It’s Friday, I’m in Love

1,000 Posts

Today is the last day to make your guess on my 1,000 post contest.  For the record, this right here is my 992nd post.

I’m still gathering the goodies for the giveaway, but so far?  I want to win.

Urban Decay

As I’m sure a lot of you have heard by now, Urban Decay’s latest sale was a little fail.  It turns out over half the product they ‘sold’ was out of stock and hence, people who bought it never got it.  However, they didn’t think to contact people or make a statement.  They just started shipping packages out with missing items.  I know of at least five people who got nothing but an empty box with tissue paper and a sample of highlighter because everything they ordered was out of stock.  To make matters worse, no one at the UD offices were picked up the phone and if they did, they were hanging up on customers.

I had to send SIX email and called and left ELEVEN voice mails regarding my missing items.  When I finally heard back they insisted that my order number was invalid and I never placed an order.  So I had to send screenshots and pictures.  I was FINALLY promised both a refund (which was eventually processed) and a gift code and free shipping on the site.  I’m really… confused if I want to continue to support this company.

Win or Die

My Cersei inspired SD post should be up this coming week.  Here is a sneak peek at the jewelry I made for this collection.


The day I posted Integgy’s article about OCM I started giving it a try using the oil I got in the one kit I reviewed not too long ago.  I’ve been cleaning my skin using this method, along with my morning shower and my evening Black Magic session with my Clarisonic.  To be honest, I don’t think it’s doing anything.  I am gross, I guess, and was looking forward to releasing all these little plugs.  But… I got nothing so far.  Have you been trying it out?


My hair is… ugh.  I liked it for a day or so and now I’m just aggravated that it’s so ‘in between’.  I’ve realized that I look good in either hats or headbands.  Headbands, however, are tricky.  In the case of a headband with a… thing on it, do you wear the thing on the side with the part of the side with the most hair (assuming like me you part your hair on one side and not down the middle)?  Did that question even make sense?

Coming Soon

So, I seem to have caught up, minus the craft tutorial I owe you.  I’m… working on it.  In the mean time in the coming week you can expect:

The Win or Die Style Diary.

A possible rant about Ulta.

My BB Cream review/follow -up thing.

An OHWTO Scentscapade.

The Links

I love nail art.

Want to make chainmaille?

A tale of six BB Creams.

I.  Love.  This.  Look.

Cutest store ever.

Your Turn

  1. Gel manicure.  Yes or no?  I’m thinking yes.
  2. Do you have a favorite pair of falsies?
  3. What is your favorite indie perfume scent?


33 Responses to “It’s Friday, I’m in Love”

  1. I’m feeling like my math failed me on the 1,000th post thing. Crap.
    Wow…WTF, Urban Decay. That’s shady as hell for such a major brand.
    Hmm, I dunno about the headband thing, because I don’t wear headbands (my ears are less parallel and more perpendicular to my head…ugh), but I would think that the side with the adornment would go over the part, to, uh…even things out? Ask me after I get surgery to make my ears normal.

    1. Yes, if you could bear having the same color for however long.
    2. No, but I tend to prefer individual lashes (like Ardell’s) and lashes with a…hmm, what would I call the shape? Zig-zag? Eh, like these.
    3. Never tried any. I don’t have any perfumes, actually. I should rectify that. Mmmm, Yves Saint Laurent Opium…

  2. Oh my that cat manicure would be perfect with an orange base instead of teal for Halloween! Purple would look great as well.I really regret not getting Smoked Ruby now. I have no experience or knowledge regarding gel manicures and false lashes….ohh its been a long while since I’ve worn them. Hmm I love Imp from Haus of Gloi its lovely for Spring and anytime I want to smell fruity and fresh. OHWTO “and a partridge in a pear tree” is great! Its crisp and almost laundry-ish I love it after I get out of the shower so sad its gone now. *resists urge to place an order at Haus of Gloi and OHWTO”

  3. Isn’t what UD did (sending empty boxes out) thieving? So unacceptable.

    1. no gel nails for me.
    2. no falsies for me either.
    3. i like ohwto’s China Rain… but my fav changes from time to time and a lot of time I just forget to put on any perfume. haha.

  4. 1. Gel manicure. Yes or no?
    Definitely yes – Asian bling bling!

    2. Do you have a favorite pair of falsies? Oh yes. Off-brand falsies, I recently used them in a LOT of FOTDs, they’re hard to work with because they’re… made of steel LOL or whatever kind of material it is!

    3. What is your favorite indie perfume scent?
    They meanwhile discontinued it, but this Etsy shop had a Ginger Ale perfume and I love EVERYTHING Ginger Ale-related, so I got it. It was weird to smell the actual soda of the soft drink, but… yeah

  5. Gel Manicure…YES! I was in my best friend’s wedding in Portland, OR 3 weeks ago, and when the bridal party went to get our nails done, the CND Shellac gel manicure came highly recommended. It’s been 3 weeks, and it’s still PERFECT and chip free. Granted, you can see the bottom where my actual nail is growing in so it look very weird right now, but I am loving it since I’m very tough on my hands. I wouldn’t recommend going as long as I have before getting it changed/removed though. Next week I’m thinking a half moons style gel manicure. weeeee!

    I don’t often wear falsies…like almost never. I thought i didn’t need to until i got some put on for the wedding, and now I’m thinking I’ll reconsider. The individual clumps are my fav.

    Oh jeez…I go through phases with my perfumes. Right now i have a top 3 that i rotate. Haus of Gloi Litchi Milk Tea, OHWTO Fresh Snow, and Fergie for Avon’s Outspoken. Let me just say, I definitely run screaming away from any celebrity endorsed scents (especially lame ones like Fergie) but I tried it on from the Avon catalog sample a few weeks ago and really liked how it smelled on me. So I caved. It’s kind of perfumy floraly sweet, but with leather added to it. It’s not masculine or musky, but the leather smell, even though it’s very subtle, warms it up and keeps it from being sickeningly sweet…sheesh i wrote you a novel

  6. Your URL for the BB cream post is wrong; it’s going to the chainmaille site.

    I’ve avoided using UD purely for a superficial reason: I really hate their packaging. It’s so preteen-y that it doesn’t justify the price. That is, it looks so cheap. However, this is a legitimate reason to avoid the brand. It’s also surprising that a major brand (though it happened with NYX) to have his sale debacle. It’s even stranger that they paid to ship empty boxes!

    I need to get a manicure. My nails are bitten down and I need to do something to break this habit. Perhaps putting something besides polish over them will help.

    • Oh, and my favorite scent is Haus of Gloi’s Samhain. I just love how it smells like autumn. The Morbid the Merrier’s Barnum/Black Jack is a close second/third.

    • I completely agree about UD’s packaging. At one point I had a friend rave about their products, so I was really happy when I moved to a non-tiny town and had access to Sephora. I was so disappointed when I actually saw the stuff. The one thing I ever did try from them was a primer, and I really hated it. I’d been considering giving them another shot, but not so much now.

      Also, yes to the gel nails! And when I wear handbands (and I tend to wear them a lot since I make them), I always put the side with the “thing” on the side of my head with the most hair. I’ve never even thought about that until now.

  7. Huh. I ordered during the UD sale, and was pretty quickly sent an email telling me the (one) item I ordered was out, and got the gift code with free shipping.
    They refunded the price of the item, but I had to poke them to get the refund of the shipping. They did send all the money back once I asked, though.
    I didn’t know they were screwing up THIS bad -.- maybe companies should just STOP having big sales. But really, how hard is it to just KNOW what’s in stock and ONLY have that amount available on the website anyway?
    I don’t get it.

  8. Did UD really ship packages with only the free samples? Is that even legal?

    As for the headband, usually I don’t part my hair when I wear one but if I did I’d put the decoration on the side with the least hair, like Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl.

    1)No, I like to change my nail polish often so it wouldn’t be worth it for me.
    2)I don’t wear falsies.
    3)I never tried one but I would like to. The closest thing to an indie perfume that I have is a Lush gorilla perfume in Ginger. It smells just like gingerbread batter… It’s mouth-watering.

  9. What is with this? All these major companies failing at sale. That’s honestly just nuts, and they should know better. I’m wondering if it’s some kind of cascade effect from sleek–they did it, got lots of attention, then didn’t go out of business, then nyx tried it, then UD?

    Dragon scale has got to be one of my favorite chain maille weaves, I just love the way it feels on the skin. It takes a while to do, though, since it’s rather compacted, and getting the proper aspect ratio can be a bit of a pain in the butt. I’d certainly encourage anyone who wants to pick up the hobby to do some research on the type of rings and materials there are, as well as invest in a really good pair of pliers and many, many small baggies or tins. I’ve had a hard time finding decently priced rings of various materials in the US, however there are a few manufacturers in Canada such as the ring lord and metal designz. The shipping is a bit killer, but on larger orders, it turns out better. Scales are also fun to weave with.

    But besides that, yes, please get a gel manicure and tell us how it goes. I’ve been hearing people rave about it, but I still haven’t been able to decide if I want to risk trying one.

  10. Oof, dragonscale. I’m still proud of myself for finally sorting out half-persian 4-1 a couple weeks ago, I think I’ll give it a bit before moving on up again. I do like cgmaille’s tutorials, though. And seconding ringlord for purchasing if you’re going to do even smallish bulk orders. I didn’t find the shipping that bad.

    I’m not so into the gel manicures yet, there aren’t enough colors available! Also from what I’ve seen they’re all creams, and I’m a shimmer/glitter/metallic nails kind of girl. Too bad, too, cause I’m hard on my hands and it’d be nice to have a mani last longer than four days.

    I can’t believe UD did that. Empty boxes? And not refunding people for missing items? Like, I can *sorta* understand refunding for out of stock items instead of giving the person a chance to change their order – I wouldn’t be *pleased* with it, but I could see it working out ok – but just…keeping the money and not sending the product? WTF is that? Aside from outright theft, I mean.

    As for indie perfumes, don’t get me started! I love Wiggle Perfume (on etsy). My three staples of hers are Anjali (incensy-spicy, based on amber and coconut, similar to Haus of Gloi’s Depravity but less heavily coconutty), Djuna (sandalwood-rose, but a “dark” sort of rose, and spicy with it), and Querida (discontinued, sadly; warm, well-grounded musky floral with carnation and tuberose). I also picked up Theodora, one of her fall LEs, and OH DEAR GODS I’m in love. I may have to buy the big 15ml bottle. If you like incensy scents, GET THIS. “amber, eastern musks, cardamom and clove, intoxicating lotus, and a drop of rich, dark Turkish coffee” I swear to gods it smells exactly like walking into a pagan shop, incense and spice and absolute heaven! It’s a fairly “dark” and heavy scent, but if that’s your kind of thing, DO EET.

    Alright, I’ll shut up now. Have a good Labor Day weekend to those in the US!

    • For sparkly gel nails, just find a place that you’ve gotten recommended by someone who has sparkly nails :> I’ve asked plenty of ladies with awesome manicures where they’ve gotten them done; most people find it really flattering and don’t mind gushing if they have a fave nail tech.

  11. For me, I’ve found that the thinner the oils used in your oil blend for OCM, the more “scrubby” it is, and the more oil plugs come out. I’ve been using a blend of 2 parts Grapeseed oil, 1 part Sunflower oil and 1 part Castor Oil with success.

    Apricot oil doesn’t like me much.

    I have talked an herbalist friend of mine into offering OCM starter kits in her Etsy shop. She made me a great essential oil blend that I use with my oils every night.

    I am going to try Peach Girl BB cream in Shade 02 as well, to see which Peach Girl shade I like better. Shade 01 gives me a great porcelain doll finish, but I think Shade 02 is closer to the shade of the Watery Petit which looks really natural.

    Oh! And with decorated headbands, I wear the decorated part on the side with the most hair. I like it better that way. I just got this headband in the mail today. It’s adorable, and well made, shipped promptly and well packaged. I am very pleased.

  12. just wanted to add some gel manicure fun facts based on some comments i’ve seen. I’m also very fickle with my polish colors and like to change often…but I found that the finish was so glossy and perfect I didn’t mind it sticking around for a while. As far as options…i think the OPI axxium gel manicure has more colors available then CND Shellac, but still mostly conventional ones. Shellac did have a few effect top coats you could add, no charge. There were some sheer simmery iredecent ones, and a very fine multi colored mirco glitter. I ended up with candy apple red with the micro glitter and it’s so pretty. You can also get a french manicure. Some of the bridal party got red and white french with glitter overlay. PS- I swear I don’t work for these companies or anything haha! I just really loved my gel manicure and thought I’d share 🙂

  13. Wow, I’m surprised to be hearing so many people got screwed by Urban Decay, I ordered during the sale and got everything I paid for, no problem. Unless everybody who had missing items ends up happy, I wouldn’t continue to patronize or recommend the brand.

    I got all excited and tried the OCM after I read the post here too, no results so far. I have the same Black Magic with Clarisonic nightly ritual!

    I love all of the “Coming Soon” posts. I’m curious about BB creams mostly because I’ve been watching a lot of Korean dramas.

  14. You wear the thing on the part so it is on the side with the least amount of hair. At least that’s what I do for symmetry.

    1. Yes. I want to get a mani with silver tips.
    2. I don’t actually have any of these but I want the small peony.
    3. I have three. Black Bacarra New Doll, OHWTO Pastecceimgonnamispellitcauseialwaysdobutitsmellslikeanitalianbakery, and Haus of Gloi Litchi Milk Tea. All of them are perfect and lovely.

  15. I always wear my headbands to one side just to draw the eye and look a little less like Alice in Wonderland.

    1) YES! They are the best even if they don’t have many colors yet
    2) Nope
    3) Nope, I haven’t found my one true scent yet.

  16. 1. Shellac mani: YES! I think I posted about the one I had a while back, it was awesome!
    2. Don’t wear falsies, sorry 😦
    3. I just found Solstice Scents, LOVE! I’m been a fan of TMTM, but Solstice may be my new fave. I have a ton of their samples right now and there are so many hits!

  17. What a disappointment (well, outrage actually) from a well established corporate brand. If you don’t have something in stock, make sure it’s listed as such!

  18. I never tried OCM, it’s too much work for me, but a light oil with an emulsifier cleanses my pores well. I do have to massage for a few minutes but I don’t have to prepare a mix of oils and it’s easy to wash off.

    The cats are cute, I’d love them with an orange background. I couldn’t do that myself though, certainly not on my right hand.

    I couldn’t choose just one perfume. My favourites right now are TMTM Delina, BPAL Thalia and BPAL Titania.

  19. I’ve been using the OCM for about 4 nights now, and I’m seeing a huge difference, especially on my problem areas {nose, chin} I haven’t seen my face this clear since my freshman year of high school.

    As far as headbands, I always put them on the side opposite my part. My mother always told me to, and I assume shes right since she owns a beauty salon.

    1) I live in too small of a town to have a access to it.
    2) I don’t wear falsies…
    3) I really wear perfume to begin with.

  20. UD is making me sad, with this B.S. I’m a huge fan of their 24/7 liners and their primer, but after this nonsense, I don’t think I really want to try anything else (though I’ll still buy their eye primer, as it’s the only one that’s ever worked for me).

    My favorite indie perfume scent right now is a toss up between OHWTO’s Bitten, and Serendipity.

    As for OCM, I’d really recommend mixing your own before using a pre-mixed solution, just because everyone’s skin reacts differently to the oil. Yes, it can be a pain in the ass at first, but it’s decidedly less so once you figure out what’s right for your face, and can mix up a larger batch. Also, I’m apparently gross too, because seeing the oil plugs come out is my favorite part. 😉

  21. Wow, and now UD? Is there some kind of Greatest Service Fail competition for big makeup brands that no one mentioned to customers?

    1. Gel nails? I can hardly get by with plain old polish! I do a lot of metalworking (maille, enameling, so forth) and have learned not to bother with my nails.

    2. By ‘falsies’, I’m going to guess you aren’t talking about my leopard-print push-up bra? 😉 I can’t wear false lashes, either; I wear glasses and they’ll hit the lenses.

    3. Now this one I can do! My current favourite is Haus of Gloi’s Brier Path. LOVE. I rarely do roses/florals, but this one is so dark and succulent that it works splendidly. It also smells great on the spouse; his new favourite is Gloi’s Ceremony. I also adore Wiggle’s Guajira and L’Aromatica’s discontinued Tea Garden, a bottle of which is always in my handbag.

  22. Oh, doo.
    I was up to here in my exams until yesterday to go and make an estimate. This reminded me to enter (I’d would have gone for September 13th, the birthdate of someone very special to me), but today I was away from home a bit longer than I expected and came to a closed contest.

    I wish the best of luck to the contestants 🙂 !

    Fenua’s look is love.
    Looking forward to the BB creams.

    The camp I volunteered at had a 9-year-old who forged his own chainmail. Forged it. On an anvil and all. O_o Wow! I’m still amazed at the kid!

    I like Magic Girl #40 false lashes (although it looks that their numbering isn’t consistent). They have some other numbers that look like they would be great, but I haven’t had the time and the money to test them all.

  23. Wtf Urban Decay? I can understand them being unable to fulfill orders (although they were pretty shitty about it), but I just can’t wrap my brain around them shipping out empty boxes. I don’t get it. It seems so unnecessarily time-and-energy-consuming.

    I’ve never tried a gel manicure – I change my polish too often and the gap at the top that occurs when your nails grow out would bother me. I really like the examples of Calgel that I’ve seen though.

    I don’t wear false lashes too often (laazyyy) but the ones I usually reach for has that style with those crisscrossing hairs. Most of my lashes are by Shisem (they are $2-4 a pair at the beauty supply stores around me, awesome!)

    I’m one of those crazy BPAL fanatics, so every indie scent I wear is one of theirs. I can’t possibly choose one favorite, but Mme. Moriarty always gets me compliments. Red musk, vanilla, patchouli, plum, and pomegranate. 😀

    I’ve been hunting for my HG BB cream for YEARS. I’m hesitant to order an overpriced full-size off the internet without knowing if it will suit my skin, but all the ones I’ve tried in store are too dark and too cool. I don’t understand why an Asian product that often has skin bleaching ingredients doesn’t come in varieties that cater to warmer, paler Asians (i.e. me) >:| Looking forward to reading your experiences with them; I’m so much darker than you that it probably won’t be helpful anyway but maybe I can narrow down my search to a few brands.

    oh my god what is this novel of a comment. I sure do like to talk about myself! sorry 😡

  24. I tried the oil method for two weeks now – does nothing to me. I feel disappointed.

    What’s your face regimen, if you don’t mind me asking.

  25. I generally wear my headband with the decoration on the side with the least hair. That way, the decorations are less likely to conflict with the earrings I’m wearing at the time.

  26. I can’t believe U.D. did that. Really shady and awful customer service. The empty boxes part is mega-shady and to the point of fraud. I’ve wanted to try their products via Sephora but am conflicted about buying from them.

    The bat Etsy shop is awesome! I love the Office Worker bat. 😀

    1. No manicures for me personally. My nails would get chipped within a day.
    2. Don’t wear false eyelashes. My eyes are mega-sensitive and I don’t think I could.
    3. I have so many favourite indie perfumes. -From Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Numb, Roadhouse, German Expressionist Horror, Snake Oil, Bat of Good Death
    Haunt’s Winchester, Possets Perfumes’s 301, Arcana’s Ruby Crow, Blooddrop Perfumes’s Coven of the Willowy Bat and The Crow. Probably more I’ve forgotten about. 🙂

  27. Wow. Just…wow. Empty boxes? Freaking A, Cotton. Freaking A!

    Your headband question makes complete sense – I always struggle with this and do you know what always comes to mind? I don’t know if I should admit to watching this movie…oh geez. There’s a scene at the beginning of The Beautician and the Beast where she’s teaching beautician night school and she tells the class “the mole has to go on the left side of the lip to balance the cigarette on the right. If it’s all on the same side you’ll look like you’re going to fall over.” Ha haaaaaaa. So that always comes to mind when I think about hair parts and where to place hair jewelry. I am such a dork.

    Haven’t tried too many perfumes but my favorite is Latherati’s Celebration. Absolutely adore it.