Sweetpea and Fay – A Review


SP&F have exceptionally clear and detailed pictures.  They don’t have that sort of haze of photo-shopping you see when someone ‘adjusts’ the contrast/lighting/etc.  I don’t know for sure that they AREN’T photo-shopped, but if they are it’s done well.

The listings can be sparse, while they contain a good deal of shop policy info, they lack in product descriptions.

The prices are very inexpensive.  It’s under $4 for a shadow and something like $11 for a trip.  I ordered my first trio some time ago, but promptly even forgot about it once I opened it.

From the time I first ordered until the time they were featured on Heartsy (a couple of months later) they did some rebranding and redesigned the shop and labels.

The first time I ordered:

Vintage Roses Collection, Mineral Eyeshadow, 5 gram jars with Sifters

With the Hearty voucher I ordered:

Apparition, Tinted Lipbalm, “Lip Anomalies”

Limited Edition, Handcrafted Mineral Eyeshadows, 5 Gram Jars with Sifters

Paris Is Burning, Handcrafted Mineral Blush, 10 Gram Jar with Sifter

I had wanted to try a foundation, but the shade I was looking at wasn’t available at the time.  Just after I checked out, it was relisted so I purchased it separately.

No. 10, Handcrafted Mineral Foundation, 20 Gram Jar with Sifter

I sent a note with the order as well as a convo asking to combine the orders.  It took some time to reply, but they kindly refunded me the second shipping and sent everything in one package.


My first order was $2.95 for shipping, the label stated it cost $1.90 to mail.  It took about six says for the order to ship, not bad at all.

My second order was $4.15 for shipping (the three items) placed on August 5th and was shipped on August 17th and arrived a few days later.  The label on the shipper says that the actual price to ship the package was $1.75.  I’m always disappointed when I’m charged more then the shipping costs, in this case it was more then double.

I think now is a good time to explain my shipping ‘theory’.  I recently had a great discussion about this with a couple amazing indie sellers.  For me things like mailers and time to label and go to the PO, if you need to, should be figured into the price of the product.  They are considered the cost of doing business (like ingredients and jars) and should be figured into the price you charge for the product.  It should never be ‘charged’ to a customer afterwards.  I’m not paying for your business costs, I’m buying an item.  I’m not buying an envelope, I’m buying eyeshadow.


The first time I order arrived very plainly.  It was packaged in a bubble mailed, the shadows loose inside with a business card.

The second order arrived a little differently.  They were packaged inside a labeled little bag and then inside the bubble mailer.  Neither order contained my invoice or any samples.



These foundations have no shade, finish, or coverage information at all.  Each shade is labeled by number, from 10 (Porcelain) to 80 (Deep).  Each foundation comes in a 20 gram sifter jar that is sealed and labeled on the bottom with the company info, the shade, and a full list of ingredients.

I admit, I wanted to try this based on the photography only.  The shade looked so buttery smooth and beautiful.  Looking at it it seemed pretty neutral, not pink or not golden.  It also didn’t look GREY like many neutrals tend to be.

Either this is a GREAT match for my skin tone or it’s so sheer that it just melts in.  I tried and tried to swatch this and you literally cannot see it on my skin.  Needless to say I was REALLY excited to wear it on my face.  I tried it with a variety of primers and I was never disappointed.

I would say that the finish is natural.  It’s not sparkly at all, although I would say it’s maybe a bit ‘dewy’ and sometimes I swear there is a touch of… glimmer.  It’s not matte and doesn’t look powdery.  It has a nice soft focus effect.

The coverage is light, however it builds up nicely and you can add more overage in certain spots if you need it.  It will not, however, give you completely flawless skin, the coverage just isn’t enough for that.  It still makes for a very clean and finished look.  I’m not sure if I’m late to the party with this or not, but I use a damp flocked sponge (I got mine from Aromaleigh) and apply the foundation damp as a concealer to my pigmented areas first (0ver the primer) and then dust it on all over over top for a bit more coverage and it works great.

While I don’t think I’ll give up my liquid foundations, this is nice in a pinch.


The blush listing, much like the foundation one, had no description to it at all.  I bought this shade solely based on the name.  It comes in a 10 gram sifter jar that was sealed and completely labeled.

One issue I noted with this blush, as well to a minor extent the foundation, was that it wasn’t blended thoroughly and I did get the sporadic streak.  I like the shade a lot, though.  It’s a bit on the coraly side, although I expected more peach in the jar.  I won’t complain.  It wears well and didn’t fade or steak too much.  You can’t beat it for the price.

Eye Shadow

Limited Edition

Ganache- A silver like color with chocolate brown undertones. Goes on shimmery and in some lighting looks like a gun metal color. Super pretty blended with Chocolate Fondue.

Chocolate Fondue- A stunning shade of chocolate which is great for getting an effortless looking smokey eye. It has gorgeous reflects and brown undertones which gives it that summery feel.

Bavarian Cream: Gorgeous highlight color. A buttercream like shade with pearl undertones.

Vintage Roses Collection

Arsenic has a shimmery finish and when applied it has a grey like feel to it. It has gergous brown and silver undertones with silver reflects in it. It has a tarnished silver look.

Mrs. Grisby is a dark coraly-pink shade with gold undertones. It has gold/orange shimmer in it which makes it look like a bronzed pink hue.

Love Lies Bleeding is a soft petal pink with a pearl look to it. It goes on shimmery and has romantic pearl and light pink reflects in it.

From left to right: Ganache, Chocolate Fondue, Bavarian Cream, Arsenic, Mrs. Grisby, and Love Lies Bleeding

The shadows come in the standard 5 gram jars labeled on the top with the company logo.  On the bottom is the company info, the shade, and the ingredients.  I keep thinking that with the new branding the jars would probably look cuter if they were clear.  But, eh…

The shades are fairly accurate to the descriptions and the swatches, expect in the case of Arsenic, which looks nothing like the description. Still, it’s a great shade that compliments the trio.

The shadows wear well, are nicely pigmented, and do not crease or fade.  I love to foil them and then blend over then dry.  All six of these are extremely wearable shades.  I used Mrs. Grisby as a blush today and loved how it looked.

Lip Color

I am so angry at myself that I didn’t read this listing more carefully when I ordered.  I loved the color.  But then I just went a little crazy and ordered it without reading and it contains DUNDUNDUN… stevia and I cannot use it.

I passed it on to a friend after swatching it on my arm.  She reports that the formula is great but the color is a little too shimmery and it sort of migrates in her lip line.

Would I order from Sweetpea and Fay again? Yes.

✔  The prices were really affordable.

✔  The formulas were nice.

✔  The shades were accurate.

✔  The shadows wore well.

✘  Shipping charges were an issue.

Price: 5/5

Packaging: 4/5

Shipping: 3/5

Products: 4/5

Overall:   /  5


13 Responses to “Sweetpea and Fay – A Review”

  1. Thank you for your review!! I’ve been waiting patiently to make an order with my Heartsy coupon & now I know I’m safe with eyeshadows.

  2. Ganache and Arsenic are gorgeous, and the foundation sounds pretty fantastic.
    The disparity between the color and description of Arsenic makes me wonder: How many color-blind people use makeup?

  3. thanks for the review. agree with you that while the price seems good (that’s what caught my attention in the first place), the shipping is quite ridiculously high. that’s what’s been holding me back from buying.

  4. That’s an interesting take on shipping. I admit that I charge a flat $4.00 for shipping the first item, regardless of the actual cost (which is usually close to $3 for one item after DC) and the additional cost is for my shipping materials, etc, the same as many other “shipping and handling” fees that are common in online shopping.

    I don’t like it when a seller charges a clearly unreasonable shipping amount on a low dollar order, but I do think it’s up to each seller and there should be some wiggle room.

  5. I am confused about the way you judge shipping a bit.
    When I ship out something, it’s always more expensive than on the label because of the envelope price as well as bubble wrap.

    Also, perhaps, the price on the envelope is the base price, without taxes.

  6. I really wish companies would stop using stevia in lip products! I don’t care if it’s ~natural~; so is hemlock, and both make me sick to some degree!

  7. I’ve bought from them twice, once during a sale and another for a pressed eyeshadow set. While I did like their products, shipping was an issue for me too. It just seems a little high, especially if you’re only buying one or two items.

  8. Great review!

    On the shipping tip I have always kind of expected the actual shipping cost to be higher than what is on the label. I guess it comes from all those infomercials for ‘shipping AND handling’. I do think there should be some wiggle room for the shipping costs since not everyone does build it into their prices and I can understand that. Build it in the price and you may price yourself out of the market or international customers who have to have value declared on customs forms will either get less product for their money or shy away entirely.

    In the end I suppose it is up to the company. I know I wouldn’t buy if the shipping was substantially higher than the label, but a dollar or so more and I’m ok with it.

  9. Sounds like a good company, I really like the first trio you’ve swatched. The Ganache looks like a really pretty neutral, like a not-too-warm taupe.

    Gotta say I disagree with the shipping thing, like Frances said I’m used to “shipping & handling” or postage and packaging (P+P) being the term. The cost of making the product and packaging the product is in the item price, I think the cost of shipping the product to me – envelope, bubblewrap, gas etc – should be in the shipping price. I’d rather go without business cards and not have to pay for them at all, haha.
    On a practical note, I simply couldn’t shop from anyone who inflated item prices instead of shipping prices to cover costs. For international buyers, shipping costs do NOT count toward your limit on import purchases whereas the item cost does. When shipping 2 bars of soap here costs $15, and my limit to order without getting hit with an unavoidable $13 charge + 20% of the declared value in VAT is $30, that means HALF my allowance would be used on shipping!

    Since international customers pay taxes on the declared item value which is the item’s price, but not on the shipping price, it would really suck for anyone who didn’t live in the US 😦
    I agree that inflated shipping is annoying, but as an international buyer the alternative would be worse for me and all other int. buyers. For that reason I don’t mind paying up to a couple of dollars extra on shipping.

  10. Oooh yay, I can’t wait to use my SP&F Heartsy voucher now!! 😀

  11. I was so disappointed with my SP&F order– and I think it must just be me because everyone else seems pretty happy with them. I’ve never had mineral make up irritate my eyes, and the mineral shadows I bought did. Also, none of the colors went on clear and sparkly. I need to actually get some pixie epoxy to see if it’ll help the situation, but over my primers, the shadows appear dull and muddy. I need to pull them all out again and try some more because after two applications (and a lot of scratching my eyes), I put them in the back of a drawer to forget about them.

    Also, my shipping took RIDICULOUSLY long. I know she was backed up with Heartsy orders, but I got an email with an electronic shipping confirmation number, but the items weren’t even given to the mailing facility for another three days. It seemed like a rather “low” way of abiding by her processing time. Then, the 1-5 days actually took more than a week.

    Again, I’m sure the Heartsy vouchers has them scrambling, but there was no invoice, no thank you, no business card or anything of the sort in my package with my shadows… Overall, it was kind of a let-down and I’m afraid to keep trying etsy for make up.

    • You are NOT the only one! I was incredibly disappointed and confused. The foundation seemed to have no binding ability. It just brushed onto my face and flung off onto my shirt. It looked like nothing. Had no coverage. My shadows were boring and one was streaky. The only good thing about the company was that the seller is actually really nice.