What’s in My Bag

Volume 9, Disneyland

Tuesday we went to Disneyland to celebrate a birthday.  It was a beautiful day, very clear and not too warm.  I usually only pack a little bag I can sling over my shoulder and don’t really bring much.  This time I actually used my favorite little bag that I got from Disney the last time I was there.  It has a long strap I can wear over my chest that’s slim and easy to manage PLUS zips shut.  I always feel more secure when my bags zip.

Inside is:

A little wallet with a clip, which I hook inside the bag.  Cause I’m paranoid, yo.  Inside that is my Annual Passport and my debit card, along with some cash and a FastPass.

My coin purse, so I can crush some pennies.

My Chanel sunglasses.

Boscia blotting papers.

Odditoria lipbalm in Basil Peppermint.

Aveeno lotion for my tattoo.

A park map and a stack of napkins.

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5 Responses to “What’s in My Bag”

  1. I’d love to be featured on WiMB sometime!

  2. I always feel more secure with a bag that zips too.

    Basil peppermint? Sounds interesting!

    I took photos for a WIMB – and somehow I always lose your email. Am searching old posts now…der der der.