Winter is Coming

“Oh, my sweet summer child, what do you know of fear? Fear is for the winter, my little lord, when the snows fall a hundred feet deep and the ice wind comes howling out of the north. Fear is for the long night, when the sun hides its face for years at a time, and little children are born and live and die all in darkness while the direwolves grow gaunt and hungry, and the white walkers move through the woods. That is the time for fear, my lord.”

The Inspiration

Despite my initial reservations and poorly-given advice that I would not enjoy this series, I’ve been sucked into the wondrous world of Westeros.  Knowing me and my deep-seated love of LotR and my secret wish to have married Boromir, it makes perfect sense that I now find myself obsessed with the Starks, more specifically one Jon Snow (who knows nothing).  This look is a small and maybe not-so-subtle nod to Winterfell.

It started with a look.  Tumbling Tumblr I ran across this look.  I collect eyes and this one was somehow different to me.  I think I showed it to my best friend a dozen times, each time she swore I was going senile (didn’t she JUST show that to me?).  It’s perfect, dark and cold.

Found on Tumblr, I have no idea who to credit.  There is also a gif.

The Makeup

I decided to interpret it with the help of Inglot.  Using a black crayon base, start by making a typical smokey eye.  However, in the center use a rich blue shadow instead of the pastel blue in the image; use a reflects blue glitter on top and then line and detail with the same baby blue liner.  To get thick full lashes I used They’re Real mascara and some falsies.  I actually ordered these, but they have yet to arrive, so I’m substituting Kiss #03.

For blush I picked a cool toned pink with sparkles, which I’ll use only on the back of the cheeks, more like a contour.  You could go bold and dust the apples, like you’d just come in from the cold, but that’s too much for me.  Then to highlight use the white shadow shade, it’s perfect and looks a little frosty.  Frosty is good for the North.  For the lips I went with a cool pink lipstick in a cream finish.  I liked the contrast with the blue and it’s probably not what you’d expect.  Apply it with a lip brush for more of a stained effect.

For my nails, I used an Inglot polish in the SAME blue as the eyeshadow.  I then painted the tip grey New French style, like I’d seen in a recent Lisa Eldridge video.  The two colors are very similar, so the look is subtle.

(Inglot polish in 955 and 961, AMC Foundation in LW 100, Perfect Concealer in 43, AMC Blush in 56, AMC EYE & Lip Pencil in 89, shadows in 120R, 480DS, and 496DS, AMC Liner Gel in 88, Body Sparkles in 52, and lipstick in 141)

The Accessories

The scent I chose for this fits perfectly.  Flourish’s Woodsmoke Vanilla is woodsy, smokey, and sweet; exactly what I imagine it would smell like in the Godswood.

Molly specially-made a pair of her amazing sequin earrings for me not too long ago and they are perfect for this look. They add a touch of glam, and the shimmer mimics the glitter on the eyes. The way they fall also reminds me a little of chainmaille.  I decided to keep the rest of the look simple and unfussy.  I strung some black beads for a few simple bracelets, found the exact blue of the shadow and polish to make an accent bracelet, and then miraculously stumbled upon the Winter is Coming cuff on Etsy.  Together they create a great stack for your wrist.

Instead of a necklace or something similarly-ornate, I found a grey scarf with a panel of lace in the same shade as the polish.   It ties the grey and blue look together perfectly and adds a touch of something soft and feminine.

The Rest

All of this goes with my ‘basic uniform’ of old jeans, a white top,and Chucks.


29 Responses to “Winter is Coming”

  1. Love this post! Thanks for all the detail about the makeup, clothing, and accessories you used to complete this look!

  2. I love your style posts.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing that eye look! I’m all for cool toned combos and this one made it right into my inspiration folder. Totally loving the entire Game of Thrones theme. More please?

  4. Wonderful choices! I was acutally just wandering around Youtube listening to covers of the intro song! The mashup of the Violin/Metal theme is by far the best!

  5. The picture (and the gif) is a screencap from BoA’s Game MV (: I really need to get myself to Inglot! I say that every time you post their products and somehow it never happens x_x hahah. I love this post! The stack of bracelets is perfect.

    • I just Googled that because I still had no idea what you were talking about. She’s a K-Pop star and that’s her makeup!

      Imagine that, there are a couple of tutorials 🙂

  6. I adore those earrings, they are somehow this mix of not feminine and super feminine. I basically want to wear them to slay dragons. Or befriend dragons. I’m not really sure…great look, I miss these they are so inspiring!

  7. I’m totally trying that look and also totally emailing you the photos. Hope my skills are up to par 🙂

  8. I haven’t read the 5th book yet, so… is the pic of Jon Snow a spoiler or a fan theory (that may well be true, but still a theory) O_o ?

    If it’s a spoiler, I’m sad, I’ve been avoiding them like crazy.

  9. Typing this from my phone while on vacation so I apologize for any typos because they will just be too much trouble to fix.
    First of all I always kinda had a crush on Boromir and then when I saw Sean Bean play him? Um YES.
    So that comment kinda made my day.

    LOVE that eye look! I love how it looks with brown eyes but I have bright blue eyes and think it would make them look awesome too.

    Plus blue, black and white make up most of my wardrobe so I may have been predisposed to liking this look. 😀

    I know you didn’t set out to link to me and whatnot but I sure appreciate the nod. The earrings are very chainmail-like in construction so I love how they went with the theme.

    • I have to admit, the idea for a dark GoT look came when I got those earrings. They just went with that ‘eye’ perfectly.

  10. Hahaha I want to marry Boromir and I am totally in love with Jon Snow.
    Great minds think a like. Sean Bean is s awesome

  11. I just want to say everybody should want to marry Boromir and do indecent things to Sean Bean.

    This look sounds gorgeous! I tend to shy away from blues though but maybe I can try the eye look with a different pop of color! It’ll be fun to try at any rate. 🙂

  12. I’m such a fan of Game of Thrones (just the tv series for now, possibly the books later) that it was very enjoyable to see you base off not only a look off of it but also accessories!

  13. Yay, Style Post! I need baby blue liner in my life O_o.

    Re-watching the series while I recuperate. I find myself wanting to party with Kahl Drogo, but go home to Robb Stark. I love how Robb’s IRL Scottish accent pops in every now and then when he talks :). Did you see College Humor’s 16 bit version of Season One?

  14. Ahh, A Song of Rape and Menus. I’m listening to the books on CD. If you think the TV show is epic — !