Brows A-Go-Go – A Review

Hello, I love you…

Crave beautiful brows, NOW? With this exclusive kit you can line and define your brows AND eyes wherever you go-go. It’s got everything you need for a professional eye-look anytime. anywhere.

Product Details

    • Kit contains:
    • brow zings powder (light) 1.10g Net wt. / 0.04 oz.
    • brow zings powder (dark) 1.10g Net wt. / 0.04 oz.
    • brow zings wax 0.90g Net wt. 0.03 oz.
    • smokin’ liner 0.39g Net wt. 0.01 oz.
    • eye bright 0.90g Net wt. 0.03 oz.
    • brow highlighter powder 1.10g Net wt. 0.04 oz.
    • mini tweezers
    • hard angle/talent brush
    • step-by-step lesson

Benefit’s Brows A-Go-Go is 38$ and available through the Benefit site or Ulta, which is a change from the usual ‘Sephora Exclusives’.  To be honest I didn’t even look at the price when I saw this after having my brows done at the Benefit Brow Bar.  This was the product that Jen used when she did my brows and I was SO pleased with the results I didn’t balk at the price.

I happen to REALLY like the Benefit boxes like this, that have a small collection of travel sizes of their products.  I have two of them I pack with me all the time.  They are made with the same sturdy cardboard that this kit is and they travel well.  This kit quickly became an instant HG and travel item.  Although it does only have two brow shades, I can easily mix them to create the shade I want, or just go light or dark.

From left to right : wax, light powder, dark powder, highlighter, and Eye Bright

I’m not big on using the tools supplied in little kits like these.  This little brush is great, through.  It’s the perfect size and density.  I also REALLY like the tweezers.  I love having them handy, I’m one of those brow obsessed people (you knew that) that sees one stray hair and freaks out.  Plus since I travel with this kit I like having the tweezers for other things.

The brow powder goes on very well and lasts nicely.  I use the wax when I want very shaped brows, wax makes it easier to ‘mold’ your brows into a more sleek shape, it looks dark in my swathes, but on the brow it’s more of a light tint.  I really like the addition of the two pink highlight products.  One is a powder for use on the brow, one us actually an eye brightener cream for under the eye and it’s ACTUALLY light enough for me to use that way!

I haven’t had occasion to use the liner, but I like that it’s there ‘just in case’.

Would I purchase Brows A-Go-Go again?  Yes.

✘  It’s fairly expensive.

✔  It contains a lot of different products and items.

✔  The formulas and products are nice quality.

Price: 3/5

Packaging: 5/5

Pigmentation: 5/5

Wear: 5/5

Overall: .5  /  5


9 Responses to “Brows A-Go-Go – A Review”

  1. My brows could probably do with something like this. At the moment I use a brush with a little cheap eyeshadow on to fill mine

  2. Too bad this is available in only one combination of colors. I’d prefer more shades here. Anyway, I don’t think this is *that* expensive if you take a look at everything you get here. I purchased Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo and ond you get only 2 shades (one eyeshadow in half) and it was $30 in the end, with shipping. Here you get few other things so it’s a good price I’d say 🙂

  3. I don’t think the price is too bad. Looks like a decent little kit! I’m still a brow novice. Just acuired a brow pencil from the New Beauty Test Tube that I have been playing around with and seem to like. Thanks for the review of this kit!

  4. I looooove Benefit’s Brow Zings.. if you want just a powder and the wax.. you can save a few bucks. I don’t do my brows everyday, but I’ve had the same set for probably 5 years now.. definitely worth the money. 🙂

  5. I wish the lightest shades were light enough for blondes. I got my brows done, and they did a really good job, but my brows looked so dark. It’s a very good product, nonetheless!

  6. I just use a dark CARGO brown. Not really a worried-about-brows person.

  7. they need to make one for red heads.

  8. Huh. I’ve always used my Eye Bright (I got one of the little half Eye Bright, half Boi-ing duos, but the Boi-ing was shade 2 and therefore way too dark for me, sigh) as an inner-corner highlighter. For some reason I never thought of it as an under-eye highlighter. New ideas every day!

  9. I think the wax makes my skin itch in that kit.