Inglot AMC Cream Foundation – A Review

The one complaint I have about Inglot is their complete and utter lack of anything descriptive on their site.  If you try to look up product info or even shade descriptions, you’ll come up empty.  Which honestly sort of sucks for people who can’t just pop round into the stores in person.

AMC Cream Foundation comes in a plastic pump bottle that contains 30 ML/1 US FL OZ for 21$ and is available on the Inglot US site as well as shops.  It comes in twenty one colors from very light to a rich deep brown.

I ordered it in LW100.  I went back and forth with myself, wanting to get the LW200, since it seemed ‘brighter’ and less grey.  I probably should have.  The prefixes of the foundation stand for the shade.  L is light, M is medium, and D is dark.  W is warm (yellow) and C is cool (pink).  However… the numbers are not in order from lightest to darkest, it’s just confusing.  So right away, if you’re interested in this foundation I would probably say you’d need to be CERTAIN of your shade or try swatches, first.

This foundation is less of a cream and more of a lotion, it’s very thin.  The other ‘cream’ foundation I have from them is VERY thick, so I expected this one to be on the thick side as well.  It’s very smooth and silky and despite it being thin, I really like the texture.  I’m going to risk it as say there is a nice amount of silicone in it.  Unlike many Inglot products, it doesn’t have a noticeable scent.  I like that this has a pump, it makes it easier to use.  Just make sure you shake it up first.

Looking at it in the bottle, you might expect it to be a little shimmery.  It looks shimmery, rather then flat.  However, on the skin it is very natural.  It’s satiny rather then matte and I don’t notice any shimmer at all.

It ALMOST matches.

Because it’s thin in texture it’s thin in coverage.  It’s more like a tinted moisturizer.


It applies like a dream.  I used it over my usual primer, EL Idealist Even Skintone.  I smooth it on with my fingers and then blend it in with a Beauty Blender.  I think the BB is probably one of the top three products I bought this year, I love it.  Back to the foundation.

Once on, you can sort of build it up in areas, but you’re just not going to get full coverage so if you’re concerned you’ll need to work with your concealer.  It does do a good job of evening my skin tone out, though.  If you have a bunch of freckles they would certainly still show through with this as would any pigmentation spots.  I really like it for a natural, clear look.  It’s not tacky or thick and disappears on your skin, you can’t feel it, which is something I really like in a foundation.

Sadly, this doesn’t have the greatest wear.  It looks great for a couple of hours, but that’s it.  It doesn’t get greasy or anything, but it certainly fades.  It’s not a long wearing foundation by any means.

There are quite a few color options for this, although picking the right one for you might be tricky.  I really like this foundation for a sheer natural look.

Good for oily skin? Maybe not.

Good for dry skin? Yes.

Coverage: Light

Finish: Natural

Wear: On me about 6 hours.

Would I purchase it again? Yes

14 Responses to “Inglot AMC Cream Foundation – A Review”

  1. It looks like a good, sheer foundation, though I definitely agree that it would be difficult to pick the correct foundation match from the swatches on their site. Thanks for the review 🙂

  2. It sounds like a good foundation, thought it must be hard to get a right match without going personally to the stores. :/

  3. I was browsing the Inglot website last night because I was interested in the YMC foundation and wanted some information and alas none was found. I found that very frustrating. I wish they had descriptions like MAC does on their website with each product so I know what type of finish or what effect it gives among other information Give me something Inglot! Haha. Hmm I would have thought this foundation would give more coverage. I like the natural finish aspect of it but since I have oily skin I am concerned about the wear. Great review and just in time I was looking into Inglot foundation/powder reviews and there aren’t many out there.

    • I have been wearing AMC Young Skin Foundation in 43. It cost $16. My skin is sensitive, and it hasn’t broken me out. When the mua applied it in the store, he put a lot on and used a brush to blend it in. I looked flawless. But it does seem to fade within a few hours. I would say that the finish is more matte. There is no dewy glow. I thinkt he coverage is medium. You can build it to a fuller coverage, but it does seem to fade over time unless you really cake it on. It sounds like it would be fuller coverage than this foundation that Grey is reviewing. I would buy it again. I am used to spending $40 or more for foundation. I think this is a good buy for $16.

      • Oh sounds like its just what I am looking for I am currently using MAC’s Mineralize Satinfinish foundation and its a more on the dewy side. I wanted one on that is more matte. Thanks for that information. 🙂

  4. I completely agree with you on the lack of descriptions! The best I can do is google a color or product from them to see if I can find swatches somewhere. However, I have never been disappointed by any of the color products I have purchased from them. The foundation does look a little thin, but would be great for a more natural, less made up look!

  5. I have over $1000 in Inglot products, and I love their eyeshadow, foundation, and lipstick. I also like the bronzer. I have powder blushes, and I don’t love the way they blend. But, that is just my opinion. I also don’t feel that the lipglosses are as long lasting as I would like. And, I have used mascaras that I like more. I do LOVE their eyeliners. I love love love the liquid liners. I will be going back in December. I am so looking forward to buying some of the new rainbow palettes and more lipstick colors — but this time in more shocking shades. Most colors I bought were MLBB colors. I want a deep blue red and a burgundy. I bought 10 lipstick colors, and they all look great on me. Oh, I do like the lipgloss pot things, but I find I don’t use them as often because I need to use an applicator. That extra step shows my laziness.

  6. Thank you for this review, it’s so rare to find Inglot reviews for products other than the Freedom palette. The lack of product description is indeed annoying. Customers shouldn’t be forced to spend hours on the internet looking for swatches to understand what they are buying. When I wanted to try a lipstick I couldn’t find any swatch so I had to rely on the pictures provided on the site… Well, I ended up with two shades with a strong metallic copper shimmer that I would have never guessed from the images provided. After this experience I don’t think I’ll buy again unless I find good swatches, expecially after they’ve raised their price. Almost 40€ for something that I can’t see before I buy are a bit too much in my opinion, even if the quality is good.

  7. As great as Inglot is, they certainly have a way to go in perfecting their e-commerce! On a side note, I think I may have to break down and buy a beauty blender. I’ll admit, I’m skeptical- I just can’t imagine how this can be so different from a good quality sponge wedge, but I’ve seen several experienced makeup artists rave about it, so I guess I need to see for myself!

    • I have sent Inglot emails in the past with questions I really needed answered regarding shades, billing/shipping, etc. Not one time have they bothered to email me back. As a result, I’ve spent zero $$ on their products, when I was fully prepared to buy at least $500 worth on my first order. Their customer service most definitely sucks dogs bollocks.

      Regarding the Beauty Blender sponge, I ordered a 2 pack after seeing and hearing so many rave reviews on them. Unfortunately, they are raves only. I find little to no difference using them at all. Certainly not enough to justify the price they’re being flogged off for. I get more use and better results out of the $2 bag of 10 flat, round, flocked sponges I bought from Walmart. Seriously disappointed with those stupid pink doodads. Nothing but hype. They remind me of those old ‘birth control’ sponges from years ago, except for the fact that they’re unnecessarily screaming pink & leaking dye & chemicals all over your face. They also run pink dye every time they’re washed – think then about what is transferring to your face when using these – and they take bloody forever to dry.


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