Sundara Cosmetics – A Review


I’d been eying Sundara for a while.  I ran across the shop during my usual Etsy crawl.  I wondered how the pastel mattes compared to the amazing collection Shiro released last year.  I finally ordered when I caught someone else wondering about the company on Twitter.

They have a couple of different color collections to chose from, pastels, brights, smokey and neutrals.  They also offer full size and mini jars.  They did recently add sample sizes as well, 10 for 5$.  The listings contain nice pictures and include shots of the shadows both in the pot and swatched.  Although there are ingredients listed, I’m not sure it’s a complete list.

I ordered:

Hello Bow Pastel Pink Eyeshadow 3g Mini Jar

Sky Blue Pastel Eyeshadow 3g Mini Jar

Mocha Taupe Eyeshadow 3g Mini Jar


I paid 3$ for shipping, which seemed very fair to me.  I ordered on August 12, it shipped on August 17th and arrived on the 19th.


My order arrived in a padded envelope.  My items were securely packaged in a plastic bag along with a sample and my invoice.


These mini jars are standard 5 gram sized jars with false bottoms, making them 3 gram jars.  Each come sealed and labeled with the shade, the website, the ingredients, and whether or not they are lip safe.  The lids  have clear labels with the company name on the top, which makes them seem fairly professional.

The pink is actually really accurate in this shot!

My biggest peeve about the labels is they are identical ingredient wise for all three shades.  They list the same few ‘basic’ ingredients and then have a LONG list of ‘may contain’, which I really hate.  They also list ‘cosmetic glitter’ as an ingredient, but not correctly with what type of glitter.  That’s a whole other issue that I will tackle in my yet-to-be-titled glitter overview.

To make a pastel shade you add titanium dioxide (which is white) to the mix.  You have to be fairly careful because TD is powdery and the pastels could easily become chalky.

A matte shade is typically made with oxides, rather then micas.  Oxides are usually sticky and thick, which makes them hard to blend.

Combined, a pastel matte shade is notoriously difficult to formulate correctly.

✦Hello Bow is a Super bright yet soft Pastel Pink!

I’m really going to disagree that this pink is super bright.  It’s a very soft pink with almost no pigmentation.  My shadow doesn’t look much like the swatch on the listing where it seems to glow.  In the swatches above I have it PACKED on so that the color would show up.

I’m not crazy about the formula.  It’s not all that chalky, but it has very poor adhesion and it wore off quickly, even on a variety of primers.  It’s almost impossible to use a sticky primer or a paint pot with these two pastel shades.  It’s not impossible to blend, but it takes too much work and I’m just not crazy about putting so much effort into it since the color is so light and it’s gone in an hour.

✦Sky is a matte Pastel Light Blue

I really like this odd shade of blue.  However, the same issues I noticed with the pink exists in this blue as well.  It’s much more pigmented, though.

✦Mocha Taupe is a true taupe with a slight brown undertone color unlike any other, its so unique! Mocha Taupe is a Veluxe Pearl Finish

I have no idea why I have a sudden interest in taupe.  But I do.  I really wanted to get this shadow based on the description, even if it didn’t look all that ‘unique’ in the picture.  Browns and neutrals with ‘unique’ finishes are notoriously hard to photograph well.

This shade looks nothing like the swatch and is just a very plain brown color, almost more of a copper.

It blends well and I didn’t notice much issue with it fading.

Would I order from Sundara Cosmetics again? Probably not.

✘  The shades didn’t seem to match the descriptions or the swatches.

✘  I wasn’t impressed with the wear or the formula.

✔  The prices were reasonable and I like the mini-jar option.

Price: 4/5

Packaging: 4/5

Shipping: 4/5

Products: 2/5

Overall: .5 /  5


12 Responses to “Sundara Cosmetics – A Review”

  1. Awww, shame the store was not good. I recently bought some colors from Tonic (PuppetTheatre) on Etsy and I hope it’ll be good! It’s been a while since I’ve tried something new from etsy, and trying new things is not always great x.x

  2. That’s too bad :-/ I’m still eyeing some of the jewel tones though. Maybe the darker colors will be better. *shrug*

  3. Cucumber Melon, It’s a Boy, Saint, and Halo look like interesting colors, but for all I know, they would end up being completely different colors with below-mediocre formulas…. (That red is a brick ORANGE if you ask me.)

  4. Sorry about your order being a bust. The colors look so dreamy in their pictures though… 😦

  5. That is a shame, I’ve been eyeing that store for a while now but I think I’ll give it a miss.

  6. I had wondered about Sundara myself. Glad I held off. I can’t wait to see your glitter overview!

  7. I had a similarly mediocre experience with this company. I tried mostly brights and all of them with the mild exception of one were chalky and difficult to use. The smokey and neutral colors are a little better, but they aren’t really unique enough to make up for the other faults.

    I also don’t like how the swatch photos are so obviously Photoshopped.

  8. thanks for the review. i don’t mind slight variation to colors, but the colors look so different, esp mocha taupe.

  9. How very disappointing. I want to try their brights and neutrals; I’ll wait around to see if they reformulate their colours or improve. The red is very unfortunate. :/