Primer Primer

Urban Decay Primer Potion

These bestselling primer potions glide effortlessly onto the skin providing the ultimate eye prep for smoother, more vibrant shadow and all-day, creaseless wear. The original, award-winning formula disappears completely when applied, ideal for the purist who wants a straightforward primer.  Eden, Greed, and Sin work triple-duty as primers, highlighters, or eye shadows.  If you want to avoid shimmer, Eden provides a matte, nude wash of color. Greed and Sin both feature a sensual shimmer that makes eyes pop. Formulated in an array of textures, the shades in this line truly offer something for everyone.

You can get these in the original, poorly designed tube or the new and improved squeeze tube that contains .37 ounces of product for 19$.  By some combination of luck and randomness I realized this morning that I had all four formulas of this!

  • Original (sheer nude)
  • Eden (matte tawny)
  • Sin (shimmering champagne)
  • Greed (gold)

From left to right : original, Eden, Sin, and Greed

Have you tried any of the new formulas?  What do you think?

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17 Responses to “Primer Primer”

  1. UD’s primers are my favorites. My tube of TFSI separated on me about two months into using it.

    I was so happy when UD switched over to a squeeze tube for their primers. The Genie bottle style is heavy on form, but crappy on function.

  2. The only UDPP I don’t have is Eden… and meh, I’m not too fussed to get it. But I do love the three I have… original for swatching, Sin for daily wear, and Greed for ultra-brights.

  3. I’m a UDPP newbie, having only been using it for about 3 months now, but I won’t use anything else now. I’ve tried lots of indie sellers’ primers, and a few chain-store primers, but none of them are as perfect for my oily eyelids as UDPP. I first purchased the original tube/wand version, and when I couldn’t get anymore product on the wand, I took out my aggression on it with some pliers (and a few other tools that didn’t really work) and got a whole contact case full of product out of it. Now I have the new tube version, which is far better. That old tube was a beast to cut into.

  4. Only tried Original and more recently Eden. Like Eden a lot, but it does seem to matte down shimmer so I think I’ll go back to Original when it’s time to repurchase.

  5. Ah, the original in that famously impractical genie bottle. It’s brilliant, really. The bottle looks beautiful and tricks the buyer into purchasing the product more often.

    I’ve tried and loved the original years ago and was pleased as all hell that finally I could use shadow on my oily lids. Eden didn’t thrill me too much but Greed is gorgeous as a highlighter. Right now I still have a tube of a discontinued champagne colored MAC Paint and when I finally run out of that, it’s time to get a tube of Sin.

  6. Barring a prohibitively expensive price increase, I’m pretty sure I’ll always have some UDPP on me because it’s the only thing that lets me actually enjoy wearing eyeshadow instead of wasting my time having it crease within half an hour! I tried a sample of Eden once and wasn’t terribly impressed (it made me look super sick, how sad!) and haven’t tried the other two new formulas, although I think I might have a sample of Sin somewhere. Original formula all the way for me!

  7. I use the original (in the annoying genie bottle) on a regular basis. Have not tried any of the other formulas, since I just tend to stick to a product once I find one that works.

  8. Have you heard of issues with the new tube leading to faster drying?
    How does it fare for you?

  9. I’m fond of Eden 🙂

  10. I really want the gold one, but I have the huge pro size tube I’m trying to get through and that sucker is drying out.

  11. I must be the oiliest person in the world because UDPP only makes my eyelids sticky once it starts to separate on me unlike just wearing nothing where at least my makeup disappears gracefully.

    A combination of the eye primer TKB trading sells and pixie epoxy is what I have to wear with everything. I don’t even pretend that TFSI or UPDD work on me. 😦

  12. I have the original and Eden both crease on me terribly after a couple of hours, Eden seems to hold out a few more hours. The combo that works for me is BE Prime Time Primer plus ES Evileyes naked primer plus ES spectrum is a lot, but it holds out at least eight hours on good days.

  13. I have oily lids, and UDPP always has worked really well on me. My eyeshadow rarely creases when I use it. However, I loathe the original genie bottle. It cracks easily, and you can’t get all the product out. I always cut the bottle open and depot it once I can’t get any out with the wand. There’s always still quite a bit of product in there.

    I’m fairly pale, so I can actually use UDPP as an undereye concealer if I’m in a rush. It’s a pretty good match for me.

  14. I used to love UDPP. It was my go to. Glory Box duped it (the original) so I find myself reaching for that more often but I wouldn’t mind having Sin. It looks so pretty.

  15. The original primer is amazing, despite its ridiculous container (the squeezy tube is on its way to me in the mail, though). I have the Sin primer too, but I find that I have to be careful to apply a really thin layer of it, otherwise it will crease a little. It’s definietly not the same formula as the original. I’d be keen to give Eden a go at some point.

  16. I have both the original and Eden, and I grab Eden more often than the other. I also use TFSI and ELF’s Mineral eyeshadow primer, but most day’s it’s Eden. I depotted mine from the stupid original jar. I’ll be buying squeeze tubes from this time on. I do plan on buying the other two as well.

  17. Oddly enough, the original PP doesn’t work on me at all. My lids are crazy oily and after a few hours, it’s obvious my shadow has faded and it’s creased to hell. NYX’s HD eyeshadow primer actually works significantly better than PP on me. About a month ago, I picked up Eden hoping it would work better…and it does. But it’s still not better than the NYX primer. Weird.