel website that sells scented tarts, which is my WEAKNESS.  They seemed to have a great variety of scents and products and using the voucher was very easy.  I went over by 5 cents and thankfully they knew well enough not to invoice for it, although I HAVE been invoiced for as little as 12 cents before due to a Heartsy voucher.

The website is well designed and easy to navigate.  The categories go down the side and there is a separate page that contains the scent list.  I thought the prices seemed fairly reasonable an I’m always willing to support indie before I’ll go into ‘the candle shop’ in the mall.

They have a star rating for their scents:

*** Very Strong– For serious fragrance lovers!
** Strong– Great for one or two large rooms.
* Moderate to Light – Great for Bed & Bath, or those who prefer a more subtle fragrance.

Which I honestly didn’t pay attention to until I was melting my tarts.  Most of the ones I ordered where three stars.

I ordered:

2 Ounce Tart Cups, Coconut Cream Pie

2 Ounce Tart Cups, Cowboy

2 Ounce Tart Cups, Frosted French Toast Cupcake

2 Ounce Tart Cups, Wildberry Zinger Tea

2 Ounce Tart Cups, Johnny and June

2 Ounce Tart Cups, Pumpkin Souffle

2 Ounce Tart Cups, Apple Jack N Peel

Fabulously Scented Soy Blend Candle Bars , Grandpas Pipe

Smelly Jelly in Cherry Slush


Shipping was 6.50$, which seemed like a good price for the weighty things I’d purchased.  I ordered on July 14th, my order shipped on July 18th, and I was melting tarts by that Wednesday.


My order arrived in a well packaged box and my items were carefully wrapped so even the glass jar was protected.  Included was my order, an invoice, a coupon for my next order (which is a GREAT suggestion for indies, it prompted my second order), as well as a free tart in a scent I really enjoyed.


The Tarts

The tarts are poured into little cups with lids and then each are labeled with the company information, the scent, and the usual burning warning.  The tarts were wrapped together in a cello bag and tied with raffia, it stuck with the country theme.

These things are amazing.  They are generously sized at 2 ounces and for me they last about two or three full days of scent.  Each scent is VERY clear and crisp.  The sweeter smells are not just a muddling of cloying nonsense.  They have all been super amazing and I haven’t found a dud in the lot yet.

Candle Bar

This is just the same thing as the tart, but in the break apart bar style.  It’s a little more expensive and you get two melts out of it instead.  I ordered this specifically because the scent I wanted, Grandpa’s Pipe, wasn’t available in the tart.

This scent was amazing to the point I coudln’t let it burn all day.  My dad smoked a pipe and while the scent was THAT DEAD ON, it made me a little sad after a while!  It was tart with that tangy of tobacco and sweet with the snap of cherry.

Smelly Jelly

I have NO idea what this is but I love it.  It’s just a glob of red jelly (obviously) and it smells AMAZING and just does not die out.

The jelly comes in a jelly jar with a perforated sort of lid.  You just screw it open and pop the top off and everything starts to smell like cherries.  When you’re done, pop the top back on.  I’ve been using it on and off for a couple of weeks and it’s not even starting to wear down in scent yet.  In fact they say if it starts to dry out, add water to refresh it.

Would I purchase from County Line Candles again?  Yes, I already have!

✔  TAT including shipping was VERY quick.

✔  They scents were just as I expected.

✔ The quality and packaging was VERY professional.

Price: 4/5

Packaging: 4/5

Scents: 5/5

Quality: 5/5

Overall: .5 /  5


10 Responses to “County Line Candles – A Review”

  1. That cherry jelly may just be what I need. I bought a gel candle in a metal tin many years ago that smelled just -amazing- but it didn’t burn very long. I still have it at my parents house and it still smells just as good. I’ll have to try a few from here now!

  2. Smelly Jelly?! Colour me intrigued!!

    *bookmarks shop* 😀

  3. I am definitely going to check them out! I’m still not sure what the tarts are, but I’m sure there’s instructions for them, right? The jellies sound like such a great thing!

  4. These products looks really interesting. To add to the list of shops to check out…

  5. definitely checking out the smelly jellies for my bathroom!!

  6. I had all filled my cart and was excited about my purchase, but when I went to log into my Paypal account I got this message “This recipient does not accept payments from non-U.S. PayPal accounts.” So no Canadian customers for them it seems, booo.

  7. You should check out Candles by Victoria. I have many of her scents, and I love *almost* all of them. The website is very clunky to navigate, which is annoying, but I love the products enough to keep going back. Her tarts are called “scent shots.” She has over 600 scents, I believe. The hardest thing is narrowing down an order!

  8. It’s so nice to read a thoroughly positive review 🙂 !

  9. Thanks, I was looking for some nice quality candles with a great scent that last

  10. That jelly sounds like it would do well in bathrooms!