It’s Friday, I’m in Love


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Coming Soon

My mountain of stuff to do grows every week.  Sometimes I drag my feet for so long that by the time I sit down things are out of style or new things are old.  I need a better system of organization and a new PA.  This week, via random choice, you’ll see:

A review on KK Center HK.

A review of Inglot’s AMC Cream Foundation.

A very easy craft tutorial.

My 1000th post contest!

I’m going to try to catch up on the last few posts I missed, too.


Sadly, no, I don’t know what’s going on with Fryinnae.  I just went though my stash yesterday and thought to myself that I needed to place another order.  They had the best shadows and I’m not sure anyone can come close to replacing them.

Trust me, if I hear anything, I’ll let you know!

Blog Sale / Art Fire Shop

I wonder at what point I’m beating a dead horse here.  But… there are still items available here, here, here, and lots of Aromaleigh here!  I keep crossing my fingers that it sells because I made the ridiculous agreement that I wouldn’t spend any money accept what I made from the blog on my Art Fire shop.  And you know what sucks?  After all the work I put into setting things up, Art Fire lost it all somehow and the shop disappeared.  So I had to start all over.

PR Requests

Ok.  So.  After a lot of consideration and talking it over with a couple people I have decided to officially start accepting PR Requests.  More info can be found on my FAQ page.

The Links

ALL of our military heros need  our support.

Holy moly, I like these.

And these, too.


Get these balms.  Now.

I always post links to making gummies because I love making gummies.

Phyrra is having a giveaway!

Your Turn

  1. I tweeted a plea for your favorite turquoise/teal shadows and got some great ideas!  What are your picks?
  2. What are some of your favorite glitter polishes?


19 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love”

  1. OMG I didn’t know about Fyrinnae! I literally just got my order (less than a week ago) with a TON of samples I wanted and a full size of Pixie Epoxy. I hope everything is alright! Everything they make is amazing.

  2. 1. I wouldn’t know, really…I don’t like those colors, usually, and I think they clash with my eye color (because…too similar). The only teal I really liked was Surf USA by MAC. Oh, and the one from Kat Von D’s Memento Mori palette (to which I think Fyrinnae’s Sleepy Hollow might be similar…but I haven’t been able to order from them, and I’ve been thinking that I may never :/).
    2. I recently got Deborah Lippmann’s Glitter in the Air and Marquee Moon…so. Much. Love. Inglot’s 207 makes me drool when I’m in the sun.

  3. I’m fair and brown-eyed with dark circles — no blue shadows to report here (unless you count the ones under my eyes)! I also never use glitter polishes because I do too much metalwork to manage a plain manicure, never mind a sparkly one. Double loss here, I’m afraid!

    Too bad about Fyrinnae; aside from their excellent shadows, Pixie Epoxy is an amazing product that I know I’ll miss every day.

    • Also, was your ArtFire shop a Pro shop? If not, they’re deleting all Basic shops this month, which might explain the disappearance. If it was a Pro shop, I have heard more than one report of the same thing happening recently, though I’ve seen no official explanation offered for that.

  4. 1. favorite turquoise/teal shadow, I’m not sure if it’s teal-y enough but I LOVED Aromaleigh’s Aqua Nightmare. Blues make me worry I look like an 80’s hooker, but I think it’s not a true blue (cuz it’s maybe kinda teal?) so it’s all good 😀
    2. Favourite glitter polish, I got one recently that was pretty but subtle, OPI I Juggle…Men. I guess it’s more of a topcoat but I still likes it!

  5. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO why is it always the makeup companies I keep intending to buy from leave? Arg. I should have learned my lesson from Aromaleigh; as soon as I really want to order something (in this case, the epoxy) just go for it!

    For glitter nail polishes, I love It Looks Like Rain, Deer (OPI, gold) and this neon coral OPI polish called Go with the Flow-er, which I use over pinks and reds to give them more POP!

    I’m a beginner with blue shadows (Magpie by Sugarpill being the only blue I use regularly enough) and the only true turquoise color I feel I own is from Ben Nye (and really old…gosh I need to get rid of that)

  6. As far as teals go I love the one in Wet n Wild’s Blue Had Me at Hello Palette. I love wearing just a bit of liner and mascara and applying this just in the inner corner. It is quick and bright. I also love Inglot’s matte shadows in 372 which leans a bit more aqua and 388 which is a deep teal that isn’t dark or too bright yet still vibrant. My favorite glitter polish has got to be Nail Junkie from Sinful colors. It looks great over What’s your Name from Sinful colors as well.

  7. I am SO MAD at Artfire right now. I’m in the process of opening my own ecommerce site so that when things break I can blame nobody but myself (Or the host, I guess :P). Three days in a row now, Artfire has been preventing customers from being able to pay for items in their carts :/

    Teal or turquoise eye shadow. Hrmm. Most of my favorites in that range are Aromaleigh shades :/ Like Mindy said, Aqua Nightmare, or there was a gorgeous darker turquoise-leaning-teal from I believe the Oplulent Lustres collection. Favorite glitter polish? Zoya Roxy, a gorgeous magenta shade.

    BTW thanks for spreading the word about Rocky the dog ❤ That story broke my heart, but I'm so glad it's ending well 🙂

  8. Today I managed to make a Fyrinnae order around 11am but then the shop closed a couple of hours later so I don’t know anymore.

    My favorite glitter polishes is Nubar’s Violet Sparkle and OPI’s Absolutely Alice, which is unfortunately LE and hard to find now.

  9. My favorite teal would have to be Aromaleigh’s moonagedaydream from Rocks! I wore it today, actually. It was one of my first shades from them, and I still love it.

    Also I posted a comment at the aromaleigh sale post you made, but I accidentally used my old e-mail address, moonlit_archer, that was hacked and is now used to spam… and I didn’t see my comment show up, so I’m wondering if it didn’t get accepted.

  10. Yay, I won! Emailed you already.

    I haven’t find my favorite glittery nail polish yet, because I always fear that removing it will be difficult. But I really love my Nubar Spark nail polish (holo, not glitter though).

  11. When I want glitter, glitter polishes just don’t do it for me – they’re too sparse, always too sparse.

    So I just get glitter and stick my finger in it while a clear varnish is still wet 🙂 .

  12. Heart Nutella. That is all.

  13. Ooh, I just thought of a question:

    A few times you’ve received good/great/so-so product, but what made the review positive or negative was the CS – they either said ‘bad batch, let us replace it for you’ or… it was a horror-story.
    Oh, the horror stories O_o .

    How’s it going to go with the PR samples?
    Sure, the product is good, but it might lead to people purchasing with company X who, when shipping to non-bloggers, is less than squeaky clean – we all remember unanswered inquiries, “lost” packages, “lost” money, old and smelly products…

    I must add that your BakeAt350 link made me seriously look into an ice-cream maker 😀 .
    And I won’t get to experience PE, boo ): .

  14. Artfire may not be the best seller platform as it’s come to light that they had a customer information privacy breach:

    The way they handled it wasn’t good either.

    I haven’t used many turquoise/teal eyeshadows but I do like KillerCosmetics’s Crystal Lake.

  15. Oh man. Your questions are so up my alley it’s not even funny.

    Teal/turquoise are the colours I’m most drawn to in every single line, so my comparatively tiny makeup collection is heavily overbalanced in that direction. My newest and most loved acquisition is Concrete Minerals’ Temptress. I ❤ it several times over. I've been eyeballing Darling from Sugarpill and Anthrax from My Pretty Zombie thanks to various swatches and looks I've seen here and there.

    For glitter nail polishes, I have an entire drawer of clear base glitter polishes, separate from the other nail polishes I own, many of which are glittery in a coloured base. So…
    Top-coat type glitters: Party Hearty by China Glaze, Traffic-Stopper Copper by Sephora by OPI, Princess Cut by Ardene
    Standalone glitters: Ruby Pumps and Emerald Sparkle by China Glaze, Absolutely Alice by OPI (as mentioned by someone above), and Halley's Comet by Orly (which has several dupes).

  16. TEALLLL. Make up Store Cybershadow in Crash and Gingerleaf are my favs. Annoyingly there aren’t any good pics online 😦
    Glitter polish? Nfoh-u flakey glitter polishes are amazing as well as OZOTIC High Impact Holographic in 609, which apparently doesn’t containm glitter but high impact holographic shimmer. It looks like glitter. Oh also Man Glaze Hot Mess matte glitter top coat YUMYUM